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  1. Went out for a walk in good ol Singapore. A bit empty due to corona but was still worth the trip ^^ Simply mindblowing....
  2. Weirdly enough, Singapore works fine for me with bing data. Seems for many others too, since there are a lot of Screenshots. Went there 3 times now, with the payware airport installed too, works always fine. I flew an hour over the city. But eglc and others crash, yes.
  3. Is the drive full where it is extracted? Where this drive is probably depends on where your cache and temp files folders are located. Btw, the Support is in discord. And they usually reply very fast.
  4. At the moment its hard to judge any reasons for ctd because bing data has issues since 2 days, where everyone is suffering from ctd at payware airport (that seemingly have areal images). Just saying, im not sure about the KTIW thing, it works fine for me. Just posting because maybe you tried it during the last 2 days and thought it gives ctd. But like mentioned, we all get them atm anywhere in the world. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bing-data-causing-crashes-with-add-on-airports-or-scenery/364649/11
  5. There's another post here beneath this one. Where many ppl report the same. Seems like MS Azure/bing problem.
  6. I think there is something in that direction. There are facebook and forums posts about it too, a friend just told me. Don't know the links.
  7. Like for most others. Including the 10 ppl wrote here i heard the same thing from at least 10 others during the last 2.days. Imo that's a bit high to be coincidence. Curious what that will be again.... Some ppl mentioned that it works without bing data what still makes me wonder if something is wrong in that direction. What data is Orbx streaming? As far i know there's nothing from that side coming. It's coming from Microsoft.
  8. That is a bit weird, many ppl writing here and also many ppl reporting this in our community discord, but not related to Orbx but other airports since a few days. Just a question, can it be you guys all downloaded a win update the last days? There was one or two for me the last week, just wondering if that may be the reason.
  9. Hmm. Just wondering, because I thought about upgrading from 5.0 to 5.1 but if that makes TE worse then I wait. But now you said you're coming from 4.5, that's another case. I got a noticable boost in performance from 4.5 to 5.0. Basically it's the opposite for me, had more problems with TE on 4.5, with blurriness etc. Did you ever check your scenery order and such things? May have impact on it if things are very wrong there. I would brute force some things, like shader deletion etc. I made some tests 2 days ago on KSFO, with the 787 from wings, w
  10. Was this introduced with 5.1 for you? Works fine for me on 5.0. it has higher load of course, compared to open lc but it's not on 100, maybe 85, something like that. No blurriness. 7700k on standard freq, medium to high terrain settings.
  11. Scheinbar nicht, laut einem anderen Beitrag hier. Würde ich mir auch wünschen. Mir geht's ähnlich.
  12. I know that :-). But the OP didn't know what the problem is and from the description "half a circle of lights going up in the sky" it sounded exactly like what one is seeing from mentioned areas. Maybe it isn't the case, we will know only if he posts back a screenshot. If it's another problem, even better, maybe we can help him fixing it then. Because I think choosing a certain weather should not be a solution if there is another way. Live weather is imo too worthy for it not being used. Needs pics, otherwise we will run in circles.
  13. From some angles it can look like an half circle of lights reaching up into the sky. I just came near to make it visible better. At lowk or at the apron at LOWI it's basically really halve a circle of lights going up. So I thought it's that. But who knows, maybe it's something else, sure. :-)
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