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  1. Hello Nick, Yes sync P3D v4 through Orbx Central worked and I can now use it as a departure / arrival location, thanks for your help. As for MSFS 2020 maybe the asobo people or who ever deals with scenery issues will resolve this matter by adding it a legitimate location within the sim. All the best Nick Stay Safe.
  2. OK Nick will do, I only reported it as I thought it strange I could not find it in MSFS either, thank you for help I will report back after doing as you say in P3D V4.5
  3. No I agree, I purchased ESKS for P3DV4.5 but having purchased it I cannot use as arrival or a destination?
  4. What I mean is Nick I purchased the scenery but cannot place an A/C there as departure or navigate ESKS as arrivals point.
  5. OK is there a fix for this how do I find the actual Airport then in P3D V4.5
  6. Incidentally its the same in P3DV4.5? Shall i raise it in P3D Forume Support
  7. Hello, Can anyone advise why this airport is not in the MSFC scenery, in other words I am unable to find the airport in the world map menu?
  8. Hello Craig, Any further progress /update on the CTD issue you posted Thanks Charlie
  9. Nick You get a choice as to where you install scenery, where is the "main" library located as opposed to Orbx Central location?
  10. Nick, Just removed the KTIW scenery from my community folder and all well for flying in Seattle Region how weird is that, if you have the scenery on your system can you tel me the version ref please?
  11. Hi Nick, Is there any anecdotal evidence that shows removing Wycombe Park and Or Seattle LandMarks improves the CTD issue we are discussing?.
  12. OK Thanks for that, can you explain I cannot get my head round it why market place scenery produced by Orbx and Scenery installed direct from Orbx central do not as I understand it show up as installed in Market Place after closing and opening the MSFS 2020 on another occasion?, Charlie
  13. Hi Nick, Would it be worth deleting the default airport scenery out of MSFS any idea where its located and rely only on the payer version? Charlie
  14. Yes Nick I have been reviewing it, A lot to take on board to be honest I don't know where to start? Happy New Year Nick hope you're well. Charlie
  15. Hello, CTD with recent installed scenery from market place I have had the similar issue:- Purchased KTIW from Market Place (Delux Premium MSFS Version from MS Store) installed no problems I positioned random A/C to airport as departure dis a few touch and gos all well. I have numerous scenery /A/C (Carenado Ovation P44a & Cessna 182) installed some from Market Place some from Orbx directly, I do have Wycombe Park installed from market place a week earlier than KTIW. As mentioned touch and go immediately after installation on 1/1/20 worked satisfactory, closed
  16. OK Fair enough I was confused as with P3D downloads in MSFS after successful D/L the splash screen offers the user guide, I get it ref "owned" on Marketplace in MSFS -Thanks for clarification. I get no user guide error as well on the two other Orbx products I downloaded yesterday - So that is normal as we stand today. Cheers
  17. Morning Nick i purchased from the Orbx store not the market place, the user guide is offered from Orbx store after and during the download phase? The link you provided says nothing about the user guides, I have yesterday purchased EGLC and EGLC scenery scape no user guide will open either with them also purchased from Orbx store? Charlie
  18. Hi I downloaded above after purchase , it in my community folder OK, and is I must say stunning scenery, however each time in Orbx I try to open the user manual it says couldn't find a user guide ERROR? In addition in MSFS 2020 its not showing as "OWNED" in my products or on the marketplace menu? BR Charlie
  19. OK Nick fair enough thanks for help Charlie
  20. Hi Nick yes it works as you advised wired thing scenery went black cured that br deleting shaders and re opening P3D thanks, any idea when permanent fix will be available charlie
  21. Right Nick Thank you very much for this temporary fix I will try it and report back. Thanks again Charlie
  22. Could it be linked to the fact I had REX AIRPORTS ENABLED? although I disabled it and it’s still as described ie as per previous post? Charlie
  23. As soon as I get on to active runway having taxied no issue it momentary freezes then shuts down auto loads to default airfield and default aircraft, the default aircraft also behaves the same way if I relocate to LOWI. Charlie
  24. Hello, cannot take a flight from LOWI sim shuts down as soon as aircraft gets to active runway, happens with P3D V4.5 default aircraft or add on aircraft in fact any aircraft. Appreciate it’s Sunday maybe hear from you on Monday to troubleshoot BR Charlie
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