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  1. Thank you Nick. I think it happens at any grass strip that is not flat in NZ. For example at NZGC Gore there is a small less disastrous version of the problem as you enter rwy 30 from rwy 06.
  2. Prepar3D v5 hotfix 1 with Orbx NZSI NZMW auto collision detection all off Problem: When taxing toward main runway 15/33 any default aircraft will hit an invisible wall causing model to become suddenly airborne. It is possible to land on the runway but aircraft will be above the runway and will fall off if attempting to taxi off. Observations: I thought hotfix 1 was supposed to fix this problem I tried recompiling the bgls for NZMW in ADE179 using the P3Dv5 SDK but the problem still happened. Question: Is this an Orbx or LM bug? Thanks in advance glider1 NZSI purchase: Transaction ID: 5e8d19fb1485d
  3. A serious test of performance will be an IFR flight into Melbourne with all of the ORBX Melbourne airports installed.
  4. Do you know how how much data you downloaded for it? I looked in Orbxdirect but couldn't see a spec. Not the installed size, but the download size. Thanks in advance.
  5. Almost in tears. OZx might not be needed for a while with that many airports to explore.
  6. As a regional Australian, my internet connection is not good enough for downloads of that size. I would need a usb stick purchase option. Without data limitation, I would buy all seasons every time.
  7. Whatever. Hall of mirrors nobody home. I will answer my own question then. I took the plunge into the darkness with my finger on the disconnect button for my internet connection in case FTX central decides it wants to download GB's. By watching my download meter, it actually only downloaded ~300Mb but reports that it has downloaded 4GB or more. There is currently no way of knowing what it is doing. Good luck if you are in my similar situation. Thanks to ORBX for providing a free upgrade path. Case closed. PS) I think it would be polite if FTX told you ahead of time how much data it expects it will download before it begins for anything be it libraries, updates or full downloads.
  8. Hi there Preamble: I am on a data plan that is very restricted. It will cost me a lot of money if I exceed my monthly plan. I would like to know approximately how much data FTX central will download for a migration of NZNI from P3D v3 to v4. Conditions: I have NZNI already installed in P3D v3. I have concurrently a fresh install of P3Dv4 on the same drive and computer with the latest libraries installed. If I hit "Install Product" in FTX central for NZNI it begins to download files. Formal Question: Did it look into my already existing P3D v3 installation at all? How do I know? What is the upper limit of data it is going to try and download? FTX central does not tell you. Should I try the "install from backup" option instead? Thanks for your help in advance. You could be approximate and say something like 1GB max or whatever. It will help me with planning the migration.
  9. Crash detection helps keeps my flying from getting sloppy. For example, today I flew the P51D out of Whakatana in Orbx NZ north island. After weeks of no crash detection, I am taxing out way too fast because there are zero consequences. In reality you would never do it. With crash detection turned on, after a few bad punishments of clipping objects in the scenery, you really watch out what you are doing. I know people bag crash detection, but it really does have a use and scenery designers could do better with it (like testing scenery with it turned on). Cheers
  10. It really helps if you are doing any kind of flying in the real world (even RC planes). Virtual reality is close enough to the real world experience that simulation brings to life the experiences you get in the real world. Without doing flying in the real world at least at some time in your life, simulation will get stale. Cheers. PS) anyway, good to take a break from computers occasionally anyway.
  11. Thank you Torchy let's hope they do it one day it will be amazing. Ridge soaring is the way to go for now. Great video!
  12. Does Aerofly put thermals under cumulus clouds yet guys? Makes it really hard to thermal if the clouds don't match with thermal. Heard any rumours whether Aerofly intend to do it?
  13. I don't fully understand. AU is a region and so a region texture would always override a global texture is that true? So global will just fill in where there a missing textures in the region is that true?
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