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  1. You can also have all the pre-requisite files in the initial set-up install transferred to your new preferred drive. You just go into your APPS. and then cycle down to MSFS APP and move it to reside on your wanted location 'target' drive. So that can also be done after the fact....
  2. Same for me...I had 120 Gbit plan...and when I called my ISP provider...I got 380 for THE SAME PRICE! Boy...was I #**@(( mad! I said, why did you not call me, email me, or simply upgrade me?!?!?!? Their answer...we can't chase down each and every account...we encourage our clients to monitor our website...and/or call an agent by phone for the latest and most current plan(s). "Yeah...right....ok...." A tech came out and dropped off the required upgraded modem at my front door and then rang the door bell for me to bring it into the house and install. T
  3. You can see, that my pontoon 'V' hull sank into the ice field...so it appears that that ice field texture is not a 'baked hard surface'...or would seem so. I truly didn't know if the Beaver would flip end over end...as it would have done had I landed on earth/terrain. There...is will at 70 knots. Here...I just slid, as you would expect those pontoons to do...and then I came to a rest. I also wonder...if this WOULD have been a real life engine emergency...and this would have been a true landing gear/pontoon amphib...would you NOT want to lower your non TERRAIN landing gear...for fear they w
  4. "Wow..wow....looking grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat!"
  5. Thanks, lain...I've decided, that P3D v5HF3 and whatever else comes in the series, will NOT be coming off my system.
  6. Did you get back up? I wanted to test (curious mind..for real world events...) if pontoons...not skis meant to skim and land on snow/ice fields.. could...in a serious life-death emergency...not only land...but be able to power-off, the ice field. I did...and what a rush/hoot. Did your wheels not sink into the snow, as you see my pontoon bodies have done. My pontoons were not merely resting on a hard snow 'looking' surface...so, do you remember Jack..did your landing gear tire sit ON the snow field..or did they sink into it? Curious.
  7. Thanks, Guys! Comments appreciated. Jack.. I posted this morning a question to those using TrueSky..and the brunt was to ask, what they thought of well, 'how it looks'? I agree with you, personally I also choose to have it turned off...and the water and ocean surface is much more detailed and less muted, and the cloud textures seem to have more resolution and varied textures as well. I'm going to fly today with it on and just see, do I need to just settle in...to see the advantage to it on...or personally for myself, as you...to keep it off. P3D v5 HF3 is not going to fade i
  8. I am viewing this vid...and my mind screams...REAL...wow...especially the drone overfly of the airport...it looks like a real world drone vid...
  9. So John...that is not a realistic 'look' to your home digs? Of course I would not know that. There were bridges missing? Uh oh.....Ok...so this leads me to a question. Why release now? It's not like there is any other 'player' in town...with what this sim will be offering....we all would have just waited it out...to December, or even three months into next year...if that was to be. So...it will be very interesting to see if anybody in the world...that is viewing these vids...and LIVES THERE...or knows intimately what is being flown over...if it is truly....THERE'S MY HOUSE, or that is so
  10. Hi Ken...yeppers...this is the one in which my eye-brows went 'north' when he landed, and NOTHING behind the Icon, to show it is even IN the water...as compared to P3D v5HF3's fabulous wake effects, the best I have ever seen from any current flight sim, and past P3D offerings. The effervescence of the water...the water color change, the so superior boat and large ship wakes, that can be seen and enjoyed by us right now with P3D v5HF3...had a few 'blue' words emitting from my mouth as soon as the Icon landed, and the ship traffic A.I. like seriously? I so hope this is NOT how the sim will b
  11. I was hoping that that would be added before RTM. Paul, do you have a source that is saying that wake and water disturbance visuals will not be in the RTM, or are you assuming that those features will not be, before Aug 18th? Water is so very important to my simming, and truly, that is a major immersion killer...for as soon as you land...it seems contrived and fake. With so much realism around you...including the water...WTH? !!!!!!
  12. ....the answer is yes...at over 6,000 feet! Repair the engine...and then do a downhill slide...and get off the pontoons!
  13. ...a beautiful part of B.C.... True Sky enabled...
  14. I have noticed on a few vids...where there has been a water landing by the Icon...that there are no wake or water disturbance visual affects. The plane lands...and that's that. Of course, there are fabulous (the best out there to date!) water wake and movement visual effects in P3D 5HF2. So, being that these vids are still Beta and three weeks away from RTM, I wonder if that will be added...or that will be a post RTM detail addition. Dunno...but that does really hit a negative immersion factor for water landings. Truly, I am no rah.rah, fan-***. I'll will honestly laud...or critique f
  15. FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS: Pre-order your copy now and receive different bonuses depending on the edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I guess that on the day of release...depending on your pre-order version...it will download with 'surprise' pre-order Thank you 'bonus' content...just not being told what that is, right now... If I am allowed...I'd would have just posted the page...
  16. ...when this appears on my system in less than four weeks...going back to anything PRIOR...well...for myself..will seem like I clicked on FS98.....honestly....nothing currently out there, compares to these visuals. Nothing... Wow.... D.O.C. content...I'm in...this is where my flight sim hobby money is now reserved for....wow, and wow....! FS9, FSX, P3D, and XP were all good rides, in their day....now it's time for MSFS2020 to glisten in the sunlight....and soon.....!
  17. Totally agree, Carlos! Just as I got to the Outer Marker on Approach, the street lights and cockpit gauge lights eliminated.
  18. Thank you, M.S.! For folks thinking about the Disc version...you might want to read this, if you have a P.C., or you have an Xbox(X),...and if you have both.... Q: If I buy the simulator for PC will I be able to play on my Xbox when it is released? Is this an Xbox Play Anywhere Title? A: The Play Anywhere is a new initiative by Microsoft to combine platforms of gaming, letting Xbox gamers play on PC with any first-party Microsoft Studios published game that is digitally purchased, and vice versa. Microsoft Simulator is an XPA title.
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