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  1. on my computer Orbx Central had a folder: Orbx to store all items in. A later version of Orbx Central created an new Folder: Orbx/p3d4 and started storing updated files into this. When I updated Norway some items were in both folders (old and new). Now I deinstalled all my Orbx files, deleted both Orbx Folder and reinstalled all items. Everything is perfect again.
  2. I had ObjectFlow installed and FTX is deleted long time ago.
  3. After the update of EU Norway the airport ENNK looks like (see attached). I deinstalled Global Base Pack, open LC Europe, EU Norway, ENNK, ENHF, ENAL. Then I reinstalled everything. ENNK looks the same, also ENHF. ENAL looks quite normal, only that on the runway there is Object Flow error written in red. I have never seen this.
  4. The official value now is 110.4 with 237 degrees for the ILS24 in EHRD
  5. I Have installed ASF2 All other Airports in Switzerland (I have IPACS Switzerland as well) look ok. But not Saanen. Sttings are Vulcan Rendering and VSYNC on. The threshold 26 Looks similar.
  6. Thank you Nick, the problem was that under c:\users\your name I only found the folder Application Data. The hidden folder was : AppData with all the other folders needed. When I placed the file afs2dvd into the no longer hidden folder AppData .... everything was ok
  7. Hello Nick, here is the .exe Location. Could the Problem be that I had to create this folder manually (Local/Orbx/Simulators for Benutzer/myname/Application Data/Local/Orbx/Simulators). As far as I remember on my FSX PC the AppData/Local/Microsoft/FSX was created by a program,
  8. I reinstalled AFS2. I flew with it. Then I tried FTX Central once more. It does not find this simulator. Could it be because with a German computer I do not have AppData but Application Data etc???
  9. I flew to Monterrey and I had my first lesson yesterday. Today I downloaded FTX Central and before I placed the file into the folder Benutzer/myname/Application Data/Local/Orbx/Simulators on the C drive, where the Simulator is ( Programme/Aerofly ....)
  10. I have on this computer only the download Version of AFS2 . I just downloaded the FTX Central. Then I placed the file mentioned for the Aerosoft DVD Version into the file mentioned. Still FTX Central will not recognize any Simulator.
  11. To depict any procedure in a display or programm it needs mostly a database with points (coordinates) and sometimes an indication how to get from one point to the next (straight line, arc etc). In the FMC databases this approach is not coded as it contains a visual part, which is up to the crew and their procedures to fly. So all one can have in the database for LOWI are the RNAV procedures. And due to the lack of a proper database source I assume, that the programs mentioned cannot display the localizer approach for LOWI. The list above (LittleNavMap) is not correct as it shows an ILS approac
  12. I am not familiar with the LittleNavMap, but the approach is indeed a very special one. You follow the Localizer passing the runway to a defined DME value (D4.4 to OEJ 109.7), then either follows the missed approach to RTT VOR, or, if you have identified the runway, you follow the Visual after LOC DME 08/26 procedure to runway 08 or 26.
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