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  1. Man these TE regions work like a charm in v5.... cant get enough of this sim and TE ^^
  2. Early morning departure from LOWI to EDDH.
  3. thanks guys. Im tempted to get the other US TE too but i tink i have to wait a bit now ^^ Will do some GA flights now soon here.
  4. This time were leaving KSFO. Im really amazed about the TE products in v5. All the things that were impossible, or at least problematic before in v4, like flying with planes like PMDG etc, are no problem here in v5 ^^ Its nearly a wonder how much of a perf improvement LM could do there. Hopefully the last bugs will be fixed soon, then we have the best sim out there ever. I mentioned it already in another post but it gets more clear to me with every flight: P3D v5 is the time of Orbx. Nearly maxed settings (Autogen density Very Dense, Scenery Density Very high) on a 7700k and RTX 2080 and never dropped below 30 fps (locked on 30)
  5. TE NC is amazing.... even in airliners no problem at all (fps, blurries etc). Sightseeing ends here ^^
  6. Best Orbx product up to this day imo. And for the current price, unbeatable. Get it while the offer lasts guys, its really amazing....
  7. Hello. It was always like this, in v4 too. Maybe not for you but i saw this behavior since v3. I do a lot of longhauls and if i let the sim run hours while in vc the terrain is noticeable more blurry than if i would have let it run in external view. Even the distance in external view matters. If you let it run zoomed in its also more blurry as if you let it on the highest or second highest zoom level (Spot view). Why, i dont know...
  8. Well, not on first sight. But now the functions in insertion point menu where one can sort is basically useless/unneeded? Because i tell that everything Orbx is getting inserted below thrdparty airports. And this doesnt work now anymore. Every product where i make a filecheck gets set to the top of library too. So its very cluttered atm.... Pretty confusing tbh
  9. Hello. Did the update today and saw that it somehow moved the Global Base layer ontop of the library. And sorting in the Insertion point dropdownlist doesnt sort it below anymore. Does it matter or do i have to sort it again to the bottom somewhere? 2020-05-26T21:05:32.520Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Added passive layer Orbx Libraries Global - layer 145 2020-05-26T21:05:32.520Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Added passive layer Orbx Libraries Lookup - layer 146 2020-05-26T21:05:32.520Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [INFO] Added passive layer Orbx Global Base Scenery - layer 238 Also, i saw this here. What should i do with this? 2020-05-26T21:05:32.521Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [WARNING] Found entries with duplicate title (Orbx!OPENLC_zBASE) 2020-05-26T21:05:32.521Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [WARNING] Found entries with duplicate title (Orbx!OPENLC_EUROPE1) 2020-05-26T21:05:32.521Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [WARNING] Found entries with duplicate title (Orbx!OPENLC_NAMERICA1) 2020-05-26T21:05:32.521Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [WARNING] Found entries with duplicate title (Orbx!OPENLC_AFRICA2) 2020-05-26T21:05:32.521Z [INFO] [Saturn] - [WARNING] Found entries with duplicate title (Orbx!OPENLC_!EUROPE_LIGHTS)
  10. Ah, sorry. Ive posted the settings above this one. This highres mesh comes with LOWI or with Germany South, part of LOWI and part of GES.
  11. I can give you many tips for v4, ive tweak so much and made TS/PTA presets that it would fill a page probably but for v5 the truth is that i did nothing in special. I can post the settings atm of the screenshots and how my gpu is set in nvidia panel, then you have everything i have^^ There is no secret in this early v5 time as long no PTA/TS or Environmentforce / Skyforce is out. Here my settings now In the following pic you have to imagine the checkbox for "High-resolution terrain textures" to be checked. Not sure why its deselected here, im 100% sure i had it active in the flight and to this day. In Nvidia panel i set everything quality related to Visuals. Im not sure at the working atm but there are 1 or 2 settings where one can choose something like "Quality prefered" or "Performance prefered". I set those to Quality. And then, like mentioned in another topic, i just made the screenshots very fast before the luminance adaption could take full effect and make the scene bright. So i just pointed the camera into a bright spot and waited until luminance adaption makes all darker, switche fast to the terrain and pressed print screen to make the pic. A slpit secod later and it would be also bright/bland for me. But seems Envshade turns this luminance adaption off, either unkowingly or knowingly. But since ive installed Envshade this adaption is gone.
