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  1. I am a P3D user and do not have any of the other sims, but in Orbx's defense, its understandable that they are giving alot of attention to the other platforms besides P3D, as they have hundreds of products (just a guess - havent counted exactly) that they have made over the years for P3D, and now they are working on the new sims as they do not have as large a selection for those sims yet. It seems to me they are simply trying to make their other sims catch up with the amount of products they have for p3d. They still have many more products available for P3D than the other sims. Just
  2. Last time his house got flooded or something. Hope he's good.
  3. Here is an older comparison video I remeber watching. Its mainly a matter of taste I belive. Its been a while since I watched the video but I think I remeber that I personally liked Tera flora better. (Based on the video - I dont have either addons) I find it interesting now that they are partnered, they sell both companies directly competing products on the same website....
  4. I'm sure we all would. I like that idea. What confused me is im not sure if it works that way, where you "suggest" for companies to make partnerships....
  5. I'm not 100% sure, but im pretty sure this above is correct. TE is photocell so the improvements are likely going to be better than the improvements if PNW. And that TE takes president if both are installed and the areas overlap.
  6. Orbx's sales are usally unpredictable, usally dont follow the same pattern every year, but there almost always is something sometime in December.
  7. There used to be a product map link at the bottom of the orbxdirect site, but this seems to be the new way to find them.
  8. Thanks nick, it is in correct orientation now.
  9. While 750 and 770 are only 20 numbers apart, there is a huge difference between the two cards. I learned this recently also when my gtx 745 can't even get msfs to the flight configuration screen without a ctd. I've chosen to stick with what I have working reasonably with my pc (P3D4) I find this website useful to compare GPUs. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-770-vs-Nvidia-GTX-750/2174vs3162
  10. I noticed the grass runway at Orbx 2B2 plum island airport (14/32) is flipped around on ATC an the P3D map/gps... Runway 14 is heading 320 and Runway 32 is heading 140. Would anyone know if this is an Orbx bug or something else? Global Base, vector, olc na, 2b2/6b6. Thanks.
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