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  1. Nick, I am sure he is trying to buy Orbx scenery via the "Market Place" in MSFS 2020. YES, I tried it and it does exactly how he is saying. There is no instructions on how to buy Orbx scenery in the game and of course they do not point those trying to buy to Orbx CENTRAL. One big Duhhhhh! The other scenery vendors are sent to FSDT Live Update or Contrail to buy and update. Other VENDORS get to buy via the MARKET PLACE.
  2. I love it. Thanks. I lived outside of the airbase when I was assigned to Ft Lewis.
  3. Why have you not or stopped putting a look down VIEW to the earth which would show how much terrain is involved in the new software? I feel like I am taking an aptitude test on where to put the nice detailed scenery in relationship to the runway, parking, taxiing, and such. Just asking for ONE SINGLE OVERHEAD picture with a paint strip showing us how much terrain we will get and the relationship of all the scenery. My only point is that once I get the scenery, take a short ride in a copter to check it out, and find that it doesn't soot the type of AC at the airport th
  4. Hmmmmm! That is a very high Vram. Mine averages with the new p3dv5.2 at 3.5 to 5.5 out of usable 7.2GB. And this goes for Orbx and other high detailed scenery. My frame rates run at high 30s to high 50s. I have all of the Orbx scenery that is available and those of the high end developers products. When I can put a 320 into London or New York with nasty weather (ASP3D BETA) at a solid 35 and up frame rates, I am happy. Just wondering if I will need to upgrade my system in the near future.
  5. Doing a flight from KBZN LMM MMMZ! Since at the USA-Mexico border, the scenery for NORTH AMERICA is not loading here and there as I move south. Like patches of scenery. But if I change my cockpit view by using the keyboard 'A', it loads the NA Patch. I then move back to same camera view within my cabin. I am at FL330. Never done this before. This has happened 3 times. Using AS Beta, but there is no cloud cover or haze. ????? Thanks for a reply.
  6. The byways are all washed out. My graphic settings are recommended by Orbx. What am I doing wrong? Scenery Objects Settings: Scenery complexity - extremely dense Autogen and scenery draw distance - very high Autogen vegetation density - dense Autogen building density - dense. Help please!
  7. Okay! I am just a little lost, because there is NO documentation with this download, just the picture in the "New Releases"! Pardon my ignorance, but! What affect will this have on "FS Global Ultimate - NG 2020"! If not tested by a beta tester or staff, what should I be looking for! Africa is a numbing geographical a HUGE PLACE! Thanks for your reply. Lawrence
  8. Other KSAN providers look worse. Orbx KSAN does a better job as of today. I have gone through ever upgrade since v2.5. Kept a laptop with FSX loaded up just in case. LOL But, I did away with FSX with 4.5. V5 is an all new rocket.
  9. Sweet PNW skies with P3Dv5. A little update here and there, but what a ride. Some of the mass airports will stammer from time to time, but most have disappeared. v5 and Orbx is absolutely awesome. Unbelievable frame rates and details. Simply love it. BTW, I jumped to buy Pilots new world mesh and weather. Very simple and amazing ground and weather. But, I have not went testing each addon for what was missing. Just too much 'eye candy' to take in. Amazing to use 'real air' and 'a2a' low and slow or fast.
  10. This is for V4.5, but it is very close to v5 settings. On youtube, search for "Cpt Vince guide for best settings (2019)
  11. 1. Cleanup the old messes before launching yourself into a NEW simulator. a. Save all of your downloads into a good storage unit ( at least 5 TB). b. Make a text sheet for ADDON SCENERY, ADDON AIRCRAFT, OTHERS. need item name, any serial numbers, & Passwords. c. Three 1TB SSD's to support Flightsim drive, Scenery Libraries, and backup Scenery. d. Issue resolving: make a text sheet for each best answer to a problem, setup configs,etc. This will keep you from going nuts. e. When something doesn't work the way you think it may, then you have your 'sheet
  12. The rectangular blocks for the taxiways at Campbell River are about 25' off the ground. Not all, but most. Flew down from Bella Coola and the scenery was fantastic. Had the new Pilot's Mesh and Weather software adding to your fantastic graphics. P3DV5! High settings on most graphic options. Entire flight done above 57 fps. Awesome!
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