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  1. @Nick Cooper Nick, please can you move this topic into the English Forum? Thank you.
  2. Does that happen with a particular aircraft? I flew to the end of the valley, got back and landed again. No problem.
  3. Hi Airwolf, the 6 not displayed ICAO codes are a bug since openLC Europe contains the Island demo. You see this only if only openLC Europe is installed and scanned.
  4. @Nick Cooper Hi Nick, please, do you have an idea why the install button is disabled here and an installation does not work? I do not know this error. Thank you.
  5. Hi Martin, hat Du die Airports manuell heruntergeladen? Airports werden nicht heruntergeladen sondern direkt über den Installieren Button installiert. Grüße. Friedi.
  6. Hi Martin, willkommen im deutschsprachigen Forum von Orbx. Wenn Du den Install Button gedrückt hast, kommt folgende Auswahl: Welchen Installationsordner hast Du gewählt? Grüße. Friedi.
  7. In the German Forum is a pinned topic about FTX Central 3. There you can read how to install Orbx software.
  8. YCEM works flawlessly. Did you forget to set the tick on AUv2 in the CP?
  9. Please try Verify Files, it has removed the incorrectly placed lamps.
  10. Why do you use the "Chicago" filter? Switch the filter to "Any", enter "Search by" ICAO ID KCGX and start Meigs. KCGX is a special airport and not included in P3D.
  11. Have you ever compared the airport with GE?
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