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  1. They don't move, but do fade in/out as the sun passes. I don't have "Draw shadows on scenery" ticked in the settings so thought they weren't shadows! Here is sunrise to sunset.
  2. Noticed these black spots on the ground, rough position 55.353694, -2.296063 Doesn't look like they should be there?
  3. Will it include the police helipad on the southside? The Cabri G2 I fly is down there, no official helipads at the end of Echo taxiway so that's probably too much to ask.
  4. And because it has three helipads, I will be buying it. If it came with no helipads, I would give it a miss. Who is lacking reading comprehension? Thanks Orbx for supporting the helicopter simmers.
  5. From what I understand, PNW for FSX/P3D came with forest service helipads, don't have it so I can't check. The question is, can these pads be ported to TE PNW? They are not default scenery in X-Plane.
  6. This was shown on the livestream on twitch.tv, can we have a copy please? @Aimee Sanjari ?
  7. Thanks! would be good to have a list still so we can be sure to check out all the new goodies we received in the update and not miss any out.
  8. Can we get a list/KML of what has been added? Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough is missing, so I'm not sure if it's a bug or wasn't added.
  9. I added the Raigmore helipad to X-Plane, it will be under the airport ID XEG001Q with version 11.35. Hopefully Orbx can do the building model!
  10. From what I understand Orbx need to lower the terrain mesh on approach to 07, there's no other way to make the lighting lower and keep the runway from being as flat as a pool table. This is Laminars "workaround" to the issue. Here's how it should look!
  11. I got a reply from a Laminar associate, which places the ball for this firmly in Orbx's court.
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