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  1. 5:14 had me worried there. Wasnt sure what your plan was.
  2. I remember in a 2018 road map I believe it was-There were mentions of some Alaskan airports in the makings one of which was barrow. and 2 others. What ever happened to these? are they still in progress/planned to be released? I am a big Alaska/PNW/PFJ fan and would love to see more Alaskan airports. Thanks
  3. Ah. I didn't see a link or anything under products on orbx direct. - seems like you need a direct link or to click on the slideshow banner button.
  4. This confuses me even further..... What do you mean? A2A better not be merging with Orbx if that's what your saying
  5. I thought they were temporary along with a sale or something. However I am not sure.
  6. I think it is noticable to have higher frame rates, as 24fps is considerable by the eyes and brain as fluid motion, I belive it is possible to see even more fluid. Not sure about everyone else, but I can tell a 60fps video from a 30fps video without actually knowing that its different
  7. An of course a problem of what products Orbx Is prioritizing/what they are deciding to do.
  8. Is orbx getting back into making planes? You wouldn't happen to have a link to that fselite report you are referencing would ya?
  9. Nice to see you both together, I always wondered what yall looked like. I always imagined Jack as sort of a real life version of that profile picture, now I see i am wrong!
  10. Nice video. That scenery is high on my orbx wish list!
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