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  1. Simurq: There is one more file in NGA you will need to take out, CVX_ENJB_Mesh.bgl. You will see why in Your Picture No 3. Look at the steep edge along the road, that's where the road should have been, but as you can see his flatten goes way further out in all directions. All other faults goes back to that flatten. It'll be Your Choice, flat photo or not. Regarding the rest, I think you will find the buildings are much the same standard, except in the South end and Southwest side.
  2. Think you can see the problem in these two Pictures. ENJB X all flatt ENJB NGA 2.90 with slopes around the airport flatten
  3. There is no way you can fix this problem, ENJB X have a totally wrong flatten. That's why you get those errors. The airstrip height is correct enough, but he made that flatten cover a large area around the airfield. For that reason I kept my non photo scenery in NGA 2.90. There you will have all slopes around the airstrip correct. But, I see now that I again, after SP1, will have to find a new texture for the area on the southwest part. If you still prefer the photoscenery you may do exactely what you have done in NGA. Just for a test I copied the photoscenery bgl into my ground folder, and it worked for me. But I will not say you should do so. Maybe Marius Risan will fix it in the future.
  4. Amundsen: I'm so happy that you have solved the problems, have some nice flying in Norway. simurq: I have both P3D v2.5 and FSX Gold Edition in use on my PC, and I use the same AON and NGA files for both sims. All my NGA files are made using FSX as a testbed because P3D have been constantly updated. Now I have tested all mine and AON in v2.5 together with FTX Norway, FTX Vector, FTX OpenLC EU and FTX Global Base, no problem. Norway have never been better in the flightsim world.
  5. Normally you would find them in folders NSX III or NSX II. NSX III replace all in NSX II,so that folder must be deleted. And, since you now use FTX Norway you can delete all of NSX III too. NSX III can be diveded in different folders, like water, alpin, Landclass, Woods and so on. All files have exstension .BGL.
  6. We are still working hard on updates for AON and NGA, and much have been done. Still I find small details I would like to take into this scenery. Trondenes fort nearby Harstad with four of the biggest guns from WWII, 40,6cm, one still operational, and Moevik fort nearby Kristiansand S. Only one 38 cm gun still left on place. Trondenes fort I will do some more work with the flattens.
  7. No, photopacks 1 and 2 are only for all airports in AON and Mongstad area. Yes, some more info would be of help.
  8. Sorry I can't see how to fix your problem, since I am not able to reproduce it in my setup. I can see that we are using the same products from ORBX, and the same Windows 7 64bit. But related to your signature, I think you may use a diffrent airplane. I do not have any PMDG or other "pro" planes at the moment in my P3D v2.5, only default planes. What I can tell are, that neither AON nor NGA have any scenery close to this area. For NGA the closest sceneries are ENHS and ENJB, and for AON ENRY and ENDI. So those should not interfere or produce this sort of faults around ENNO.
  9. Users of AON and NGA put these on top in scenery Library. If you have downloaded Aon and/or NGA you can find a list in the readme files. If you usually fly other places I will say: Keep them above everything ORBX made for Norway.
  10. I'm glad I could help you Jorge. Some asked for pictures to show what to expect in NGA. I shall not drown you or the forum with shots from NGA, but 4 more to show what if NGA or FTX Norway alone. If you draw a straight line between ENEV Evenes and ENDU Bardufoss, you will during your flight pass over this airfield, ENLV Elvenes (or Salangen in FTXN). FTX Norway alone And together with NGA So, as far notheast you will fly, if you have not asked Putin for a permission to cross the border, Vardo town and island Again FTXN alone This one is a combination of AON (photo ground) and NGA Think I will not draw more on my goodwill in this forum.
  11. This link was for the tool on top - MergeFTX NGA file dated 17042015. Or you can find it here http://1drv.ms/1CP3Njc A link to an old thread here for some shots from NGA http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/89637-ftx-eu-norway-with-local-help/ And 2 new ENAE Ostre Ara east of Rena ENRV Reinsvoll, about 115 km north of Oslo, nearest city Gjovik, or Hamar on the east side of lake Mjosa.
  12. Here you will find that merge file I wrote about above http://www.flightsimnorway.com/addons/default.php?funct=dlAll This one should make it clear what to do. You can start the program from any place on your hd.
  13. First of all, let me say I'm sorry for my English, but it's more than 50 years since I left school. I'm the maker of the Norway GA Airfields, for short NGA, so I'll try to answer questions for this scenery. Andrew is the maker of Airports of Norway, AON for short, and he have no trouble with the language for sure. NGA was made before ORBX even thought of making anything for Europe and Norway. We had scenery designers for all sorts of mesh, coastlines, rivers, lakes, roads and a landclass. Andrew had started his work to make most of the larger airports shine and I made my first release for NGA. When FTX Global, EU Landclass and Global Vector arrived on the scene I tried to match NGA to those scenery packages, and the same goes for FTX Norway and SP1. So why do we do that? Well we think we know our country just as good as someone else and can use that knowledge to fix up airports/airfields and areas closer to the real thing. Enough background history. To Alan2: Our flattens are at least as good as FTX, some places much better I think. Vegetation can be more correct but at some Photoreal airfieldss less perfect since I have not finished AGN yet. To aeronata: The bat files will work if you edit the hdd and folder names to suit Yours setup. Fact is that every simmer have their own way of doing things. I did not know that we would be worldwide that soon. But, a friend of mine, have now made a new tool for that, both in Norwegian and English. I will give you a link for that soon. These files will let you rename or resume FTX files. I have tried to utilize FTX Norway as much as possible, but there are places where I think mine are more real. So to avoid conflicts we choosed to do it this way. For a lot of screenshots, both new but also some old, this is a good place too http://www.flightsimnorway.com/
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