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  1. My guess would be the more products for xp11 being released lately is just to catch up to all the P3D products they have from the past. So they have a more equal number of products for each sim. They've been releasing alot more for xplane but by the total number of products is still much more for P3D.
  2. Something to do with some of the gauges do not work well if I remeber correctly.
  3. That almost seems to be what they're heading for. Seems like more and more developers are starting to sell through orbx central.
  4. I am also interested in doing this exact thing. Does this remove all traces of orbx products by just clicking the uninstall tab? And for global base, can I just restore the texture backup that it made when I installed global base? Or will that not have the same effect as reinstalling P3D?
  5. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/183683-a-question-please/
  6. Orbx direct (the website) is still same as it always was. They did release orbx central, to replace FTX Central (the download manager) and yes it is a new version that includes the functionality to purchase products within the download manager as well as some other design changes.
  7. From what it seems when you click the purchase as a gift button in the cart, all you need is the email adress that is associated with the orbx direct account that you are gifting the product to.
  8. I am pretty sure the trees included in the regions are the same trees as in global trees hd. So no difference will be noticable in the regions. Orbx correct me if I am wrong though.
  9. Now that TE GB for P3D has been released, does this mean we are any closer to seeing a True Earth Demo for P3D anytime soon? Would really be nice to test out and see how my PC handles TE.
  10. Still looking for a resolution to this issue... also noticing it at many other airports, (2B2 and KACK particularly, might be at more I just havnt flown to yet) also in more places than in airports, as the resolution seems to have dropped on the water textures between 2B2 and KACK, and as before, probably in more locations than just that I just havnt seen it yet. As I said before, maxing the settings didnt help - so must be something file or installation related.
  11. It's a feature included in this freeware airport. And, if I understand correctly, can be seen only at and around this airports area when installed. https://orbxdirect.com/product/enja
  12. I stand corrected in that case. It was the fact that flightsim.com ran ads for fsps that made me think they were related.
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