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  1. fs developer is great. It takes alot of effort to get anywhere close the quality of orbx, bear that in mind... Heres a little thing I'm working on
  2. No problem Derek, I'm sure someone else will be able too, enjoy the rest of your day
  3. Hi, Thinking about NA northern Califonia and want to know how it changes the FPS from using FTX base, FTX vector and FTX Open LC. Also does it increase VRAM usage? Cheers, Ols.
  4. I have a GTX 1060 6GB, is that OK? Cheers, Ols.
  5. Hi, I wondered if Orbx is going to be developing more specific regions as you have for FTX England, Scotland etc... Somewhere like Spain or France would be nice. The US could have "US south" "US east" etc. Just an idea, Thanks Ollie.
  6. Hi Richard, Thanks I will check that spot out, there's not a lot of gliding spots in FSX so that's useful to know! -Ollie
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