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  1. oh ok thanks Doug, is there a link for it? Russ Does this mean I should ONLY use the new tool from now on? So remove FTX central? OK I found the link was on mobile before. All i want to confirm is should I remove FTXC now? Sorry I been out of the loop for 12 months! All the config such as Vector settings are now in OrbX Central yes?
  2. Hi, just purchased buildings and Alderney for FSX. After purchase in FTXC Europe shows Alderney NOT INSTALLED but when i click on it i get NO DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PRODUCT. Am I missing something? I own every other FSX airport (except Samadan) and they are all installed fine. Never seen this before! Russ
  3. I take a break from simming for a few months now and then to pursue my other love, race sims. I have all the airports in Aus but for sure despite the great takeoffs and landings I've always found the region to be lackluster, especially as crossing the continent involves multi hour flights with dull scenery and zero smaller airports to tour around. So finally having a region like you do in the US and Europe where you can just drop off the map and lay low criss crossing the continent via the smaller VFR strips will being Aus alive gain for me. One question, as an F1 fan will the current Melbourne F1 track Albert Park be shown in detail? Cos I'd love to do a fly over before the start of the race! Bring it on guys, be nice to have something also FSX compatible too, for us entertainment loving simmers!
  4. I also have a minor problem with NZGS and the runways. In FSX the default ATC considers 03/21 GRASS as the default runway and will assign it to me even though I am flying a LearJet or even PMDG 737-600(lightly loaded!). This always happens both in landing and takeoff so I have to ignore ATC and get told off every time! Thanks
  5. Living in Daytona Beach I was excited to hear about this Cityscape and still am! I own every other piece of OrbX scenery and every airport but to afford them I only buy in sales so I will have to wait a while for this one. I have no worries about loading it as I tightly integrate Scenery Config Editor with my OrbX install, before every flight just turning ON all the scenery I need. I CAN load it all at once but it takes 5 mins to load an why bloat up my sim in this way when there is no way to visit them all in one session!? Have enclosed a link to a few screen shots that should give you an idea how this setup works. World is split into geographic regions, as well as type (LC,mesh.airports). To add a region to fly I simply click the folders that contain mesh, LC and airports. The generic OrbX libraries are ALWAYS included in the BASE folder as well as Vector, as I run those every flight. I experience smooth flying with frames from 15-90fps depending on airport. Only HEAVY airports will get low fps like YBBN and ESSA. FSX graphic settings on very high except Autogen one from highest setting. I use Steve's DX fixer to set LOD before each flight so I never get OOMS. Flying through regions without a major addon airport just the FTX global or regional ones I can run at LOD 8.5 with the PMDG 737. I drop that by 1 for each major addon airport and I'm generally good to go. Back to this thread, I dont envisage any issues with this scenery but I would be very disappointed if I could not run the cityscape and included airports at the same time. That would defeat the object of taking off , landing and getting the full experience! I believe running the sim, whichever it is, WITHOUT taking scenery management seriously you are asking for trouble IF you want the highest quality experience available. It literally take me ONLY 10-15 seconds to load up Scenery Config Editor and select my flying areas. First I click twice at the top on ALL ADDONS, this turns all scenery on then off, leaving none selected. I now add what I need and I'm done. Some areas like NSTU and AYPY are even quicker as the scenery includes mesh and LC so its a one button click and I'm off to simming nirvana. To the Devs, please keep adding eye candy. We can always turn it off which is better than not being able to turn it on in the first place. My minimum requirements are being able to take off from an airport within a cityscape and fly to another separate region with no issues other than lowering my LOD (yes P3d-ers I hear ya). If a region can ONLY be flown VFR with all other scenery disabled then it needs to be made known clearly at top of system requirements that "THIS AREA IS SELF CONTAINED ONLY AND IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO BE USED AS A DEPARTURE OR DESTINATION WITH OTHER ADDON SCENERY." PS to devs I am happy to test the region out but due to my strict buying rules (blame American Express) I cannot purchase unless/until it is on sale.
