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  1. hi I decided to buy it, i can't find the control panel for true earth, where is it? thanks.
  2. Hi I have been using Orbx global+vector+Open lC for a while now and wanted to buy true eath south. I have seen a lot of issues of buildings glitching through clouds, performace issues, suttering, blurries, etc. Have these been fixed? Thanks, Ollie.
  3. Orbx Central, could you direct me to where this is a 'known problem', thanks.
  4. Hi it won't detect any addon airports, please help Ollie.
  5. Hi I have England, Vector, Open LC, please help. https://ibb.co/D1BDPsN https://ibb.co/1d6NTgD Ollie.
  6. Nope. Hardly notice the difference to be honest, sounds good on paper, not when flying though
  7. Hi Nick, this worked for me. Anyone else having this problem, install these files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvxa9s9pfcbpr4u/FSX-AS-BIKF-VECTOR-OLC-EU-Anpassung.zip?dl=0 Thanks, Ollie.
  8. Hi Nick, I installed the three files (renamed old ones to .off) but it hasn't made any difference. Thanks, Ollie.
  9. Hi Nick, I do not have Iceland X, I installed the files and they don't work. Any other ideas?
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