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  1. A serious test of performance will be an IFR flight into Melbourne with all of the ORBX Melbourne airports installed.
  2. Do you know how how much data you downloaded for it? I looked in Orbxdirect but couldn't see a spec. Not the installed size, but the download size. Thanks in advance.
  3. Almost in tears. OZx might not be needed for a while with that many airports to explore.
  4. As a regional Australian, my internet connection is not good enough for downloads of that size. I would need a usb stick purchase option. Without data limitation, I would buy all seasons every time.
  5. It really helps if you are doing any kind of flying in the real world (even RC planes). Virtual reality is close enough to the real world experience that simulation brings to life the experiences you get in the real world. Without doing flying in the real world at least at some time in your life, simulation will get stale. Cheers. PS) anyway, good to take a break from computers occasionally anyway.
  6. Thank you Torchy let's hope they do it one day it will be amazing. Ridge soaring is the way to go for now. Great video!
  7. Does Aerofly put thermals under cumulus clouds yet guys? Makes it really hard to thermal if the clouds don't match with thermal. Heard any rumours whether Aerofly intend to do it?
  8. I don't fully understand. AU is a region and so a region texture would always override a global texture is that true? So global will just fill in where there a missing textures in the region is that true?
  9. What about purchasing and downloading ORBX products from a computer other than your flight sim computer? Will that be supported?
  10. I would like to fly the Papua New Guinea Orbx scenery packages and Pago Pago but I don't want to spend $100 on FTX Global scenery that I am not going to be using. Is FTX Global needed or is there some alternative so that I can fly the PNG packs without FTX global? Is FTX global also needed for Pago Pago? I have the Australian and New Zealand scenery packs already installed and am happy with those. Thanks for any help
  11. Just in case anyone out there is tearing there hair out on how to fix stuttering while panning in FSX, the affinity mask worked for me: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=7 It has something to do with how the CPU's are allocated. A few months ago I tried affinitymask=14 and that did not work and so I gave up on the idea until revisited here. I am running a lot of background software which may account for why the affinity mask was necessary: In the background: TrackIR, ASE(REX2), CumulusX, WinchX, FSUIPC, Google Earth The other settings I mentioned before were irrelevant and have been returned to default: TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=40 FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33 By increasing the bandwidth and fibre fraction as I had done before, the problem of texture reloading around airports was only made worse. With the default settings above, Orbx airport textures still can lag a little bit occasionally, but it is very tolerable. It is possible that the fiber fraction could be reduced to totally fix the texture lag issue, but I would not know by how much. My FPS is locked to 30 and stays at 30 at Port Macquarie now that I have turned off airport vehicles that kill the FPS. Cheers and thanks to all.
  12. Thanks I see your point on bandwith multiplier. The issue at the moment is that the stuttering is cured even with that 400 value. I set the fibre fraction back to 0.33 and the stuttering is still eliminated. Next I'll dial the bandwith multiplier back to 40 and see what happens. I could quite well be that the affinity mask setting is the only relevant one that has so positively cured the stuttering. At the moment the Orbx airport textures are still reloading every now and then when I pan away and return. This might improve by dialing the bandwidth multiplier back. Thanks for the help. I'll report what I find. As for the TrackIR priority, it's not important in my case. I could reproduce the stutering effect even with TrackIR off and just panning with the keyboard. Cheers
  13. Eh good people I wonder if you can help me with tuning my FSX experience. I absolutely hate the stuttering with panning in FSX. I was getting stuttering using FTX and REX2 together. However the stuttering has been absolutely categorically fixed and was so happy to see it buttery smooth by doing this: Affinity Mask = 7 was a non-existent entry Fiber Fraction = 0.66 was 0.33 Bandwidth multiplier = 400 was 40 The only issue I get now is that although FSX is now buttery smooth during TrackIR panning, parts of the Orbx scenery at complex airports occasionally takes 1-2 sec's to redraw if I pan away and then look back. The airport lights seem to take the longest. There will be a black box and 1-2 sec's later the airport light texture shows. Same applies for airport buildings. Any idea what I need to dial back in order to not get the stuttering returning but also to keep the textures pre-loaded without them needing to be re-rendered every now and then? Keep in mind that my system specs below, are two year old specs. I wonder if bufferpools might have something to do with it. Cheers
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