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  1. Parked at WA56 at sunset after a long day of flying in the San Juan Islands. Good luck all!
  2. Central Alaska True Earth would be nice. Denali area would look amazing in photoreal, and with 3D snow would be epic!
  3. It's very true. They are not just high quality but they are amazing replicas of real aircraft. Even the antennas and the rivet patterns are modeled with amazing detail and accuracy.
  4. I've used Factory Direct Models https://www.factorydirectmodels.com/ but you need to have pictures of the specific plane your're getting a model of. I don't know what you're aiming for but if you just want a generic plane I'm not sure if they do that.
  5. I always thought that plane was cool. but I can see how it is ending production. and its understandable...
  6. Thought I'd share.... If I were an airport owner I would not sell my airport to be destroyed easily. https://www.flyingmag.com/marlboro-airport-closing?cmpid=ene20190110&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=email&cid=46423&mid=399514446 Caleb
  7. It's actually that way in real life too. Sometimes 75% to full power is needed to get a plane rolling on grass. I don't like how xplane has the friction when turning on the ground either, but when it comes to getting the plane to move, that is realistic.
  8. Orbx doesn't only support credit cards, the support debit cards and any prepaid cards with a card number (such as visa gift cards). Sometimes "credit card" is a (too) commonly used word meaning everything with a 16 digit card number.
  9. If I am not mistaken, addons can be moved from place to place without requiring re-installation, because they are only files within the P3D folder, not programs in themselves. But I am not sure about Orbx things, since they use a product manager (FTX Central) they might need to be reinstalled, but I am pretty sure they can be moved.
  10. Good thing he has the door closed so the passengers can't see that!
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