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  1. Hi Smudger, I start to wonder how I survived with out knowing you. No, I did not know that and will place the file in the folder you stated. I will try it tomorrow with a Pilatus-PC 12 Thanks, Lars
  2. Hi, I took Apple map and if I look at the scenery using the map view you have the correct position of roads and waters. Why are not Orbx using that type of view to get the correct placement and types? Thanks, Lars
  3. Hi Smudger, That was very kind of you. Now it looks soo much better and tt least I can orientate myself when approaching. Many thanks, Lars
  4. Hi Smudger, Yes, I agree. I have now changed it to your setting which gave me much more buildings and enabled some of the airports, however, the airport ESUR is still incorrect, with rivers and bridges missing. Thanks, Lars
  5. llo, One of my order numbers or transactions IDs are 5c29e21743983. Problem When I fly in the Northern part of Sweden the elevation seems incorrect but most concerning is that rivers and bridges are missing. The images below are from the small airport ESUR located near the village Ramsele. I have also attached the settings from FSX. I am with great interest looking forward your reply. Kind regards and a Happy New Year. Lars Wikstrpom
  6. Hi Scott, I will check and sure I have installed the free North America pack. Thanks, Lars
  7. Hi, After installing: FTX Global Base pack TFX Global NA Airport pack ESSA Stockholm Airport I have now lost all but a few airports in the US and as an example I cannot find Scottsdale Airport (KSDL). Have I done something wrong or must I buy FTX US? Thanks, Lars
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