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  1. Hi Nick, Thanks for the nudge. It was a present from my wife and the account is in her name, ab.bull@n******d.com. Thanks once again for putting this old man back on the straight and narrow. Dave.
  2. I've accidentally deleted the EU England I purchased a few weeks ago from my account in FTX Central. Does anyone know how to get it back without having to pay for it again?
  3. Thanks to all for getting back so quick. I've just had a look at UK2000, downloaded their free abridged version, and I will save up and buy their full version.
  4. I have just purchased orbx England and find it the bees knees. The only fault is that my main airport - EGCC Manchester Int Airport is not up-to-date is there any plans to bring it up-to-date or is there a work-a-round i.e. make the runways 05R, 23L and 05L, 23R.
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