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  1. I have several sceneries installed. If I use Addons Linker to remove the symbolic links because I want to try something would this be the same as uninstalling it in Orbx Central? Probably Orbx made changes to default LOWI (as an example) that would not get reverted by just removing the link? Karl
  2. Received an email from Orbx a few minutes ago. Checked the website then and learned about landmarks Dubai and Mumbai. Why don't they show up in Orbx Central in section "Discover"? Other landmarks are there. Are other addons also missing there? Karl
  3. I have my Orbx sceneries in the Main Library, for both P3D and MSFS. I know how to move the entire library, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to move the MSFS sceneries only to a new library. What is the procedure to do that? I'm sure this has been answered here before but cannot find it. Thanks, Karl
  4. THank you Nick. Yes, entries 4 to 6 are from the Orbx freeware airport pack I copied from V4. Ok, so I leave it like that, everything looks ok in the sim. Karl
  5. Dear Orbx team, Syncing to the insertion points gives me a scenery library order that does not look correct. It's a vanilla V5.1HF1 installation, I just put in some scenery addons so I can work with insertion points. I made screenshots. One shot of the insertion points in Orbx Central and 3 shots of the scenery library in sim: Top: Here the upper insertion point (LOIJ) is visible, but 3 Orbx parts are at the very top of the library. Middle: That's the lower insertion point Bottom: This is a screenshot of the very end of the scenery library. As you can see there are airports there, like KSJV. Is this ok? Thank you for your help, Karl
  6. Hello Orbx Team, I found that P3D V5.1HF1 crashes when Orbx HD buildings is installed on my PC. Here are the steps to reproduce: - start P3D - set time to 11:00 (needs daylight) - press OK - wait, switch to outside view, pan around. - after some time the crash occurs and a ContentErros.txt log is written As soon as I uninstall HD buildings, everything is ok. This is reproducable. Karl
  7. Just for curiosity: I'm a frequent visitor of LOWI doing plane spotting, mostly in winter times. Now, yesterday I visited LOWI. It's sad, but the airport is empty. There is exactly one flight per day, otherwise the hall is empty. I took this picture yesterday at 3.30 p.m. local time. Karl
  8. Terrific! That's good news! Thank you, Karl
  9. Hello, I live in the vicinity of LOWI. I own LOWI from Orbx for P3D and for MSFS. I also own LOWZ. Now, there is a small nice airport in between, and it's LOWJ. I really would want to have an addon featuring that airport. Of course, this can just a suggestion, but it would be extremely nice to have this airport in P3D and MSFS. Cheers, Karl
  10. It cured itself. I saw that V4.1.23 was installed on Friday already. It then worked until yesterday. Just this morning it couldn't find MSFS. I checked the .exe date and that is from today, so there was an update this morning, I guess. Karl
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