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  1. I moved based on promises for my planes and scenery to be compatible. 7+ months later the planes are coming as brand new releases (for new $) and they have been delayed well.. at this point nobody knows. scenery has never been addressed and some of my favourite spots are just broken. devs are silent. now the 787 comes out for fsx. prepar 4.1 just came out and it again broke some things. basically, in a nutshell, I got tired of the broken promises of upgrades and the lackluster changes Lockheed is making. back to fsx for the time being. your mileage may vary based on wha
  2. not even close to the mountains I was thinking of. more like mole hills. east coast Jamaica almost fits tho. it peaks at what 5k? I have to look it up tbh
  3. Puerto rico is huge guys... so i doubt that one is feasible. but the idea is great and other devs are taking this approach for sure. thing with orbx is they like their mountains too much to do a flat island. and islands that have mountains are way too remote to be of any appeal or way too insignificant aviation wise. something has to change in their philosophy for such a project to be approved
  4. ok if you have the simprocompiler exe already you put that and the decompiled and edited .xml file in the same directory (any directory), then (optional but if all else is right and still errors out consider it) copy the gshome.xml file to your fsx\propdefs folder then go to the directory where the simpropcompiler.exe and the .xml file to be compiled are in in your dos prompt; enter this in the dos prompt simpropcompiler 2spb -symbols "G:\fsx\propdefs\*.xml" gshome.xml gshome.spb replace path to FSX as needed.
  5. g01s is simple htm so regular rules apply. just like any other html code page. the spb you decompile it, change the fsinsider.com part to something like _blank and recompile it back to spb. when fsx cannot locate the _blank or whatever you put there, it will default to the gs01 page. which you can make into anything you wish using standard html code
  6. Here, I blanked and compiled a new spb file for you. Replace the one in your dialogs folder. FSX will now load the default offline page aka FSX\Uires\gs01.htm which you can edit as you wish... hope that helps you gshome.spb this is what I edited mine to. its 8am and I haven't slept. so best line I could come up with..
  7. my 980 with 4gb eats anything I can throw at it. 32xMSAA and it doesn't blink. now im sure if I begin using something stupid like 4k resolutions it will complain, but im not there yet.
  8. Hi lads, I know in a few weeks this will no longer be an issue but I must satisfy my curiosity. Anyone else experiencing massive VAS at ESSA? Default airport options puts me at 3.8GB with the leveld 767. unloadable with a more complex plane. Flying into it basically results in out of memory 100% once the airport is fully rendered 5 miles out. Disabling all airport options but grass gets me down to 3.2GB but by the time I taxi to the runway (ld767 again for the purpose of being continual) im up to 3.4gb. No weather to speak of at the time. Essentially clear skies
  9. Yes cloning is exactly how its done. You will have the free space on the new drive minus the space the data from the old drive. so if you put a 1tb to replace a5tb drive, but only have 500gb of data on the original drive, you will still have only 500gb used on the new drive. You can clone to a smaller drive assuming it has enough space for the data you want to put on it. If you are doing a cluster by cluster clone (really not needed and should be avoided for 99.9999999999991% of all practical uses) then you need to match drive sizes precisely
  10. It wont help with your terrain loading, actually will make it worse. It will help with your terrain radius tho. So technically it might help in the end. Think of it as such. If currently you can only load 4x4 grid of terrain/scenery (that grid could be whatever dimensions, just an example) due to memory limits. So your sim will have to constantly reload 4x4 grids as you move. so more loading more often, within your line of sight. but say with memory being limited to how much the game engine and your computer can physically handle, you can load 16x16 grid. you will likel
  11. I image all my drives after any significant changes. Was running an overnight flight and woke up to the computer sitting at bios.. hmm. through to the end of the story one of my flightsim drives died (I use a mix of ssd and magnetic, so 2 drives per sim, eventually will move it to 1 ssd as pricepoint comes down). popped in the cloned drive and was back up and running in 30 seconds.
  12. I am seriously going to name my 3rd child ORBX if they ever make something worthwhile in the Caribbean.... cough cough virgin islands cough cough not covered by any other payware like ever except 1 that isn't worth talking about due to age now cough
  13. Being mostly Australia based orbx is really short selling the Caribbean region. Years ago they said FTX Germany wouldn't sell so they are never making it.. and now.. lol.. Germany north, Germany south.... You guys don't understand the fascination americans have with the Caribbean AND Bahamas. Years down the road you will make them, even if you pretend you won't sell a single copy right now. just like you did with Germany
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