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  1. THE ACM Totally screwed up my scenery. I noticed an entry in the Documents folder that adds it via xml. I removed it and now my scenery is not blurry anymore.
  2. I wont do the update, because it may destroy many hours of work that I have done. Free or not the many days and hours I spent to add SODE GSX 2 Jetways cannot be messed with. This update scares me to death.
  3. Never worked for me. Runways are still covered by other terrain.
  4. Change your elevation to 15.7 It worked for me.
  6. When flying over BTG VOR (Directly over portland) in a PMDG 737-800 WL, just 5mi from the VOR, I get a CTD Everytime. Resources and computer have nothing to do with it. Has anyone found a way around this bug? Just avoid Portland area from now on? There seems to be no fix for this. The problem has been there for many many years as far as I iknow?
  7. Placerville, CA KPVF has only 1 runway not 2. lol It needs some work, not anywhere true to life.
  8. Is there a fix available for KTVL elevation problems? Have the latest everything, P3d V4.2 Ran the elevation auto for vector, no luck. The ground is too high for the objects. Set Mesh to 5m sliders to max. Still ground is high for objects. Very weird. . .
  9. Is there any chance of an Nevada scenery? I mean, how many years has it been?? Really!
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