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  1. Orbx needs to address this issue. I live in the United States and many of the nation's banks, including my own, are no longer permitting overseas purchases using debit and credit cards. Phoning the bank will not work if the bank or bank-card issuer does not permit overseas purchases as a matter of policy. For several years, I overcame this problem by going to my local AAA (American Automobile Association) and buying a prepaid international card, which I used solely for my purchases from Orbx. About a year ago, however, AAA stopped issuing these cards altogether. As a result, I can no longer bu
  2. When I installed ORBX Central a few weeks ago, I saw that my Global Base package had an update available. After I updated Global Base using ORBX Central, my default airport scenery was messed up. The biggest nuisance was trees growing out of runways and taxiways. I ended up having to delete and reinstall P3D and every bit of my ORBX scenery library. It's working fine now, but I was reminded of the axiom "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  3. Can anyone suggest a possible answer to a lake that disappeared for no apparent reason? I have all the main ORBX products including Vector. I live in Huntington, WV and usually take off in P3D from Tri-State Airport. Southeast of the airport -- only a few miles away -- there is a large lake called "East Lynn Lake." I'd flown over it hundreds of times before. A few days ago, however, I noticed that the lake was missing from the sim. Vector is still supplying innumerable tiny streams and roads near the airport. But the lake has disappeared. I thought perhaps the change of seasons was affecting t
  4. I use a 75" and a 43" Sony 4K TV as my monitors. They work perfectly and I would highly recommend any size 4K TV over a monitor since you're never going to get a frame rate in the sim that's high enough to match the higher refresh rates of the monitor. In other words, it's wasted money for our purposes here.
  5. The sound of your engine overhead caused me to miss a putt on the 18th green and therefore cost me the Masters Championship!
  6. And even if you have a credit card or a pre-paid credit card, many of them won't work if you attempt to buy something online from a "foreign" website. I personally use an AAA (American Automobile Association) pre-paid credit card since my regular bank credit card here in the United States won't permit me to buy from overseas websites for security reasons. This is a growing problem that needs to be taken seriously and addressed.
  7. I remember when the release of FS2000 brought even the fastest computer to its knees.
  8. Doug, I followed your suggestions, and everything is now working perfectly in Honolulu. Thank you again!!!
  9. Doug, I've been suffering the exact problem that Dave described above, where all my scenery works great except for parts of Honolulu. But unlike Dave, I'm using P3D V4. Will the solution you provided for Dave work for me as well, assuming I change the directory to P3D instead of FSX? Much appreciated!
  10. Ever since I joined this forum many months ago, I've logged in using the Google option. Tonight, however, I found myself involuntarily signed out of the forum, while the Google sign-in option now leads to a dead link and doesn't work. I had to reset my password in order to sign in again -- this time directly into the forum rather than via Google. I'm wondering if others have suffered this same experience?
  11. Unwanted cars erratically jerking into existence has been a long-standing business model of Detroit.
  12. With all the recent upgrades and new products available within the flight sim community, perhaps now is not the best time for suggesting yet another product. But I do think that the default bridges within FSX and P3D are the one remaining item that look unrealistic and kill the immersion. We need something similar to ORBX HD Trees, except that it would replace the default bridges with ORBX HD Bridges. Most of the default "bridges" are simply bland, straight lines across a body of water -- with no attempt even made to display the physical structure of a bridge. I'm sure that replacing these def
  13. I suspect that, in your FTXCentral settings, you have accidentally checked the option to "only show products that I have installed." Deselect that option and your previously purchased products will be visible and available for download into V4.
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