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  1. Hi, is the London city pack updated and I can install it from my Orbx central or not yet? please advise. thank you
  2. Thank you very much , now it’s clear
  3. Another question please according Global Vector. As I see there in no elevation correction tab in configuration for P3D5? Thank you
  4. Dear sir, thank you very much, issue solved.
  5. Hi, I already bought and installed P3D5,1 and installed all my products since I have them. But Global Vector is missing from my library.
  6. Hello, just wondering if Orbx Vector still exist. Even I purchased it for ap3D4.5 now while I update to v5 it does not exist in my products Please advise Thank you
  7. Hello, thank you for your support, i follow your instructions and for now i can confirm that issues seems to be resolved. Thank you
  8. Hello again. Sorry for this but again some issues as you see on he photos. The wheels are deep in the ground. please tell me also where to find the Asobos Standard LOWI airport to delete it.
  9. Mr Jon, thank you very much. I just deleted roaming cache and all work as suppose to. very appreciated
  10. Hello, I purchased LOWI for MSFS and looks very strange. Weird lighting in the sky during darkness and also aircraft taxiing 3-4 feet off the ground. Also not possible to take off because of the extreme hills on the runway, causing crash Please Advise
  11. Nick hi, haven’t done that but while restarting Orbx central now the MSFS IS BEEN RECOGNIZED. Have no idea how but the issue, for this time, is resolved!!!!!!!
  12. Orbx central only recognizes P3D. I renamed my P3d folder to .x and started Orbx central. Asking to rescan my computer to detect simulator. Nothing to search. pressing Fix issues to select simulator. Unfortunately in the list there is no MSFS2020 to select. Another reason to report that Orbx central can not detect Msfs2020 Please ADVISE
  13. Hi again, I can confirm that Orbx looks for the correct location the first path you mentioned and the file exists there. Also the correct location of my simulator is listed inside, at the end of the file UserCfg.opt What I do next please?
  14. Just Purchased Alesund but impossible to install anyhow while central does nor recognize MSFS Please HELPPPP
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