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  1. Hi, I wondered if Orbx is going to be developing more specific regions as you have for FTX England, Scotland etc... Somewhere like Spain or France would be nice. The US could have "US south" "US east" etc. Just an idea, Thanks Ollie.
  2. Hi Richard, Thanks I will check that spot out, there's not a lot of gliding spots in FSX so that's useful to know! -Ollie
  3. Hi I made this video for my Youtube channel, but thought you guys might wanna see it! -Ollie
  4. Yes! (I don't know if you are being sarcastic lol) -Ollie
  5. Thanks Caleb, but why don't they want these discussions? It's exciting to know when deals are and useful as we can save our money! -Ollie
  6. Hi I posted a post called "Orbx sales", and it has disappeared. I hope a dev hasn't removed it.
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