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  1. At the moment - but you might imagine a situation where the application of machine learning to a few images could rapidly colourise and amend the imagery on a per season basis. You might not need too much source imagery per region taken in each season to produce an accurate algorithm to produce accurate per season results....
  2. Hi all, Just a note to say I was getting a similar error, but I hadn't correctly updated to the latest version of FTX Central - have done that now and I'm going through the "conversion" process. Kind regards, MCJ
  3. And reminds me why I love them, so much more to see from up there (especially with Global and OpenLC EU... looking forward to NA!) ;-)
  4. Just a quick shout out for Livingstone, specifically Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International Airport, Victoria Falls and the bush strips around Southern Zambia!
  5. Wowsers, that last one is surely a competition winner!
  6. Great set, those blades look amazing! MJ.
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