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  1. Hi there, I sometimes think I am losing my mind. A simple question for which I am getting terribly confused. I have a newly formatted Drive E. I want to download and install P3Dv5 again. It says under options for install make a folder . How? I have New Volume (E) ..what do I do next"? I add folder P3Dv5 but it does not appear as E:\P3Dv5 What am I missing? Tom
  2. Hello all. I found the Poppet's instructions for correcting errors in P3Dv4 very useful. Do I follow w the same procedures for P3Dv5 ? And where can I find them? Regards
  3. Thank you Nick... Sorry for late reply. Everything working well. Simulator on E and Orbx on F Any idea why I get rain inside the aircraft? A2A C172 Tom
  4. Found it. one question. I have reformatted both drives. P3D is up and running drive E How do I make the path for Orbx on drive F?
  5. Thank you. Please point me to Poppet's complete uninstall P3D...I cannot find it. I would rather have the simulator on the small drive and all my scenery on the large drive.
  6. Thank you. How do I create it? Sorry - feel a bit stupid today. entering 13th week of isolation. Pfffftt Would it be better for me to delete P3D and install Central on the 1tb drive F ? Then reinstall P3D on the 250g drive E?
  7. Hello Nick, I have a gigabyte problem. MY TE Netherlands and Australia 2 need vast spaces to download and unzip. As P3D is on F drive...and I have 880gb free on that, is it possible to create a new library on this same drive? ie. create F:\ Library Two. It will not be in the P3D folder. Thank you, Tom
  8. Hello Nick, Found this...all set now. Read the Help manual.... P3D running smoothly...Libraries, Base, Object flow, Vector and NZ NI and NZWR all on E drive. Not a hitch. Thanks again for all your help. So quick with central...used to spend hours with FTX. Have a great day and evening... Kind regards, Tom
  9. Hello, I deleted all Orbx folders....Also Orbx central. Have just re-installed Central. It asks me to make a library. I have done that , created folder E:\Orbx Library. When I go to install Base Pack it says I must install libraries. It immediately goes to C: and starts installing there. How can I do as you suggested? ""Hello Tom, you can choose the location that Orbx Central uses for the installation on the Downloader page, Temporary Files location. That should stop it using the C drive except for its own files, which are only a few dozen meg
  10. What is sync Simulator, and do you think it will work?
  11. Nope...new to me, Nick. I have very fast d/load here so not too worried about that. Seems all my Orbx files are on drive E now, but not in sequential folders. A fine mess we have here... e drive folders.docx e drive files3.docx e drive files P3Dv5.docx
  12. Hi...normal download into C. then library overflowed so set up E with '2nd library' that worked. I did not install into simulator folder.
  13. I must uninstall and reload...I am getting un-sequential scenery errors... oh well. Is there an uninstall file I can use?
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