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  1. That kind of scenery glitch makes it unusable by my standards. 100% immersion breaking. Hopefully there is a solution somewhere. Update: As a test I did an uninstall and reinstall. Same issue. Checked out about 5 other airports and CYLW so far is the only one with the issue. How odd that the 1st airport I try is the one with the issue. I'll do some more testing.
  2. Well I guess if there is no known solution then I'll uninstall the product for now....Too bad I just bought it. Wish it was like Steam where you have 2 hours to request a refund...
  3. Not seeing any reply about the scenery issue, just about how to post an image.
  4. Ok, I'll try to fix it again. Can't seem to post the image properly though. Any help with my situation though?
  5. Another screen shot of the issue.
  6. Just purchased NRM and took my first flight out of CYLW. I noticed that the taxiways are missing in sections of the airport. It's grass where there should be pavement. It looks like it could be an elevation error perhaps? Any solutions? http://imgur.com/a/fYSse
  7. Update: I've done a few things which seems to have helped a lot. I did an uninstall and re-install. Force mitigration, and did the TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 thing. Much better now. Still having some pop in issues but it's tolerable.
  8. Just purchased PNW and am having pop in texture issues on a major level. as I'm flying around the mountains I'll get textures popping in all over the place every few seconds. It's loading lower res, then a higher res, then an even higher res. These pop in textures are actually changing the physical shape of the terrain as it loads. I've done extensive testing of different P3d settings and nothing seems to make a difference. PNW is the only scenery where this issue exists. All other scenery is smooth with no pop in or blurries. Running: Global base, open NA, PNW. Everything is up to
  9. Another update. Did a total rebuild of CFG and Nvidia control panel settings. Deleted the CFG again and am back to stock P3D settings. I've tweaked a few things in the Nvidia control panel based on a few common settings I see people using. Now everything seems to be working perfectly. Not sure what was going on, something have have been corrupt somewhere. P3D can be so finicky I wouldn't be surprised if the same issue randomly pops up again somwehere.
  10. More updates.... Added TexMaxLoad=30 and changed TBM=160 TTFT=0.10 Last test flights seemed pretty good. Still some noticable pops ins especially when flying fast, but not to bad. I think I'm finally getting it to work as it should. What a pain though....
  11. Tried more changes. Deleted *.cfg and let P3D create a new one. Deleted shader cache and scenery indexes. Same thing. Anything in the distance is a blurry smudge. http://prnt.sc/ebt4c4 http://imgur.com/a/kK6y2 http://imgur.com/a/MrnNb
  12. Did another flight flight today. Issue is still persisting, but not as bad. Everything that's a few miles away is still a smudge. Going to keep tweaking the CFG.
  13. Tried deleting scenery indexes and shader cache with no major improvement. EDIT: What did seem to help was TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=400 I increased it from the 200 I had before. So far this seems to have potential, going to test some more.
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