  6. Appreciate the reply, however I remember a few people complained about KBLU and the winter grass crash situation there (if I remember correctly) and that was eventually solved. If anything this thread can be helpful for those people who fly with CD ON choosing which airports to buy (or NOT to buy as there are way fewer of those affected). My strong opinion here is that if 300 airports are error free then 4 can be fixed in time.
  7. EDVR Rinteln Free flight start at Parking 1 instant crash GA aircraft (A2A Mustang) Because I belong to the considerably higher than 1% of serious simmers who fly challenging aircraft such as the A2A Mustang (note above crash and aircraft damage) and take enjoyment and challenge from taxiing, flying and landing these beasts safely in small airfields with difficult approaches, such as yours. Crashing while just loading up a parking spot is .....disappointing. Talking about 1%, I probably AM in the 1% of simmers who own every single product of yours, and therefore notice after enjoying literally hundreds of wonderful airfields how rare it is to find these instant crash spots. I think I have found 4 in all 300 or so of them (lost count). Therefore the perfectionist in me as an ex coder myself feels obliged to offer free reports to your company, in a pleasant and affable way, of issues that may bother others than myself more seriously. I have several hundred other options to fly with after all....
  8. Instead of posting multiple threads whenever an airport is unusable with CD ON I will just post results as I find them here. 2B2 Plum Island. Impossible to taxi at all or use most of parking spaces with free flight giving instant crashes. Also the crash box around the vehicles before start of rwy 28 continues some 20 feet in the air so unless you come in way high and drop it in landings via 28 or take offs via 10 are almost impossible.
  9. Hi, there seem to be a lot of areas around the airport where anyone with crash detection ON (me always) cannot maneuverer. ie: parking 6 parking 1 approaching tower on taxiway from north. In fact with CD ON only the runway itself is safe. Starting free flight from parking spots in most aircraft results in immediate crash and taxiing on any taxiway to and from parking also crashes. Note this kind of thing is very rare in your product range. Personally only noticed this with KBLU before and that ended up getting fixed (yay!). CYBD approaching run way from parking is another example (will have to check again that being avoiding it for over a year for that reason) This is a very challenging and pretty little spot to land a LearJet at (what I was using) so turning CD off would defeat the point of the challenge. In the meantime I have plenty other locations to explore! Thanks Russ
  10. Just watched this again. Can't beat flying low can you!? Haven't got the Spit yet but the P-51 still serves me well. Also got all the UK airstrips in last sale. So much sim goodness so little time! Cheers! Russ
  11. Lightning at Dawn! - St Gallen Altenrhein (LSZR) To Innsbruck (LOWI) Very efficient coding all around here guys! This much detail (FSX maxed out except water) at a smooth frame rate with a complex aircraft (A2A Mustang) in BUSY weather (AS2016) running at 4k res AND capturing 4k at the same time! Fantastic! 40min flight edited to 20 mins. Low altitude visual approach with GPS guidance thru valleys, following those nice night lights.
  12. "PS took a selfie of the process -- after dropping the third screw .. " Tell me about it...I'm a retired IT guy....IMO motherboards should all have some kind of reverse polarity magnetic field switch....turn it on and every loose piece of metallic scrap that fell in the case gets airborne!
  13. JF I own all of the OrbX scenery except South America and 1 airport. If I have elevation problems with add-ons it's usually fixed by removing and re-installing the addon airport. I presume you are talking about default airports? Or the free NA airports that come with Global? Don't despair yet Vector is sublime! Following roads and rivers is VFR heaven. As you have just removed it try installing it again last in the chain. DONT run AEC until you load the airport with the issue. Then run it AFTER if there is a plateau. When it all works the hassle is worth it! There is a great tool called Scenery Config Editor. I have to use it as like I said I own way too much OrbX for it to all be loaded at once, this tool makes it easy to assign which areas to load and more importantly which have preference in the load order (the higher the priority the more that piece of scenery takes preference over other layers). You should NOT need to tweak AEC normally. I avoid it after initially running it with all the scenery installed as it's missing most of my add-on airports anyway. Good luck...it's worth it I promise!
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