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  1. Very "cool" shots with creative perspectives that provide great depth to each image. The light and shadow contrast and the colors are brilliant. Max
  2. Connie on final, Brisbane
  3. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the Kokoda shot. Here are a couple of more shots. Best wishes to all, Max
  4. Thanks Nick, Are there simple instructions somewhere for those of us who have limited PC skills on how to remove AU Australia and any other files/folders that need to be deleted? Do I simply delete FTX_AU from my ORBX folder? Best wishes, Max
  5. Hi Scott, Thanks for your prompt response. I did not uninstall v1 but just clicked on FTX Central, although I don't see any v1 notations on attached image of my AU scenery?. I looked at a similar colored patch at the south end of YMML and it is most definitely shipping container texture as you suspect. Comparing this area with Google Earth shows a "Toll IPEC" building so it is possibly miss placed texture?. Do I need to do some kind of uninstall and reinstall? Best wishes, Max
  6. I recently installed AU V2 via FTX Central and am enjoying a nice upgrade of YCOR (my hometown airport) and YLTV etc, but check out the odd colored patches on the ground in the attached image taken while flying towards YMML ( visible in the distance ). Thanks in advance for some feed back. Best wishes, Max Order # 5d02d0a96b765
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