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  1. I've been waiting for a P3D demo of true earth for a while also.
  2. Good question. I have also been wondering if MSFS2020 is going to use the same general platform and file structure as FSX and P3D are and have somewhat compatible addons or be completely different such as xplane.
  3. Interesting they only say 35 airports... What about the other airports in the world? Are they non existant in the sim or are they just basic what we may call "default" airports.. I suppose we will find out
  4. I've been noticing alot of true earth releases for xplane, but not many airports.
  5. Very cool! That's ingenious of them to set that up. Wish they did that for sun n fun too
  6. Regardless of what is currently compatible with which versions of P3D, yes the investment is transferable to P3D from fsx without needing to purchase again or pay for any updates.
  7. Interesting I never noticed that. I stand corrected
  8. Interesting... will take a look.... thanks. Edit: looks like just a 3rd party app to disable the service (which I have tried and didnt work). But I'll give it a try, cant hurt. I suppose some can have different experiences with updates than others. My file loss was one update corrupted external drives. After doing some research that was a common problem with that particular update. When it comes to startup speed and in sim performance you might be right that it increases performance. I havnt noticed any slowing down in those regards during updates. It's just the general operation of the desktop or other apps is laggy. For example when I click the start button it takes about 1 second before the start menu appears.... used to be instant. Also ive noticed especially the Microsoft office programs dont run quickly at all any more (I use office 2013, so might be it's not designed for the latest updates hence its slowing down) Also could be I just have older hardware that the windows updates are neccicarally improving. Maybe they work on improve performance on pcs with newer hardware, but it's not benefiting those with older hardware as much....
  9. How were you able to stay with 1809 for such a period of time? I dont like windows updates and they have slowed my computer down over the years and I have lost files and many things with updates. I wish there was a way to turn them off in windows 10. I have tried those hacks online with disabling the update service but it doesnt work for me. Still updates whenever I reboot and theres an update available. Curious as to how you were able to hold off on the updates for so long.....
  10. I dont belive any plans for this were ever announced.
  11. Yes I'm pretty sure you can, just create the library in Orbx central settings to a folder in your d drive then when you install the scenery select that library for it to install to.
  12. Thanks nick, this answers my questions. Appreciate it!
  13. I posted this earlier, but in the support forums, and havnt gotten any responces, but I now realize I probably should have posted it here. Moderators please move/delete whichever threads as you'd like. I currently have P3D v4 installed on my C: drive and Orbx stuff installed into the P3D v4 folder. My C: Drive is a 7200rpm SSHD. To free up space on my C: drive I am considering moving the Orbx stuff to a library in a secondary drive, which is a 5200rpm HDD. Just wondering, what performance loss will there be by moving the Orbx stuff to a library on a second drive if at all? FPS? rendering speed? I wouldn't imagine it would affect FPS, maybe just the rendering speed? Thanks. P.S. My "secondary drive" is a second internal drive connected via SATA. Not external USB drive.
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