  12. 2560x1440 pixel that is See above post :-) That depends on everyones idea of reality and how important it is for him to have his sim as realistic as possible, Trusky does some things right but also quite a few not, so again there will be lots of room to tweak. Imo, while daytime and full night is good, dusk/dawn leaves a lot to be desired in some hours. It can look pretty cartoonish and the tweaker will find a lot to do ^^
  13. He won't, ppl say he has mentioned it. Tomatosalad also said it will take time until it will happen, he needs to setup and buy a. second PC for it first because the one he works on atm cannot be used for it for work reason. He also said that it may not happen at all. We will see. Adam, seems Envshade (5 dollar) turns off the luminance adaption. I don't have it anymore since I installed it. About the settings, high settings like that work only over few airports sadly. Many new ones like LatinVFR Miami, KFLL, LEMD will overflow vram already with lower settings. And that even in standard planes. I'm sure many ppl will be able to fly without problems but if one does not have over 8gb vram I'm nearly sure will run into problems if they use the Sim like they used v4. Already now, with overall medium settings in the standard f35 get GPU crashes on mentioned airports, only looking to the terminal. Windows is giving p3d only 6.6gb from a 8gb card and this means that we get problem for sure in planes like pmdg 737 ngxu or md80 and others. Now imagine ppl install their 4k Clouds and GSX and AI traffic I'm sure many will.get big problems. I think now's the time to adjust his settings to not get a shock later :-) but that's fine. It should look still better on a bit lower settings compared to v4. For example,.on identical settings terrain looks way way better for me in v5 than v4. I'm.sure I could dial down without much to loose in regards to visuals.
  14. Thanks a lot everyone for your comments ^^ Glad you like it. I think P3D V5 is the time of Orbx :-) Now it looks absolutley amazing. It always did of course but this p3d version loads terrain far better, crisper and in a bigger radious in full detail. Amazing... Hello and thank you for the comment :-) I will answer your question, no problem. What processor are you using? (i7??) - im using a 7700K on standard clock speed. What video card? - a RTX 2080 8GB card In the v5 Scenario settings, do you have: "Enhanced Atmosphere" ticked or not ticked? - yes in the pics that is active, with the "Fair weather" preset used 'Dynamic lighting' ticked or not ticked? - Dynamic lighting is active but those LOWI pics are not influenced by dynamic lighting. That can only come from light sources. Like the lights on gates or apron, or lights in the cockpit or the nosewheel light. SO it has to be an active lightsource other than the sun Your setting numbers for Brightness, Bloom & Saturation in Lighting? - HDR is active yes, with the values 1.0 Brightness, 0.10 Bloom and 1.0 Saturation Are you running any Weather injectors such as Active Sky or Rex Sky Force? - nah, that is P3D v5 and sadly nothing is out yet. Well, there is ENVTEX but that only works in standard athmosphere, not with the new truesky. Do you have an add on Mesh such as Pilots? - no, what you see is pure Orbx without further addons. Active at time of screenshots was Global, openLC EU and Germany South. ANd the LOWI scenery of course Are you running any Shader programs, such as PTA? - There are non yet for v5. Well, i think today ENVSHADE came out but that pic is pure P3D v5, no shader tweaks. Are your Detail sliders over to the Far Right, (Maximum) - Not even near ^^ Around Medium overall. I post pics later from the settings. Have you any comments about your settings that allow you to get the high quality screen shots you are getting? - i have to ask a question for you first ^^ Do you want comments about v4 or v5? Because the answers would be pretty different.
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