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  1. HB Nick Cooper

    Hello Nick, my best wishes for your birthday. What would the Furum be without you? Thank you for your tireless help.
  2. Observations at the airport

    Thank you Michael. Sehr schöne Fotos.
  3. OS9 Jefferson -- How to Open Hangar Door?

    Hi Slowlow, the white hangar on west end of field: open on wed, thurs, fri, sat of every week
  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Friedi!

    Thanks again for the congratulations. And to all who speak German, do not forget to visit us in the German-speaking forum. Cheers. Friedi.
  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Friedi!

    Thank you for the good wishes and the kind words. Cheers. Friedi.
  6. google earth kml for freeware airports

    Hi cmich81, this is the best kmz file. Cheers. Friedi.
  7. RIP Vlad Maly

    I am very sad. He was a great man. My condolences to his wife Vera and family.
  8. Avatar looking for a job

    Welcome Christian. Cheers. Friedi.
  9. Germany North My Final Shots.

    Mike, please search in the Compatibility Forum Sascha made.
  10. Germany North My Final Shots.

    Do not worry Dom, Alfeld has a 490 foot tall smoking chimney.
  11. Hi Bernd, Helgoland from AS is perfect, but only for FSX made. Cheers. Friedi.
  12. A Big Thank You from Emmsie.

    I'm happy it's better now. My best wishes Iain. Cheers. Friedi.
  13. Emmsie in Hospital.

    Get well soon and my best wishes. Cheers. Friedi.
  14. Happy Birthday Jarrad

    Jarrad, my best wishes too. Have a nice day and a healthy and lucky next year. Your team member and beta tester Friedi.
  15. Happy Birthday Ed Correia.

    Hi Ed, happy birthday and thank you for all your fantastic work. My best wishes. Friedi.