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  1. So, I fiddled around a bit here, I uninstalled KSUN, fired up P3D to make sure the scenery.cfg as read by the sim was all good. Closed it down again, checked addon manager to verify that it actually read a good scenery.cfg (had some inconsistencies with regards to layer ordering, for some reason), then fired up P3D again, without VECTOR AEC(!). Sim booted up, I went to KSUN, and this is the result: (Note: When the scenario loaded up, my aircraft was parked deep in a canyon on the runway; selecting slew-mode to get myself out of the canyon resolved this, and placed me firmly on an oustanding runway. No canyons or glitches after that.) So suddenly, everything is in order What has changed? I now have only TWO entries related to KSUN in the Addon Manager. The top one: 416 Orbx KSUN Sun Valley True F:\P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\add-on.xml Scenery The lower one: 2 Orbx KSUN Sun Valley World Scenery True F:\P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\add-on.xml WorldScenery Anyways, things look good. I can take off, I can land, and everything seems to be working, so I'm gonna stop fiddling around with it
  2. Looks like I only have that one, in the folder you mentioned. Another thing, the KSUN package has more than one entry in Lorby's Addon Manager, a total of three in fact. Is this the way it is supposed to be, and is there any specific order they should be in? Especially in relation to other sceneries that might cover the same region as KSUN? 117 Orbx KSUN Sun Valley World Scenery True F:\P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\add-on.xml WorldScenery 169 Orbx KSUN Sun Valley True scenery.cfg F:\P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\Scenery 417 Orbx KSUN Sun Valley True F:\P3Dv4\ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\add-on.xml Scenery
  3. You mean like from Navigraph or similar? Would it be the same name? I'll do a search and see what pops up
  4. In the ORBX\FTX_NA\FTX_AA_KSUN\WorldScenery\Scenery-folder, I have only one file, "KSUN_ADEP4_GRJ_ALT.bgl". Is this the correct one, or should their be anything else there?
  5. Yes, I've tried both with AEC enabled and disabled for this scenery. The images above are with AEC disabled. With AEC enabled there is something obviously wrong, with much larger elevation differences. I have tried reinstalling this scenery as well, but so far I've not had any luck.
  6. Anybody...? The only difference I can see between KSUN and all my other add-ons (ORBX and otherwise) is that this is installed with the addon.xml-method. And I'm still using FTX Central 3.
  7. Hi, I've got fairly "interesting" take-offs and landings at this airport these days. I actually haven't visited it before, so this is the first I've seen the place. I've tried various things to resolve it, AEC in Vector, unistall/reinstall, fiddling around with scenery order in addon-manager. So far, no dice. I've got CRM installed beforehand in that area, KSUN is one of my recent add-ons. Scene complexity is set to max since I saw someone resolved elevation issues at KSUN that way, mesh is 5 meters. Any help would be much appreciated! Transaction ID: 5ce992b3838a7
  8. I did the same actually, as well verifying the files, just to be safe. All good now.
  9. Just did the same dance myself, clicking the error button 500+ times before I get into the sim gui. Any of you resolved it? I'm considering deleting all the FTX_AU/FTX_NA folders in Simobjects/Airplanes, then reinstall the two AI packs. I started to migrate, but then reconsidered and deleted all the scenery, then reinstalled it all. But forgot about the AI aircraft, obviously...
  10. Hi, I haven't really done anything special to get them to work together, aside from starting off with fresh shaders after a total reinstall (P3D and Windows 10) this summer. As for why, there seems to be different schools of thought as to whether these tools work with each other or not. I know that ENVDIR will disable ENVSHADE when running PTA, so I don't use that, only ENVTEX. But Environment Force does add more depth to my image, so that's why I use it, with the other 2 tools. I forgot to mention I also use Active Sky and ASCA. In other words, I only use SF3D for the textures, not the weather engine. In all the tools that have some sort of built in integration with other tools, this is enabled. But is there a solution to this (aside from disabling shader modifiers), and do you have a link to any previous posts about this? I'm still in the fence with regards to what shader mods to use or not; one of the first to go might be PTA, but so far I'm very happy with the looks overall. Edit: Nevermind, I used my google-fu and found the post from Holger. P3D issue that has been flagged, but no solution yet. Hopefully L-M can come up with a fix, in the meantime I'll see what I can do with shaders etc. Thanks for help though and for pointing me in the right direction, good to know there's technically nothing wrong with my ORBX installs
  11. Hi, I'm getting some weird textures in areas covered by openLC North America, at least I'm more or less certain that I'm only seeing it in openLC NA coverage area, and not FTX PNW, FTX SAK and FTX NRM. Can't say I've noticed them before anywhere else, so I'm a bit unsure what might be causing it. I noticed them a couple of days ago, after doing a particularly fast low-altitude flight. The textures look almost like marshes, and that was what I thought they were at first. But as can be seen in the screenshots, the textures pop up in areas that are not marshland. Also, the textures pop up as the aircraft gets close to them, more or less, and often disappears as the aircraft passes. Ie, the textures are flickering in and out based on location in relation to aircraft, and to a certain extent in what direction I'm looking at any given time (I use TrackIR). Position of sun does not matter, ambient scene light level does not matter. I see them in full daylight and later in the evenings. Quick example here, I've outlined the offending textures in red: More obvious examples: What I've done so far is run Verify Files, and Force Migration. I've also reloaded the scenery while in the sim. No dice, the weird textures still show up. Info about my setup, I'm running: P3Dv4.5 Vector FTX SAK FTX PFJ FTX PNW FTX CRM FTX NRM FTX SCA FTX NCA I did use FS Global Ultimate mesh, but have disabled this. I'm also running REX Skyforce3D and Environment Force, as well as PTA and ENVTEX. Aside from this issue, I'm not seeing any particular issues anywhere, except the dreaded floating buildings, which occurs from time to time everywhere. I haven't seen any posts about it so far, if this has been answered I'm sorry. I hope this is possible to fix
  12. Sorry for the necro, but is this scenery available anywhere? And does it fix the default Edwards AFB ATC issue, which wants me to land at rwy 33 no matter what wind direction, but still don't complain when I land at 04R....?
  13. Very sorry for the thread necro, but I'm having the exact same problem, looks like it is the same location too. I also know about one more in the Facebook P3D v4 group that has the same problem, and in the same location. P3D v4 map screenshot is with the aircraft directly over the red/black tile.
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