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  1. They use photogrammetry which looks incredible from high above, but when getting lower we need better models, which leaves a lot of rooms for 3rd party developers as orbx.
  2. Yes yes yes! You pulled my heart strings...
  3. Orbx has not paid due respect to Sydney from the very beginning. It's about time to rectify this. Oh please!
  4. It’s a pity. I mainly use Aerofly FS2. I have been praying Orbx to be its savior, as I agree with all the above analysis of its difficult situation. But I don’t care now, with obvious reason that has also been stated above. The storm is thundering, and the world is changing.
  5. It would please everybody if ORBX could give us two options to choose: HD version of max redolution and standard version with less resolution. I'd choose quality and I have no problem with installation size.
  6. Wish you guys have some mercy on X-plane users...
  7. Great news for VR simmers. VR is the future (and very much the present), and Aerofly FS2 is the only sim of choice to fully enjoy TrueEarth in VR.
  8. Thank you JV! A lot of people are waiting for this and the future.
  9. Well written. I have exactly the same feeling towards TE. Especially agree with you about this: "just the sheer knowledge it's not something synthetic but the real thing I see below adds to my experience. " And the same downside. There is no going back to landclass sceneries. Once you savour the taste of the real, you can only ask for somehing more real.
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