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  1. I use a 75" and a 43" Sony 4K TV as my monitors. They work perfectly and I would highly recommend any size 4K TV over a monitor since you're never going to get a frame rate in the sim that's high enough to match the higher refresh rates of the monitor. In other words, it's wasted money for our purposes here.
  2. The sound of your engine overhead caused me to miss a putt on the 18th green and therefore cost me the Masters Championship!
  3. And even if you have a credit card or a pre-paid credit card, many of them won't work if you attempt to buy something online from a "foreign" website. I personally use an AAA (American Automobile Association) pre-paid credit card since my regular bank credit card here in the United States won't permit me to buy from overseas websites for security reasons. This is a growing problem that needs to be taken seriously and addressed.
  4. I remember when the release of FS2000 brought even the fastest computer to its knees.
  5. Ever since I joined this forum many months ago, I've logged in using the Google option. Tonight, however, I found myself involuntarily signed out of the forum, while the Google sign-in option now leads to a dead link and doesn't work. I had to reset my password in order to sign in again -- this time directly into the forum rather than via Google. I'm wondering if others have suffered this same experience?
  6. Unwanted cars erratically jerking into existence has been a long-standing business model of Detroit.
  7. With all the recent upgrades and new products available within the flight sim community, perhaps now is not the best time for suggesting yet another product. But I do think that the default bridges within FSX and P3D are the one remaining item that look unrealistic and kill the immersion. We need something similar to ORBX HD Trees, except that it would replace the default bridges with ORBX HD Bridges. Most of the default "bridges" are simply bland, straight lines across a body of water -- with no attempt even made to display the physical structure of a bridge. I'm sure that replacing these default "bridges" with an upgraded, autogen, more detailed, realistic bridge would be more difficult than most people think. But it's certainly a product that I would buy immediately. David Mills Huntington, WV
  8. WOW! Vector makes P3D 4 look amazing! I was concerned that the introduction of Vector into P3D 4 might cause a performance hit. But my worries were unfounded. Vector and P3D 4 are a perfect combination.
  9. I'm author of the book Atheist Universe. http://www.atheistuniverse.com
  10. Shadowplay -- or what is now called Share -- does indeed work beautifully on Prepar3D. It may not be listed but, trust me, it works flawlessly and without affecting FPS. Be sure you check the option to record all desktop activity. Otherwise it won't work with P3D. It is precisely what you're looking for, and it's free and has no built-in limitations. You must of course be using an NVidia graphics card.
  11. Having installed P3D V4 with the default scenery, I have a renewed appreciation for the tremendous difference ORBX products make to the sim. We get used to seeing the ORBX scenery produced by all the talented designers here, and we forget what the original default scenery looked like. We're getting a renewed look at the default scenery while awaiting the update to FTX Central. Maybe this brief wait is a good thing in that we'll become a little more appreciative of the scenery designers here.
  12. One Australian dollar is currently worth about 75 cents American. So if you see an item on the ORBX site that sells for 40 dollars Australian, it will deduct about 30 American dollars from your bank account. In other words, your cost will be LOWER.
  13. I want to offer a solution to some credit card questions pertaining to ORBX that some of you have mentioned here in the forum. I too have suffered problems recently, though none of these problems are the fault of ORBX in any way. Some of you voiced frustration that you couldn't purchase products here because you had no credit or debit cards. Here in the United States, a growing number of banks (sadly including my own) are no longer permitting their credit and debit cards to work overseas for security reasons. A few months ago, I went online to buy some new scenery areas from ORBX Central, and my debit card wouldn't work. I carefully checked to ensure that I had typed in the correct number and other information. Everything was perfect but the transaction still wouldn't go through. I suspected the bank's software had flagged a "fraud alert" since I was purchasing a product literally halfway around the world in Australia. I phoned the bank to tell them that, yes, it was me (David Mills) and I was indeed trying to make a legitimate purchase with my own money (already sitting in their own bank). And, by the way, it was only about $30 American. We're not talking huge amounts of money, and it was a debit card. I wasn't borrowing the money from anyone. So I thought that the bank would clear the transaction and I would be able to buy from ORBX thereafter without a problem. But I was stunned when the bank told me that the card would no longer work outside the United States! Period. Even if I phoned them and confirmed it was a legitimate purchase, and for a small amount and with my own money already in their bank. No, their cards won't work anymore overseas due to widespread fraud and security issues. I was told that, even if I took my own card IN PERSON overseas, such as I would do on vacation, it STILL would not work and could not be made to work under any circumstances! So how, then, am I buying ORBX products? If you have access to an AAA facility -- American Automobile Association -- they will sell you a VISA card for $9 that works anywhere in the world. There's no credit check and you don't have to have a bank account. You may reload the card as many times as you want for free. All you pay is the initial $9 for the card, plus whatever amount of money you want the card to hold. Every couple of months, I'll take maybe $150 in cash to my local AAA and put it on the card. Then I'll simply use this AAA VISA card on ORBX Central to make all my purchases. It works perfectly. I do think that ORBX needs to address this issue, though using PayPal would not have solved the issue for me since my bank doesn't approve PayPal purchases either if those purchases are from overseas companies. More and more banks here in the United States are restricting the use of their cards to domestic purchases only. I'm an avid flight simmer and a huge fan of ORBX. So I'm happy to go to the trouble of taking cash out of the bank, then driving in person to the AAA facility, and then reloading my card. But this is a hassle that would deter some people from buying ORBX products. I wish I could just use my regular credit/debit card. But for those of you without a card at all or whose banks are restricting their use to domestic-only purchases, you might consider this option. It's worked out well for me and allows me to buy ORBX products successfully. David Mills Huntington, West Virginia USA
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