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  1. Hi, similar problems here in uk, , Flightsim store is extremely slow to load up, have been waiting over 10 minutes just to get to my account page and so far it has still not come up It was the same last night around 2100 uk time,took 10 minutes to get into my account and another 10 mins to get to my downloads I could then only get downloads from one server, the 1st global CDN , all of the other links were shown as down. The download time was extremely slow also and I had to give up trying to download ftx global base. Decided to have another go this morning and as I have said haven't been able to get even as far as the download page. I have used several browsers, cleared cache, cookies etc with no avail. I am on virgin media cable and have had no problems with any other site than this one Can I ask that it be looked into as it is very frustrating to be unable to download your files when you need them. ps just as I finished typing this post the site has crashed with a message " Unable to connect to database server!" Thanks Steve I
  2. Hi, I would also appreciate Yellowknife and the NWT (another Ice pilots fan!!) done as an orbx airport/region pack Cheers Steve
  3. Hi, Hopefully orbx are ok with this but you might want to check out the offshore development group website, www.fs-odg.com, lots of rigs, ships etc. hope this helps Steve
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