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  1. looks like reshade. Or after effects, yes
  2. One of the nicer experiences.... Anchorage/Alaska is always amazing, ive mentioned it. Today was another overcast free day and the sun gave us some of the nicer views (imo) of the landscape. 1 2 ...... 3. Who can find the star sign? 4. Following another river. My flights seem to lead among rivers hehe. 5 6 look at the moon ^^ Amazing, isnt it 7 8. Ok i lied with the overcast free day.... But soon, trust me ^^ 9 10 Here we go Sleep well Alaska!
  3. ... but it will still be 2 hehe. Munich ppl will know better, this should be either Freising or Attaching. Amazing departure...Too bad i was streaming and too busy to make more pics :-( That plane......................... noone can imagine how much in love i am with the 747-8. Now soon all my flightsim dreams became true. The Asia region and VTBS and a few other Thai airports and all devs can go to holiday for a year if its me ^^
  4. Thanks a lot guys. Took me a while to come back. Thanks Jack. What one cant see in the glidesloe pic, i had the HUD out. Really helpful thing. I would wish the 747-8 has one hehe THanks a lot for the nice comment :-) Thanks^^ Yeah... next time i really have to look at the map to see where i am :-) Jep, i love it too^^ Thanks all
  5. Did a flight "for" TUI, realworld shedule from LDPL to EGKK in the beautiful 787-9. 1. Nice airport. Just arrived at the cold plane after it went through a short maintenance and we do a full startUp from cold&dark. Not even the fuel trucks are here yet... 2. Ppl at the airport taking a chance to see a real sweet plane ^^ 3. All done, ready to go. We take a last look at the (small) airport. A wonder that a biggie like the 787-9 flies here. 4. TOGA 5. Wroooom... Gear up. UK we come. Amazing bird Not much to see on FL 400 Over Germany the clouds disappear...beautiful landscape how the river circles around the terrain there. It could be another neighbor to Germany too tbh, i forgot to take a look where we are. But it looks like ORBX Germany South, so it should be around there somewhere. Good we have our sunglasses with us. On the descent into London. I like this one.... if one watches a lot into the sky the chance is high this look is familiar, with the thick layer there creating the border between earth and sky. Here is what i mean in real, not sure how to call that in English. ts not only clouds/overcast, i forgot the name hehe. Glideslope captured. See you next flight, i hope you enjoyed your flight with TUI airlines (Tomson)
  6. do you have pictures of VTBS? If yes theres a good chance to get the scenery for free. This is an offer of the developer himself, can be found on website. You can contact over facebook too, if its pics that can help build the scenery one gets it for free. PFS, thank you ^^
  7. Imaginesim. They are near to release WSSS now. Once can find pics on the facebook page of them. And that one really looks nice. After that they do VTBS, was already announced. That is the one, then the old AAsceneries will be upgraded to v4. Including Phuket and Samui. After that Kuala Lumpur will follow for conversion to v4. He's working on RKSI at the moment. Nice times inc VH, did you mean AAsceneries?
  8. thank you ^^ Thank you Lars, it was a long road.... and sometimes im still not happy hehe. sometimes the clouds are too bright, the typical thing in soo many examples. Not an easy area to tweak for... Thank you VH-KDK ^^ Its more hehe. Im pretty sure, i know at least 10 ppl who would buy it right away. Now a lot of airports come to p3d, all the big destinations are available soon. It would just be the right time now in my opinion ^^. Soon will come VTBS (!!!), VTBD, VTSP, WSSS, RKSI and we already got ZSSS, ZBAA, RPLL, RJTT, RJBB, VHHX, ZSPD, RCTP and some others. Russia has a lot too with UUEE, UUWW, UUDD, ULLI, India has a few too. So really most country has at least its major international airport ready to fly. "Only" openLC Asia or a mesh there would be a great start already. thank you too !
  9. Ive got a few more from the trip and the arrival at KSDF, the UPS base. Still over Alaska i think, or already Canada, not sure. Got darker a bit already. This one i like, following the river Now the sun gows down and haze more and more... Good night world We had a good sleep in pilots quarters, good morning Lousville Oh my oh my..... i hope this will work out!!! "Standard" ORBX city from openLC NA. Looks not bad really. (airport not orbx but city and terrain). PLEASE ORBX can you make Asia too? Now imagine a sweet kittys face looking at you^^
  10. Hehe yes i think now in the winter i will do it that way too some times. usually i try to fly realtime and weather but of course i dont let these things lower my fun and sometimes i cheat too. ^^ Thank you! Yes, especially now whee the whole world has serious storms and that. seems i found the one place where the sun still had a meaning ^^ Thank you! Thank you John! Thank you too paul^^ Thanks to all of you .-) i think this is one of the most immersive flying for me in the sim here. Of course many sceneries have immersion, flying into a big city, or LOWI ountains or many things. But somehow here in Alaska things are always different.... So many different weather moments i remember where it always looked really different from last time. Sure i said theres overcast often but that doesnt change this. Very surreal moments to experience up here. i thank you Mr ^^ Thanks again Jack! It was indeed amazing from inside yes.... near unending sight, just stopped by very far haze and not a single cloud to be seen. Nice weather, nice flight. thanks orbx for these moments. Thanks everyone ! im glad you like the cold Alaska pics ^^ I think soon the clear sights have and end again...
  11. One of the more amazing sights on Alaska. Usually out of 30 flights here i encounter 25 overcasts. So today we got lucky and can make a look at this beauty of a land. already reaching top of climb for now. FL 350 bye Alaska. see you next time ^^
  12. thanks Lars ^^ jep, its MD project. One can use it free, theres n mone involved, has many options, find realworld flights and fly them, serves as a log for the flights, etc, etc. and now one can create and let others fly contracts. or fly them from others. Thanks ^^ Hmm, i think i wait for confirmation before i believe you ... just kidding ^^ Thanks a lot everyone commented. Very much appreciated guys. Btw, if someone thinks about this and having eham from FT, orbx did a really nice job to make this compatible. ou dont have to worry getting TENL because afraid that it breaks your airport. Theres a patch here in the forum to download that works fantastic. As can be seen in some pf the pics. Thanks orbx for this amazing scenery.... i think this was one of best spent money on flightsim yet for me.
  13. thanks guys^^ i have to, i just have to get my comanche out and do a vfr tour through NL... this is really amazing. But i said that so often now^^
  14. Cannot get enough from this scenery. So i made a longhaul for someone on projectfly (one can bid on contracts there now). Going from KMIA to EHAM over the night. Amazing flight.... Getting ready at Miami Soon after take off i went to pilots quarter and FO took over. so no pics there. Arriving at the Netherlands. Contract fulfilled
  15. thanks guys ^^ yes, the last ones looks nice. was pretty windy as one can see in how much the plane drifts. But all the cargo was safe ^^
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