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  1. I migrated my TE to a different direct, the process does not update the scenery.cfg file, it removes the entries but does not add them. Never mind they are add ons
  2. Thanks. I have all the usa TE and it is great. Hoping more comes out, probably stick with P3D I will probably get the bundle pack, SSD 1TB are dirt cheap now and I have 500mb/sec download, they come down pretty quick.
  3. no way to edit these, I met to say that Orbx is focused on MSFS 2020, I know some day they will come back to P3D and XP, sorry
  4. Since Orbx pretty much put a dead stop on anything but the MSFS 2020, which I abended until next year, is the TE UK pretty good. i am thinking of getting everything. Does it cover the other area outside the mainland of the UK. Thanks. I am on P3D
  5. Is there a way to tell if there are updates without having to go into the scenery options itself. I have a ton of them so takes time to check all of them
  6. If you have the space and computer to run smooth then I would just get the HD. I am using P3D and I am assuming that it is HD, don't know but since there is no choice I assume HD. I don't have the GB true earth yet but will get it very soon. I am running my sim and the details in the southern Calif TE is amazing and very actuate, I know because I lived there so long. So I am looking forward to the UK version. I have said this before, I do hope to see future TE for P3D and XPlane
  7. I saw a post when MSFS first came out they plan to keep coming out with other sim scenery. It might be quite a while. I hope they come up with more True Earth USA, I am about to get the UK True Earth. I like many gave up on MSFS until next year, a serious IFR flight really cannot be done there unlike X Plane or P3D. So we just have to wait.
  8. I start with the plane at different places, different parking ramps. KRDD is pretty stable right now, it always loads. Interesting anomaly, that might explain why KSNA did that once, but 99.9 percent of the time at any airport everything loads well. Orbx has been focusing on MSFS, I hope to add more airports in the USA, they do a good job. I am about to get KSTS, not sure how I missed that one
  9. I agree Nick, I did install the required NA_NC addon (not TE) and now it works all the time, but I think that is just happening here. I disable it and it still works. You are right, it is too flakey. Too bad it is a awesome job Orbx did on the airport. Maybe when HF2 or 5.2 comes out this can be revisited. thanks
  10. I am thinking of getting this addon, Does it cover mostly Victoria only? Still might get it anyway
  11. I moved KIDA and KBLU over to P3D 5.1 HF 1, they seem to work ok for me. I tried a lot of variable setups with and without other Orbx addons KRDD is a bit more odd. Sometimes the buildings and details on the taxi way and runways are not there. I restarted P3D again and started at KRDD and it was find. That said you can try adding manually and see if it works, (Orbx lib need to be a higher priority so move KRDD down a few levels) If it works great, if not oh well. I agree with Nick, its not ready for general release I don't know why KRDD is acting odd, it's po
  12. KRDD update. I discovered that when a airport is loaded in P3D v5.1 HF1, the airport might not show up. I went to John Wayne KSNA and the 3rd party airport was not there. I restarted P3D 5.1 and the airport was there. I saw that in KRDD as well once everything enabled. I think there may be a issue in P3D 5.1 HF1. KRDD does work most of the time, when it is there and loaded ok, it will be there on take off and landing. Still not sure why KRDD does this and KIDA and KBLU always works and KBLU is in North Calif. Never had problems with KIDA and KBLU
  13. I looked at KIDA, looks ok next I want to do a comparison with with version 4.5 I think some of the textures are different but that is expected. I don't know why KRDD has a runway issue (unless TE N CA is there) I did disable the KRDD in the TE N CAlif, because the installer usually does that. I do want to say that I had trouble with the installer, not sure what does it, when the ones in TE are disabled, such as KSJC. Some of the buildings and other planes sunk a little. It does not effect the taxi or runways. So when I see that happen I enable them again and it fixes it. KRDD d
  14. Hi Nick, First I have all of Orbx scenery so I tried a few combinations. 1. I disabled everything except KRDD, it was ok sometimes but one time the runway was not there. But this airport needs North Cailf scenery (not TE) 2. So I disabled KRDD to see if it was there in the default scenery, it was. 3. So I enabled North America LC (I have vectors installed too but that should not matter) without Orbx KRDD all ok 4. Then I enabled KRDD and the runway details were not there, taxi and runway there but no runway markers 5. So far TE N Calif was disabled.
  15. Well I did install KRDD in P3D 4.5 and copied the KRRD to P3D v5. I loaded P3D 5.1 before I added Orbx KRDD, then added the scenery and moved it where it needed to be in the list. When P3D v5.1 loaded it was there, very nice airport. Maybe I got lucky with this one. I did not disable the existing one. It was easy to undo if needed, but this one is ok now for me. Maybe something is still wrong but don't know it yet
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