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  1. It's all good, Nick...for of course, we will all find out, with our attempt at a first purchase. That will be the Litmus Test, right? Cheers, and thanks for this post. You were looking out for me...and John and I are enjoying the conversation, in the mean-time. Mitch
  2. That is the brunt, John...but waiting for that exact confirmation. Will that be the case...will that still be a portal to pay for such as Canadians.
  3. As we wait...and we being Maple Syrup-blooded Cannucks....here my friend...is a great Canadian beer! You stick whatever label you want on this virtual pass to... I'm just going to hold off, for now, until we get a response, and just fly whatever comes with the gig. "Oh Canada....hum hum hum..."
  4. As two Cannucks, we'll know the 'scoop' when an Orbx official answers directly, or communicates to Nick as their information conduit. I think he intimated that that is the route for such a question as I have put forward to Orbx Management. Cheers,
  5. In my case...doing all the CDN to USF conversions...a $12.99 MSFS purchase will end up on the C.C. bill as $20.78. xx.xx, add 38% CDN to USF conversion, add 13 % to that, and the C.C. adding their up-charge of 3.5 %....so not truly a minor increase. In buying direct from Orbx Direct with an AUS asking price, it was CDN to AUS...a decrease of 10 percent, and no sales tax. the C.C. up-charge was on the decreased CDN to AUS conversion. So...my legitimate concern to Orbx's new price model moving forward and future purchases. Obviously U.S. residents/purchasers will see no added increase, or
  6. Hello Nick, thanks for your explanation as to what's what,...as a result, I will anticipate a response to my query, when any of those you mention here...reads my question. Thank you.
  7. Hi Nick, I don't actually understand the reference to 'the weekend'...?!?!? No Orbx representative ever comes on, to post a response to a question, only other than Monday to Friday? We Forum members do..and by the number of views on the thread..seems to be information that a lot of USA and CAN purchasers/supporters are also interested to read an Orbx response to. For myself, with Orbx deciding to now charge in USF and not AUS, as a Canadian, it about doubles the final price for me, to purchase further Orbx titles. So...a legitimate inquiry. If purchasing Orbx f
  8. "Mr. V....any insight to my question(s)?" Important for me... I'm sure for others as well.
  9. Well, you never know....it takes just the right bait and lure to catch the fish... LOL I passed (in populating P3D/FSX) with some of the above airports. But...with VISUAL REALITY surrounding them now, ---> within MSFS....I think (in my case) that the right LURE and BAIT has come along for Orbx the Fisherman....to reel me in I can already feel the hook in the mouth...ROTFLMABO! Orbx...don't yank too hard...and I hope you are a reel-in, and release type of bloke!
  10. I'm hoping that there might be some 'luv' shown to Southern California...landmarks...such as Hearst Castle...that would AWESOME seen from the (MSFS) air...visited there many times, and took family and out-of-state friends there for sure! https://hearstcastle.org/
  11. I lay down my money for KORS....PNW....KORS...MSFS....gawd....I grow faint....LOL! I hope the great freeware also makes an appearance as well...like Larry's FANTASTIC boats and Ferries...with all his seaplane locations!!!!!!!!!! Larry? A comment?
  12. My first buy...yep....you'd think that was my FBO, by all the posted screenshot's from me, plunked there... ....but...having stated that....ALASKA~! C'mon Orbx..get crackin'.....ALASKA! Can you imagine Orbx/Alaska within MSFS....wow...(rubbing hands) good times ahead. Is it August 18th yet? Anybody know?!?!??!?! I sense on at least my computer...P3D and Cobwebs, becoming friends....sorry, but being truthful...thank you Orbx for offering that 40 % cross-platform discount. That is now a BIG incentive for cross-platform restocking....big....
  13. "Looks like I will be adding that second 1T SSD to my coming Xbox X Series...uh..for sure...lol! There is also talk of larger xT sizes coming...so the sky's the limit (if you excuse the pun) for goodie storage...on that MSFS platform!"
  14. To Orbx, Will American and Canadian customers now have to pay State Sales Tax, or in the case for Canadian customers...now will 13% GST be added to the Orbx MSFS product total? How will pricing now (a first) in United States Currency affect all this? Can you still buy through OrbxDirect (meaning that North American Continent residents will not be charged any form of sales tax/GST tax?) In buying MSFS through the Microsoft Store I was in fact charged 13 % GST added to my payment. Thank you and waiting back to read...
  15. "Well, I'll be (very pleasantly surprised) and Orbx...what was the big secret?!?!?!? Without Orbx...this hobby would have DIED, years ago....congrats...and will support your new venture."
  16. I just got an invite from none other than CARENADO! They announced that MSFS will be available on Aug 18th...and there is NO WAY, they would WISH to bring that to your attention, UNLESS...UNLESS...yes...UNLESS, they are not only involved with aircraft(?!?!?!?), but will have some Carenado 3rdp offerings on day of release...c'mon...like Orbx...would you promote an up and coming flight sim...ANNOUNCED (yeah...shouting that...!) from their very own email direct to their past clients (of which I am...) IF they were going to move your interest away from any plane offerings that only were availab
  17. ....and the snow lead flow down...Orbx did such a great job on that...looks totally real!
  18. Most are like that...there is no such thing anymore as truly guaranteed locked in, or long term 'locked in'. I do have a set 36 month price on my account, ONLY because when I set up the 120/20 plan...I asked to speak with the Customer Retention Department, and threatened to go with Bell Fiber Optic. What did that get me?.....36 months, locked in. When I was upgraded to the 380/30, my plan cost, also was grandfathered to my C.R.D. price offer. Everybody should always find a competitor's reduced price...and then call your C.R.D. and tell them you are ready to hit the road. They will most of
  19. ...but, you'd have the ability to LOOK for that wood...and not be thirty parts spread over Sunday...!!!! Post Edit....if I ever won a few million or even a few hundred thousand dollars...I said to my wife that my number one choice of a plane for the family, without doubt or a second's hesitation...would be the Quest Kodiak Amphibian (from the factory) painted in their offered yellow body panels. This would be the only plane my wife would feel safe to fly with me in..(and she has stated that looking at me simming over my shoulder). She said that you could land that anywhere along
  20. I run P3D v5HF3 full slider out...and own a GTX 1070 8 GB card. All my screen shots usually are created with the info at the top left clearly visible. I run with the sim as described..and without TrueSky..run at 3.2/7.3 and with TrueSky 4.3/7.3 running W10 2004. That is the secret...you NEED to run with the latest W10 version...as that alone gives you a headroom of 3/4 GB's of VRAM back. So, if you are NOT running the latest W10 version, I suggest that you download it today...and then start from there, again.
  21. A question...why does it seem that the continent of Australia is so behind the times in any reference to transmitting up/down digital transmissions to any reach of the continent? Can they not simply thread/bury fiber-optic which has unlimited branching and no line loss of data? Is there not the under-structure of industry on the Continent to get this done, once and for all? This is 2020...not 1982....geez. Just askin'.... BTW...(post edit), where you live..can invoke envy as well! As suggested by my overflying the area using Orbx and P3Dv5. I have also Googled, and looks wonderful i
  22. Pre-ordering it might have a thank you for that, content added, with different content DEPENDING on your choosing your version. That...might be a reason in itself, other than being the first thousand kids on the block, so to speak. Either way, it doesn't cost you anything to throw the dice now, rather than later...and possibly be 'shoulda/coulda/woulda'....for we've all been there, one way or other in past decisions...and their timing.
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