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  1. I cannot download Citiscape Honolulu and London City through Orbx Central. Although I see the "not installed" message on the product icon, when I click on it, I see the message "There are no downloads available at this time." When I go online and click on the product link, I see a broken URL.
  2. I was curious if Orbx developers have big airports like Dubai Intl, San Francisco Intl, Heathrow etc. in the future pipeline. I understand that there are third party addons for these airports but I think that Orbx is unique. I prefer uniformity in P3D with respect to Orbx landscape and airports and do not want to buy different airports from different developers.
  3. Thanks Nick. I hadn't seen the Addons option in P3D. It works now.
  4. Is there an alternate way to make sure objectflow is working besides making the selection and saving in FTX Central? I also have Northern California from ORBX and contemplating the possibility of a conflict. When I don't have KTVL installed, I can see static aircraft and vehicles at the airport which is certainly not the default P3D layout. I am thinking it might have come from ORBX Northern California. But when I install KTVL, the buildings disappear. Only the runways and taxiway signs show up.
  5. I tried the recommendations in the forum. But it didn't work. Objectflow 2 was enabled by default.
  6. Orbx Lake Tahoe airport for P3D V4.1 does not have buildings. The ORBX binaries are up to date. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated.
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