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  1. I have a 50 -60 MBPS connection and in a helicopter it works ok as it flys less than 90 KIAS but I think the problem is the Bing Maps photogrammetry is not that great to start with!
  2. This is a very good point about a decade of stability with the FSX platform. I guess after moving to P3D and their major and minor version releases constantly breaking my addons and having to wait for them to be fixed by the TP Developer I understand it takes time if the base software is constantly being messed with. I am now concerned if this constant base sim update churn continues the less patient developers will just give up, I know Orbx wont and its a good reason just to stick with the Orbx addons for a while.
  3. It is simply pointless discussing any weakness with MSFS fans as you end up with your non nonsensical argument in trying to compare a 15 year old software with MSFS. It is not logical to judge FSX in its original form against MSFS simply becuase of the passage of time and the massive increase in computing power and technology in terms of both graphics cards and the graphics API's makes the baseline of what we expect to be 10 times higher! Furthermore the add on environment in FSX was a product of the time and it helped people keep adding addons they needed or until they reach
  4. Thanks for your opinion but I completely disagree especially the concept you put forward that we didn't pay for the "free " updates, sorry i don't buy into that type of marketing spin! Of course we paid and they used our passion for flight simming so that we paid up front. I would rather pay for the updated and iterations along the way like I did from the passionate creator of this whole hobby being Aces Studio. I prefer their model as it gives me more control as a consumer than the pay up front and get an early release software and hope they keep their promise. Finally if
  5. I thought it my be a distribution agreement as Orbx is becoming it's own marketplace for MSFS, which is a good thing as it works better!
  6. I can put out a safe bet on Orbx following through and delivering, thanks.
  7. You have far too much faith in MS and the contracted developer studio Asobo as they are entirely motivated by their own profit and there is no goodwill in anything they do and certainly are not like the folks at Orbx which is a company built of the foundations of people that love and enjoy our hobby. Orbx will catch up quickly like they did for London but Ms would be wise to extend more goodwill to these third party developers like the old Aces Studio did with FSX, they need Orbx and other developers so as to catch up on the missing parts of MSFS and they need Orbx to be working
  8. Like I mentioned in the post you replied to, X Plane is quite a different user base to what was FSX and then P3D and now MSFS . It started off more scientific in its approach with no eye candy and very procedural but after the demise of FSX it started to fill the eye candy gap but its focus is more flight dynamics and procedures in the cockpit. You can demo it for free and it runs wonderfully on the Vulkan API. The rotary wing flight model is very accurate and the helicopters I fly in real life and on X plane fly pretty close to real flight profiles. I see many people say the sam
  9. @EasternT3 The fact that Orbx has not abandoned the other sims is probably due to the fact that both sims as they are now probably appeal to a different audience and therefore there isn't really much of a competition between them, just looking at the past history of each one makes me pretty sure that I will maintain x-plane for as long as it keeps being developed. What we have in X plane today is the result of dedicated team of aviation enthusiasts who have now worked for almost 30 years straight on a flight simulator, taking a very special engineering/physical approach and t
  10. I won't be waiting five years as there is still of lot of fun to be had with X Plane and P3d and in the meantime MSFS has now finally joined my stable and like said I previously said the X Plane and P3d sims will be moving along too we hope!
  11. I totally agree they ( Xplane P3d Aerofly) may be obsolete to those that just want a GA sim and one for just rubbernecking and a limited range of aircraft now and into the near future. I certainly agree FSX is obsolete without a doubt. I will reiterate that we need more than one sim as where would we be, or where would Orbx be if X Plane had not stepped it up when MS abandoned us for 12 years. Don't underestimate or forget that X Plane survived against MS FSX and its multi billion dollar company publisher so X plane will adapt and change to compete as they wont be standing stil
  12. Yes thanks these guys caused P3D and X plane to adopt a native VR so they certainly have credibilty though unless Asobo change the flight model its never going to reach the very good flight dynamic model of X plane though it may mean I can shut off P3d and go back to 2 sims.
  13. It's simple becuase everyone likes different things and MSFS does not cater for people that like detailed systems or have a favorite complex aircraft. MSFS is good for rubber necking but some people just want to fly IFR in the dead of the night in IFR conditions. Maybe you like wandering the globe rubbernecking but that's not everyone and maybe people want good helicopters and not just GA fixed wing or they like to fly around a particular area as that is where they flew or fly IRL and don't need to tour the Suez Canal and are just happy in their own backyard like me at Jandakot and Murray fiel
  14. Yes that would be great as MSFS looks in Australia is not a lot better than X plane with phtotoreal scenery except for the few paid upgrades.
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