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  1. Is the above location look OK to you, I disabled the add on tick box in P3D options - Add Ons and trees did not look any different to the TREES HD I have on my system.
  2. Hi Nick, Screen Shot pretty much the same as you have shown in your screen shot.
  3. OK Nick I'll get in the air and check if what I am looking at on the ramp is the same as your screen shot-Cheers Nick.
  4. Nick, I just checked something which may be helpful to you ref my issue, I just found the location of GTFV2 is in This PC -C:-Users-Owner2-Orbx Library-p3dv4 Do you reckon thats the correct place?
  5. Hi Nick, Someone been doing black magic, there is a USER MANUAL NOW I just went on Orbx and Bingo the user guide appeared when I clicked on it?? Thanks for heads up on the other matter
  6. Yes I think your right it surely should not be displayed as it is completely out of context if so how crude.
  7. Morning Nick, OK Thanks I will check I didn't put the SW anywhere other than the usual recommended location Orbx gives when the installation process is underway, I would NEVER just arbitarily select my own location with out good reason or instructions to do so. I will check from memory after d/l the S/W first time I launched P3DV4.5 I got a message asking if I wanted to enable it as an ADD ON which I clicked yes? If allowed can you clarify something that has been bothering me, is it Orbx policy NOT TO ANS questions posted with out a transaction ref ID relevant to the subject.
  8. Hi Nick/Anyone, Transaction Ref for my Q on LOWI Scenery is 5a4a102c7ba15 Just wondering why no reply to my recent posts, my other post is ref Terra Flora V2
  9. Hello, Can you assist /rectify error with scenery at LOWS Please, screen shot attached, I tried Verify Files and Auto Config in Global Vector Menu Building (castle) in mid air out of context. Win 10 64 bit P3D v4.5 with Hot Fix 3 installed
  10. Transaction ID 5eb25c3ee8b09 Hello, Not clear where I should post my question so used this one. How do I know if the new software is working to be honest I see NO difference in the presentation etc of the installed Global Trees HD, how are you supposed to know if its working, shuld Global Trees HD be disabled to see any improvement. Its not helpful having NO user manual either
  11. Hi Nick, Whilst your on line is it possible for me to append my computer spec in the signature option in my account details? I notice your data is present. How would I do that.
  12. Morning Nick, Stunning day here in Loughborough, OK I just thought as usual there would be settings requirements of some sort?. Not to worry I didn't see any settings in for in the release notes?. Cheers Stay Safe Charlie
  13. Hi Reed and Team, TRANSACTION ID 5eb25c3ee8b09 Firstly hope you and team are staying safe in these challenging times, I just downloaded the above and there is no no user guide, I verified files all OK but each time I click on user guide it says"cannot find user guide" Any help much appreciated Kind Regards Charlie
  14. OK Nick, Many thanks, I note your recommendation/s, on my point about the capacity on my hard disk do I need to ask Lockheed Martin, as I say someone warned me (not from Orbx) that I must always retain more than half capacity on my hard disk>
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