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  1. I agree that the OP has a valid point for reasons stated by others in this thread and especially in the light of YMML getting a face lift even though to the casual observer changes there are much less dramatic with the basic shape of the terminal remaining largely unchanged - in fact you have to look closely to spot the differences. On the other hand in the case of YSCB the whole terminal building has been demolished with a new much larger one of completely different design replacing it. And yes where exactly am I supposed to park my Singapore Airlines 777-200 after they commence there Singapore Canberra Wellington flights later this month? As I will be flying into Canberra from Wellington on this flight at the end of October I guess I will find out. Bruceb
  2. I have this Phillips monitor and have never seen it going black. For the price an excellent choice for FSX et al. If you prefer a 21:9 aspect ratio you can use a custom res with a reduced vertical pixel height rather than full 4K. Works well with my 770 4gb gpu. bruceb
  3. For the record I have had the same problem as OP all this year - with so many updates requiring a full reinstall it is literally taking many days to get through them. Have had a number of contacts with FSS on this issue but regrettably no fix. Not sure about about the very few affected users comment from orbx as this hassle keeps coming up so I suspect there are quite a number who have the problem. Bruceb
  4. To get what you are after you may need to consider products that replace default night textures (as opposed to the autogen based lights that FTX and UTX use) with brighter enhanced versions. But to see these textures you will need to fly at night with default scenery or just FTX Global without hybrid. While FTX lights look great at low altitude the lights of a major city are mostly invisible at altitude - at least that has been my experience. In real life the lights of large cities are visible from quite some distance at night from a high flying aircraft - again at least that has been my experience. Bruceb
  5. What you see is Canberra airport as it looked in 2009. Over the next 4 years there was an enormous redevelopment of the terminal buildings probably way beyond what would be justified by the amount of traffic - I guess they took the view that if we build it they will come. So if you buy FTX YSCB you get an historical airport and from past posts in this forum I don't think there are any plans for an upgrade - unfortunately as I lived in Canberra for 20 tears and still fly in and out of YSCB in real life. Would be nice though. Bruceb
  6. I can understand the desire to have an updated YSCB as I travel through Canberra on a regular basis and the Orbx depiction of the terminal building has no resemblance whatsoever to the way it appears today. I note that some are happy with historical depictions of airports but I guess I am not one of them. Bruceb
  7. Yes I agree with the OP Orbx Australian scenery and especially the Snowy Mountains is looking a bit under done now in comparison to what we have just across the ditch where the Mount Ruapehu/Tongario area including Mt Ngauruho (AKA Mt Doom in Lord of the Rings) is rendered in exquisite detail. Its not just the mesh there is just a much higher level of general detail in the latest Orbx scenery compared to the older releases for Australia. Bruceb
  8. Have installed this scenery and a big improvement over what I previously had but I don't seem to have the background satellite imagery - suggestions appreciated. Bruce
  9. Thanks, only problem is no Chrome support apparently (my preferred browser), but with Firefox about 600K/Bs OK but still short of the 1.2 mBits I was getting with VC + 3. With files of this size only a minor issue but more of a hassle with the very large files ie 4-6 gig plus. Bruce
  10. I've been down this rabbit warren before and got no where, but for some reason Orbx downloads, for me, are often very slow. I'm currently downloading the latest PNW patch and struggling to get 100 kBts whereas at the same time I was able to download Vancouver Plus 3 at over 1.2 Megabits. Any explanation for this? Thanks Bruceb
  11. It would be great if someone could come up with a realistic looking YMER (Merimbula, NSW far south coast) my home town airport and the only place I can claim to have landed a real aircraft (with helpful advice from an instructor). You have to go back to FS2002/04 for a representation of YMER that is even close to real life. I guess I am biased but it is in a spectacular coastal setting and has a 6100 ft jet capable runway and would benefit greatly from the Orbx touch or something similar. Bruceb
  12. I'm just pleased that Orbx have seen fit to allow this thread to continue as the Flight forum over at Avsim seems to have gone from one extreme to the other much greater variety of opinions here. However, the need to sign up to MS live is a show stopper for me before I even get started on Flight. Have no interest whatsoever in going down that path. Bruce
  13. P3D may be the only future we have for serious flight simming but it comes at a cost - either the monthly licence fee or $500 up front plus SBSL for as many Orbx products as you may have. P3D would have to much more advanced than it is, apparently, at the moment (ie a souped up FSX with much of its inherent limitations rather than an FSX+1) for me to be tempted to make the switch. But I will watch developments with interest. Bruce
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