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  1. I take a break from simming for a few months now and then to pursue my other love, race sims. I have all the airports in Aus but for sure despite the great takeoffs and landings I've always found the region to be lackluster, especially as crossing the continent involves multi hour flights with dull scenery and zero smaller airports to tour around. So finally having a region like you do in the US and Europe where you can just drop off the map and lay low criss crossing the continent via the smaller VFR strips will being Aus alive gain for me. One question, as an F1 fan will the current Melbourne F1 track Albert Park be shown in detail? Cos I'd love to do a fly over before the start of the race! Bring it on guys, be nice to have something also FSX compatible too, for us entertainment loving simmers!
  2. Just watched this again. Can't beat flying low can you!? Haven't got the Spit yet but the P-51 still serves me well. Also got all the UK airstrips in last sale. So much sim goodness so little time! Cheers! Russ
  3. Lightning at Dawn! - St Gallen Altenrhein (LSZR) To Innsbruck (LOWI) Very efficient coding all around here guys! This much detail (FSX maxed out except water) at a smooth frame rate with a complex aircraft (A2A Mustang) in BUSY weather (AS2016) running at 4k res AND capturing 4k at the same time! Fantastic! 40min flight edited to 20 mins. Low altitude visual approach with GPS guidance thru valleys, following those nice night lights.
  4. "PS took a selfie of the process -- after dropping the third screw .. " Tell me about it...I'm a retired IT guy....IMO motherboards should all have some kind of reverse polarity magnetic field switch....turn it on and every loose piece of metallic scrap that fell in the case gets airborne!
  5. Thanks Tim! BUT..sadly since April 1 have not been able to sim or make any more videos as Vector deteriorated to the point at which I was forced to remove and reinstall today and now it wont install...:(
  6. Exhausted after touring every part of this massive region I could find. Visited pretty well every airport updated by the package including every bush strip in both the AYPY and Tapini/Emo areas. The attention to detail is stunning, more people should fly this area. Especially if you like VFR!
  7. 29:20 "it would be boring if we had good weather all the time". I have made a few videos myself and say EXACTLY the same thing often! Have subscribed to your channel, more flights please cap'n!
  8. Thanks again! I wanted to capture the feel of flying the scenery on 'live' flights, as displayed by my often confused commentary!
  9. 15 videos in and I'm ALMOST done. Just looking for some water runways to finish with. Any ideas?
  10. This was just a warm up for my massive New Zealand Tour coming up next...
  11. Just created forum account and saw this here. Already seen it on YouTube couldnt leave comment as dang tablet wouldnt let me. SO... great video! WHEN I get the Spit I will use this video for my startup I always dreamed of flying to Berlin in the Spit but we need France region first..hint hint...
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