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  1. OK Nick fair enough thanks for help Charlie
  2. Hi Nick yes it works as you advised wired thing scenery went black cured that br deleting shaders and re opening P3D thanks, any idea when permanent fix will be available charlie
  3. Right Nick Thank you very much for this temporary fix I will try it and report back. Thanks again Charlie
  4. Could it be linked to the fact I had REX AIRPORTS ENABLED? although I disabled it and it’s still as described ie as per previous post? Charlie
  5. As soon as I get on to active runway having taxied no issue it momentary freezes then shuts down auto loads to default airfield and default aircraft, the default aircraft also behaves the same way if I relocate to LOWI. Charlie
  6. Hello, cannot take a flight from LOWI sim shuts down as soon as aircraft gets to active runway, happens with P3D V4.5 default aircraft or add on aircraft in fact any aircraft. Appreciate it’s Sunday maybe hear from you on Monday to troubleshoot BR Charlie
  7. Hello Volker, well said, disappointed Orbx have nothing to say much. Cheers Charlie
  8. Hi John, Thank you for your helpful suggestions, I will get right on it and advise in due course, I take on board your other comments as well. Cheers for Now Charlie
  9. Hi Nick, With all due respect, the TE Areas of scenery appears to me to be marketed on the basis that this was by far better than EU scenery, since TE was released after EU SCENERY customers like me assumed that the TE was a higher standard of scenery in-terms of immersion and quality. An actual fact this is not the case in my view, I decided to give the TE scenery another chance and invested again in TE scenery SOUTH, however the disappointment was equal toTE Central. Do you have a view / fix for the drop in Frame Rates when TE Scenery is enabled.
  10. Hi Volker i have two TE areas south and central, I have this issue with both I fact the scenery is very poor compared to EU areas ie England Scotland Wales and Ireland, I have been very disappointed and with out doubt EU scenery is better. I sent screen shots but had no response as yet.
  11. Nick, Screen shots at 2000, 3,000 6,000 & 11,000 you will see a troubling image where there appears to be a "cliff face" as I leave the immediate EMA area?.
  12. Morning Nick, OK will fwd to you before doing so, what altitude would you like the pictures to be typical VFR shots or higher, should the shots be in the region ie TE GB Central area or in area outside the region. One other thing I reinstalled TE GB Central and my frame rates have dramatically reduced I was gettin 40-60 now lucky to get 25-30 I had to make tweaks in the options display menues to get decent FR's.
  13. The screen shots are EU England only, The TE GB Scenery is uninstalled.
  14. Good Morning All, Can any one show me or tell me where I may see an example of scenery for those that have True Earth GB Central/or South ie what I should expect to see and quality of the scenery? Only I have been so disappointed with the scenery I reverted back to EU England /Scotland/Wales/Ireland, I attach some screen shots of what I get when in this case as an example fling around my local airport EGNX (East Midlands) AS YOU SEE THE SCENERY IS EXCELLENT IN MY VIEW, I am at a loss why the scenery presentation is so poor with TE GB Central etc I have also TE GB LIBRARY'S installed. I assume perhaps I have not got the correct settings or some other configuration issue that is causing the disappointment in the TE series of scenery?.
  15. Thanks Nick, will my new drive also see other software on the C drive like A/C addons and weather engine /Navigation Software etc
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