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  1. try it again ^^ or repair the files via windows apps&programs. Btw you are in the wrong forum ^^ THis is P3D category, not MSFS.
  2. I think there is some difference in the order how central reads/places the various config files compared to p3d. I cant tell how the situation is with 5.1 but in 5.0 one of the reasons was that developers are using 3 different ways to insert the scenery into the sim.... The old way with scenery.cfg, addon.xml and add-on.cfg. Im probably wrong about naming the files, im learning a lot obout msfs systems atm and seems that makes me forget other stuff ^^ But anyway, example in my sim is like this: I have products that use all those 3 ways, one of th
  3. Sure, why not :-) But take a look maybe in your original question about the problem. I gave a possible problem there (dirt inside the stick). But i forgot to add one more, that was the problem for a handful others with this problem, including me. If you have a joypad plugged, besides the hotas it can be that as well. The Xbox Gamepad for example, or any other, is likely to have a very tiny if not nonexistent deadzone in standard setting. And if this is the case it affects your Hotas controls because the gamepad is also active and always has input there. Doesnt help
  4. yes, its quite good to have. I saw that the Cessna 172 G1000 behaves a a bit odd at times but that has to be the plane, all the others are stable now when steering.
  5. I would go to windows control panel where you can test (and usualy also calibrate) the joystick. Move your axis and see how the cross is behaving. If its not fluid here and you see "spikes" in various directions, like it would stutter, you probably have some dirt inside the hotas. Dust collects there, hairs and whatever, and it can happen that this influences the behavior. You have to open it in that case. But be careful.... Depending on what hotas there are lightsensors that are used for the controls and if a hair or something blocks the light path you have the problem
  6. London airport + city works for me a lot better than any of the photogrammetry ones. I have the RTX 2080 and a 7700K and if i dont fly in the a320 or 747 (cant do that on the airport anyway) i always get over 30 fps and its a lot more fluid, with less microstutters than the pg cities. I didnt do that test though, looking to the mentioned place. Probably it will be lower as well. But isnt that the nature of 3D applications? If its a game, or any other sim or addon, if its detaild and complex it will reduce the fps when looking at it. I doubt you get better fps in other
  7. I would like some landmarks as well, yes. Ive mentioned it in another post, i like the photogrammetry a lot but as soon i use a faster plane my bandwith or cpu, who knows, doesnt keep up anymore and the buildings look ugly. Really ugly. With trees out of 5 polygons and buildings that look like stones. And if one turns PG off it doesnt look much better. The autogen is not really that good imo. Sometimes it is, but often its very off and all looks the same. Colorwise too. Added to that there are hundreds of cities without photogrammetry. London is prime example, with the
  8. I do. With the TM16000 with Throttle and Pedals. Works fine after Curves and sensitivity settings. I just changed my curves to start slow and go stronger later and put the deadzone to 8% or something for the direct controls. Didnt change anything for the throttles.
  9. Did you ever try it in a default plane... Above already i think you mentioned that you put all our besides the plane mod. Maybe I overlook something you wrote but I don't see in what plane you do those tests. If in the c4j with the mod then I would not be so sure it's the airport. You have to try this in a default plane. Like said, it's a known problem that some airports don't work with modded planes.
  10. I forgot something.... Since it happened to me just yesterday I wanna add it. Out of nowhere I got 5 or 6 ctds yesterday. I tried everything imagineable but no luck. Then I saw windows updates is downloading.... If you get many ctds around these days it can be that your pc is downloading the latest windows Update in the background (this is invisible to the user at first and only can be seen after they got downloaded. Then you see the icon in tasksymbollist). And if this is the case many apps can show issues. Discord is an app that Is well know to break when w
  11. Those things are not as easy to handle as it seems. Boone quote me on this but I've read at different places (including here) that just because one deletes things out of community folder it doesn't mean that there cannot be other problems coming up elsewhere. Not sure if the content xml or other files have leftovers and the issues this can cause. Nor I can assure that there are no problems that can arise if one has rolling or local cached areas with addon xy active and then deletes only the addon but not the cache. At this point I would double-check and delete ever
  12. Mods, at this point, are not very handy to use, yes. Personally I don't install mods that are from before end of December. Because many of the broke after the last update. And this will probably continue like this.
  13. Yes, some airports do this with mods. Why, I have no idea. I can fly on ally airports but one from Justsim with the flyByWire a320 mod. For example. If I delete that mod it works.
  14. Exception: Could not find file 'C:\Users\andyc\OneDrive\Documents\Parallel 42\The Skypark\Aircraft'. I guess that points out to the Problem. I had many, tons of, issues when i had onedrive installed. There seem to be problems accessing this folder out of other apps. Not saying that's the reason but I remember exact same problems in past, where the errors look like yours. Since I have everything in the "real" Documents folder those problems are gone. I don't really get what's happening there as well but it seems the Documents folder, on PCs wi
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