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  1. In the German Forum is a pinned topic about FTX Central 3. There you can read how to install Orbx software.
  2. In the control panel of TEGBS: Just put the checkmark in front of Wales.
  3. A sad news. We will miss him. My sincere condolences to his family. Friedi.
  4. Ja, sobald Nick wieder im Forum tätig ist, wird er es sicher zeitnah umstellen und hier eine Antwort senden, dass die Umstellung auf privat durchgeführt wurde. Danach kannst Du normal einkaufen und siehst auch die aktuellen Preise. Grüße. Friedi.
  5. Hi Tomi, willkommen im Orbx Forum. Du hast Dich als kommerzieller User angemeldet und siehst deshalb die entsprechenden Preise. Wenn Nick Cooper hier reinschaut, wird er Dir den Account auf privat umstellen. Nick, please switch the account into private. Thank you. @Nick Cooper
  6. With my installed beta all people have a shadow. forget it. Cheers. Friedi.
  7. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag Holger. My best wishes. Cheers. Friedi.
  8. I have P3D v2 installed. Click MoveUp or MoveDown once and then press Enter. If you hold down the Enter key, the file will be moved quickly
  9. There are some users who do not want to give their true birthday. They indicated the first of January.
  10. His question is answered. Nick also understood the question. Nobody is perfect, I also have my problems with the English language. If OIlinga has questions, then he should ask. BTW: There is also a German forum....
  11. Hello Nick, my best wishes for your birthday. What would the Furum be without you? Thank you for your tireless help.
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