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  1. @Nick Cooper hi nick , is there any way i can fix? because i uncheck and recheck and it still the same , i think i need to re-install the scenery and re-install all the orbx , is the scenery installer is for ground texture and terrain? if yes i dont have to do a complete re-install , but if not i may have to do a complete re-install
  2. @Doug Sawatzky @Nick Cooper i did what u told me to do , its still not fix and still look the same as the one i took a picture and post above
  3. Hi doug , sorry i dont really know what u mean by ftx entries? Is that in the v4 scenery library? And open lc entries , is that in the scenery library as well?
  4. hi devs and all people who have experience this , i really am desperate , my v4 was crash after loading , so i did a clean re-install and this start to happen , i installed all orbx that i have and the land became invisible i thought that was wwrong with my p3dv4 then i uninstall the scenery and re-install scenery and all orbx add-ons "again" it happen so i did again a clean re-install which took me 7 hrs to do and i open the v4 after i installed the v4 , close install global , nothing happen , close , then i thought nothing else happen again , i installed everything , and this happen , my gue
  5. well tbh , it only works with my PMDG , other plane like airbus freeware , it doesnt load lol
  6. errr , i use FSX instead of p3d , but in my case , i bought a FS2010 from steam (that was stupid) and i checked everything in the scenery library which is (default , orbx , fs2010) scenery , it was actually the scenery problem , i have to uncheck the fs2010 in order for ORBX to work because the fs2010 and orbx are trying to load , and only one of them can load , cant use both scenery. hope that help cheers.
  7. my specs are high end Direct X 11 Ram 16gb VGA GTX 1060 6GB Nvidia I7-3440 - 3,4 GHZ Asus Scenery ORBX Base package AI traffic Australia New zealand Holgermesh Papua New Guinea European Airport Pack freeware NA Airport Pack freeware Was trying to fly from Sydney 1st WIII-WADD Soekarno Hatta - Bali 2nd YSSY - YSCB Sydney Kingsford Smith - Canberra International Airport.
  8. hi guys , i just recently installed my ORBX scenery and after i checked , its in my scenery library , but the thing is , after i press fly now , it only load at 6% and wont move for 1 hour and a half now , any suggestion to fix? ive been looking over forum to find fix , but no one talk about how to fix it except defrag.
  9. lol umm , australia , sydney , so how do i change my post?
  10. i tried , but it kept on fail or not downloading any data.
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