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  1. WA35 is it!!!... not exactly what I remember it (I recall a little more nasty terrain on the approach) but it's been a while since I visited it. Thank you for your efforts and the "little black book" of great places to go in PNW has it's 1st entry. And yes, I did, Holger. I'll be going back there, too. Has anybody ever started a "thread of dread". All those places in PNW, etc that are great to fly into and out of in the virtual world but that would cause fits of anxiety in real life. I remember my first real life "cut in the woods grass strip are you kidding me I gotta land there" experience. Much more pleasant when sitting at my desk.
  2. it was in the vicinity of Friday Harbor. I doubt it is in the FSX database. It's one of those hidden gems that is just a hoot to get into and out of. It was one of those take off from X and fly a heading of Y and you'll find it. It is a modeled strip because it has buildings and such. They were of FTX quality so it is a FTX destination. Approach over water, a bit of low lying land and tree cover, a cliff, a nasty up slope of (lumpy) turf and not much flat after that. It really is the Lukla of the Pacific north west... at sea level.
  3. Hi Holger, No, the area is a bit more rugged and short short final is over water.
  4. A while back i discovered a great little strip as a result of some post here which I am certain I will never find again on my own... the post or the strip. It was inside PNW, not quite on the water, kind of up on a bluff where a stall on short final would ruin your day. Almost like a PNW mini Lukla. Sloped grass and then flat but if you went long you stopped on the road at the far end of the runway, Very rustic with maybe a few buildings but otherwise tree infested. Any idea where I am talking about? I really should keep a note pad of all the great places to fly in PNW.
  5. TYVM for the aircraft list!
  6. It would be nice to know what aircraft (pay or free, whatever they may be) that were used in the creation of this promotional video. Scenery is only half the solution, having great planes to fly over it makes the whole package.