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  1. Orbx are doing a great job releasing lots of new scenery for X Plane but a few of us would love to be able to fly from Jandakot to Broome!
  2. If I can make a suggestion just stick to the Huey, it's a very systems accurate representation of an old school turbine helicopter and with the same airframe you can fly utility (supply, air ambulance, troop missions or my favorite landing on a frigate in rough seas) or go hardcore with ground attack with rockets or guns . If you want to fast track go get 5 hours of lessons on a real r22(even an hour is worth it) and that is worth hundreds of hours of simming and will take you to a level you will never get to by just simming.
  3. Yes please as I fly helis and DCS is by far the best simulator for helis IMHO. I fly real Helis as well and VR has made heli flight possible in ways I never thought could or would happen. Aerofly is also great but it's a dead world and very limited. P3D is simply hopeless when it comes to helicopters in general and when you add VR its close to useless . Xplane has wonderful flight dynamics but I find the world a bit cartoonish and again its not a great outcome for framerates in VR. Brings me back to DCS, the dynamics are very good though I dont fly a huey ( probably never will) so I cant comment in detail but it certainly handles like I would expect after the R22/44/66 I have flown . The plusses are the combat focus and multiplayer. The Grpahics are oputstanding and the frame rate is as good as Aerofly if not better in VR. The only downside is the lack of terrain but then again this is good becuase what they have got is outstanding especially the weather and oceans and landing on a ship is very realistic. Therefore if ORBX added a few extra terrains say for Washington or California (great areas for training) or Afghanistan or Iraq it would be awesome as we watch people adding missions for these terrains!
  4. So many airports, so many sims and so little time. It's certainly a new golden age of flight simming!
  5. Hi Jarrad when will you update our beloved Jandakot and also get it into xplane
  6. Brilliant and I really appreciate all the Heliports keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying!
  7. Well done on Australia V2 though it would be nice to see a bit of attention applied to Jandakot as it stands now about 2/3 of it is almost unrecognisable due to the extensive development both in and around the airport since this was released 10 years ago. Please do a v2 and maybe port it to x plane please so we can fly to your awesome Broome airport please and enjoy the flight up the coast on Aus v2.
  8. Wow I had no idea that Neil a was behind so much of the ORBX scenery, what a legacy. RIP
  9. http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/Airport_Movement_Financial_Year_2011.pdf I read it here, at least it was in 2011 as a GA airport.
  10. Any idea when you will be porting the busiest GA airport in Australia to X plane 11? It would be great to be able to fly from Jandakot YPJT to Broome YBRM or be able to fly a helicopter around a circuit and into the helicopter training precinct! Xplane 11 is just so good for helicopters compared to P3D.
  11. Thanks Stewart your beautiful screen shots were so good I have just bought the payware, thanks for sharing buddy!
  12. What is the payware for Nice you use please? Looks superb.
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