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  1. I just installed EGLC London City for X-Plane with FTX Central v3.3.9.2 and I am receiving an error message when clicking on the 'Control Panel' Button under 'Product Tools'. I have attached the log file that was generated hoping it will help you to discover why this is happening. My transaction ID / receipt number is 5d39c44e4b7d5. Thank you. orbx_ftxcentral_log.txt
  2. Hello, I have 40 + ORBX North American sceneries installed on Windows 10 (latest updates) with Prepare3D v4.5 . Of all the sceneries, PAJN - Juneau is the only scenery that is misbehaving. I hope that I can receive some expert guidance to correct the issues that I am having with the PAJN scenery. Thank you.
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