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  1. I would not hesitate in upgrading as V5 is outstanding in terms of frame rates and look. There will be a bit of pain as other add ons catch up but you will find v4 will date very quickly now. I am so happy with v5 I have deleted v4.5 and I wont be going back, its like going back to FSX now.
  2. Slightly off topic but I laugh at all the people saying MSFS 2020 will be the end of everything yet we still have people dedicated to FSX which is 6 generations behind P3D V5. I am not being critical of FSX users just saying people find a sim and they are happy. Now having said that I changed from p3d v4.5 to V5 and I just can't go back to V4.5 its so far behind I deleted it even though v5 is missing a few add ons but its so much better I don't miss the add ons. Go with V5 if you are making the change as I find P3D has a much shorter lifecycle than FSX versions did and 4.5 will age very quickly.
  3. Yes so that's what I mean in that I can now remove FTX region for Northern California and Pacific Northwest as it appears redundant to me now I have TE NC and Washington.
  4. Sorry Dom but you need to buy a new Video Card with 11Gb Vram. If you love flight simming its worth the investment as for me I have deleted V4.5 as compared to V5 it's just so slow in terms of frames rates. Just invest in a new card.
  5. Well I have deleted V4.5 as after V5 I just could not handle the awful slow framerates of V4.5, I know there a a few problems with v5 but its always a compromise in flight simming and to me V5 is a massive improvement overall especially in framerates in VR.
  6. Well there is a lot of ridiculously exaggerated expectations and mythology and hype and it will be interesting to see where it all ends up but as I keep saying there is still no VR, no helicopters, no fast jets (as in f16's ect) or gliders and no Harbour Bridge in "Steak 'n Kidney".
  7. I tried it on my sons PS4 it's an arcade game more than a simulation of real aircraft performance and systems. People that enjoy fast jet simming are not always looking for combat as I like my Milviz F 4 as an aircraft rather than a combat scenario. I was hoping MSFS 2020 would deliver a lot more than the limited range of ac that now that it appears they are probably going to be Beta testing next. I guess the Beta might surprise us with VR and the missing helicopters but I doubt it.
  8. That's a shame you get VR Motion sickness as it is very immersive and to me I only use VR for my sims as going back to a flat screen would be like going back to cathode ray tube flat screens. I think the resolution now is excellent and HD in each eye is to me more than acceptable and certainly matches my old 3 screen setup . Maybe you have not used the newer generation VR? Again the problem with X Box is that you will be limited to MSFS2020 and in my opinion it does not have the breadth of aircraft types that would interest me enough to buy into this franchise.
  9. The public Alpha information says there is no Vr , no Helicopters, no gliders and no fast jets and I am not moaning I am stating a public fact. You can speculate on whether they will be or wont be included in the future but it is only speculation based on a wishlist. I have seen comments about helicopters and VR being added at a later date after release but again it is not anything more firm than speculation as to when and how good the aerodynamic modelling will be . A fast jet is generally what a fighter aircraft or other supersonic aircraft is referred and the current stable includes no fast jets and so far as a video of a glider again it is pure speculation as it may be a glider in the video but this does not mean it has the aerodynamic modelling of a glider. A fast jet is certainly not a B747 or an A 320 (which I think you meant with A30?) and the Citation is in the Video but is not a listed aircraft on the fleet. The current list of aircraft being promoted by MSFS does not include any fast jets ( fighters /supersonic ) and certainly does not include a glider or a Citation, though I have seen them in videos but to say they will be included in a release is still speculative. I wont be supporting the product at release or into the future unless is includes VR and Helicopters as even cottage made simulators like Aerofly Fs2 can manage amazing VR visuals and probably the best helicopter set of aerodynamics in a simulator.
  10. Based on the public roadmap of MSFS 2020 its still a very basic simulator if they don't deliver a high fidelity helicopter , glider and fast jets along with VR ( yes I know some of these items are on a wishlist but my concern is if they are not at least on the beta then it will be years if they are developed post commercial release as they fight to gain traction and kill off the bugs on the released version there will be zero resources to extend the sim) it's not an option for me and many others at any price. Again this is all 100% speculation as no one eve knows whether XBox will be to optimum spec to run it at max do we?
  11. It's still all speculation and all the IT companies be it Apple, MS or whomever play this game of planned leaks and misinformation as a way for people to spread the hype for free through channels like this and social media generally. No-one will really know anything until it is finished and released and all the kids and adults hooked on the free Alpha will have to pay the ferryman at that point. I won't play the game.
  12. It's all so much speculation and so little fact with this MSFS 2020 other than MS approved screen shots and Videos and if you are an Alpha tester then you can't add to the fact v speculation. Call me cynical but all this Alpha testing hype and that FOMO of not being an Alpha testing seems to be a bit too much hype for me. I'll leave it to the lollipop test, Ill suck it and see when the time comes but in the meantime I am enjoying Socal TE on X Plane 11 B9 in my rotary wing choice of the day. Its amazing I can follow streets and see the smallest detail like I was flying at 1500 Ft IRL. That's one lollipop I approve of !
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