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  1. Happy Christmas all. Stay safe, be well, fly high, land smoothly and here’s to a great 2021.
  2. I suspect, if you google map it you’ll see there are two very similar but slightly different bridges next to each other in real life. I had the same thought but google shows there are two bridges...
  3. Oh it runs on 4.5 very well too! The one thing I’m not sure about is their MSFS discount. They were running a promo to reduce cost when they move to MSFS (probably a year away) but given the price of their planes if your intention is to move to MSFS it’s worth finding out if that promo is still running.
  4. And I should add - if you don't want failures then you can fly failure free pretty much by default.
  5. It is expensive but it is beautifully done (top notch) and very deeply modelled however, I find that you don't need to be expert to fly it... It is accessible with very moderate knowledge and has deep detail there for those that want everything programmed. Is it worth it.... I guess all these devs have to get their investment in development back. It's pricey, yes but the top aircraft are all going that way. For me it's better than other like-type alternatives. I have the Airbus but in all honesty I don't get the Airbus ways and struggle to operate it (my limitation, not the plane)
  6. Sorry Jon - I've been looking and I cannot find where this was announced at the time for airports other than Alesund. It certainly was mentioned for Alesund and I recall thinking that I don't need to worry about the time constraint because that is one of the few airports I did not have in P3D. I've just spent 30 minutes searching the forums and cannot find anywhere notice that the 40% discount was time-limited for the originally released MSFS airports, until the notification you point to on 22 September. The release for Darrington has no mention of a time constraint and references "the 40%
  7. Wasn't that expiration only related to Alesund? Looking at Innsbruck, that doesn't have the 40% discount applied now either.
  8. Yeah, that sums it up for me too... My littlest lad wanted to fly a helicopter at the weekend so I fired up P3D but i it just wasn’t feeling it. However, both sims have a place for me - still enjoy 737 hops round the med...
  9. I’m sure Orbx are ahead of the game in their product roadmap planning but what I’d love to see are regional updates that: add/upgrade the POIs we’re used to add bridges that should be properly represented (eg Clifton Suspension Bridge) and that you can fly under!! find a way to identify harbour/marinas and replace the poor satellite imagery with models over the top. do the same with car parks and if there is a way to spot satellite imagery of vehicles on roads and airbrush them - that would be awesome. I like MSFS. It’s an e
  10. Is it me or is the forum very slow these days? I find that it takes a very long time to load, especially if I select to see unread content.
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