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About Me

Canadian Aviation Software was founded July of 2006 by Garrick D. Pattenden of Windsor Ontario Canada. Garrick Pattenden decided to share his Real-World Aviation Knowledge and Expertise with flight simulator enthusiasts through online flight training. As a Licensed Commercial Pilot with an Airline Transport Rating, Garrick Pattenden wanted to share his knowledge and skills to the flight simulator community, for those who wanted to fly in a very realistic environment, to show them that the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" Both FSX Gold or FSX Steam could be more than just a game.


Over an extended period of time, Garrick started to add a Ground School Course that would enhance each flight simulator enthusiast’s experience. Garrick Pattenden also started to use a Multi-Player Platforms that would enable other flight simulator pilots to fly with him in a flight training program. Today, Canadian Aviation Software is now one of the most advanced Online Flight Training Schools within Canada.


If you have ever wanted to fly like the pros do, then this is the right online flight training school for you. You will learn the same skills and techniques that real-world pilots have. Each course is taught using real Flight Training Textbooks that are used by Transport Canada in real flight training schools across Canada. Each lesson is broken down into manageable sections so that the students don't get discouraged when they are studying each lesson before they go up for their online flight training lesson.


You have made it this far; so, why not make this your professional flight training school? Give Garrick Pattenden a phone call, and he will answer all your questions about each flight training program. What are you Waiting for? Call Today! 1-855-851-4800

Garrick Pattenden C-172 C-GAVV.jpg

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