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  1. Hi Nick, Thanks for the response, in the meantime I did a system restore and fixed the problem. If this same problem happens again I will follow your advice which sounds a lot simpler and quicker. Thanks for all you do. Best wishes, Max
  2. I can not update/verify files/or install Orbx products - please see attached for details. I have limited PC knowledge and have run out of ideas to fix this. This is a recent problem that has occurred after several years of using Orbx products. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I have FSXSE and Windows 7
  3. I recently purchased EU Norway on sale (thank you very much) Transaction ID: 5eaad7b88e82a and all the airports I've flown to so far look great except for Oslo/ENGM which has a lot of missing buildings etc. I ran verify files and searched the forum without success. By the way is it possible to do a specific subject search in the "FSX Steam Edition Support Forum" only?, I couldn't see a way to do it. See the 3 attachments. Thanks in advance for a little help. Best wishes, Max
  4. I just noticed this topic was already addressed recently and I have now fixed my setup, thanks. Max
  5. When I try to verify files for Australia v2 the following Error message appears ; "This product cannot be installed as it is not compatible with the following products......." (see attached). I cannot find a list of these "products". Thanks in advance for some help with this. Best wishes, Max Transaction ID: 5d02d0a96b765
  6. Very "cool" shots with creative perspectives that provide great depth to each image. The light and shadow contrast and the colors are brilliant. Max
  7. Connie on final, Brisbane
  8. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on the Kokoda shot. Here are a couple of more shots. Best wishes to all, Max
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