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  1. This is what I got..after just that, Alex...this is Berlin!!! post install: http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/aJ0 Can I try to apply Global 1.10, and then 1.20 to get back what I had before 1.30? Is that possible, or do you have to start deleting folders?
  2. Make sure you are in GLOBAL, and NOT have FTX Central as a region... North America, Oceania, etc... Not having your flight sim set to Global, could cause this...
  3. Thanks Bernd....as the O.P., that answers my question, and am very much looking forward to the release!
  4. Edwin, go to Scenery/World/Scenery/type 'T' and you will see all the TRAFFIC bgl's.. Some might be turned off...and the scripts (control panels) are not accessing them. If you see one with anything in the name and extension other than Traffic(blah blah).BGL....just reactivate that BGL, by correcting the extension to read x.bgl and then press ENTER. You should now see traffic build in the area. Some of the ORBX panel scripts are not doing anything in my setupl..and I have to go in and manually make it either for active: x.bgl or inactive: x.lgb to disable that traffic bgl file. I hope th
  5. I have both installed in v2.3, and all is well, no CTD's, etc....
  6. Thank you Wolter! I also run My Traffic Professional, and I do believe they had ONLY FSX-based A.I....but will check and report back. Well...I found out what was happening. After I installed the ORBX GA and AU ....something in the scripts REMOVED my My Traffic entry in the Scenery Mask. Also, the install did not add the AU TRAFFIC folder either. I added back the My Traffic folder entry, as well as pointed to the AU Traffic folder. I now have back my My Traffic A.I., as well as PNW G.A. A.I. There might be something wrong in the installer scripts.... Just a thought, for it did remo
  7. I run Steve's DX10 Fixer..and also installed the NA GA aircraft. I have no problems with viewing them. Are you running Steve's program?
  8. Try setting your MESH to a setting of 5M. Then see if everything goes to where it should be...
  9. I have the same issue. Since installing, I have NO traffic...even MY TRAFFIC is gone...only Default traffic is sparse.
  10. Is there any benefit going lower than 10m, let's say 5m, for any ORBX scenery, whether it be Global, Regional, or Airports? This was answered once..but I can't find the post..and can't remember. I just installed the ORBX recommended version of Pilot's Gloabl 2010FSX, and it says that it won't produce results better than a setting of 10m for the mesh. Does Orbx use any mesh needs below 10M? Just an end question. Is there really any reason within FSX or P3D 2.2 for to use a Mesh setting of 5m? Thanks Post Edit: I found a thread that said that ORBX airports should be set to 5m. So
  11. John, I have had from the get-go, Global..then added Vector...then when released, OpenLC Europe. I have recently added the recommended FSX version of Pilot's Global 2010 FSX version. You all are right...you need all four layers of your 'vision' to realize the 'FTX/ORBX Charm. I highly recommend that everyone who is so enjoying what OpenLC brought to the partner, Global product...to (if you have not done so already) also consider laying good quality world-wide mesh under all this goodness. Is it worth it? You will know..in the first few minutes of flying over your favorite part of the
  12. Hi Jeff...yes...I had the Centre in Global. Thanks for your help...will try to sort this out...totally weird, it is...
  13. Jeff...my problem is...that, for instance, at a Global freeware airport, the pole lights stay on (white light) even if you are in full Day. They do NOT turn off. If I load another airport, they are off...but if I cycle between night and day, they will be ON when I switch to day at that airport. Something is screwed up, since installing Europe OpenLC, as that is the only thing I had done, before this problem showed itself. I know that they should have no bearing...but somehow..there is... I have tried re installing the Vector Light Configurator, and that has not helped as well. Any suggesti
  14. ...at night, only using the L key will bring on the lights as well as the aircraft. Something is screwed up! How can I fix this? Thanks,
  15. Interesting that you find less in cities... In Berlin for instance,I have a beautiful city from horizon to horizon....just as I would expect at moderate altitude. Much more...of everything!
  16. Actually, you need to run the elevation routine, each and every time you add, or take away airports or scenery. For instance, after every gratis airport pack...now at 15....you should install, re-run the library files, and then run VECTOR elevation correction as the last item on the list.....
  17. I have no issue with the stated asking price. Europe will be the test...if it's a pass...then onto N.A. and S.A. Can't wait, but then I can...if it is going to stellar right out of the gate...
  18. Yes...I am now getting CTD with flying the Lancair Jaguar textures and over PNW. I've had this happen three times now. I also run LOD at 6.5, but have never had any CTD issues with it before picking up the Lancair. But to be fair, I also had this happen using the Carenado 208 Grand Caravan. So..I am not directly pointing the finger at the Lancair at this time. I am also using 2048 cloud textures, etc. I also found that when you use FTX Central to apply the ORBX NA textures in the Scenery Folder, it causes FSX to write the OZ folder as such: 1. OZ_AU 2 OZ_LIB 3.OZ_NA I believe t
  19. On reading another forum, I saw that this was a RTM error and will be addressed in the coming patch. So, I sort of consider this 'solved'... I hope the patch corrects it.
  20. I was in a full night flight with the Lancair IV-P (great plane!) and even with the instrument panel lights on, I found the area on the panel face of the cabin pressure dial to be dark to almost invisible in the 'darkness' of the cabin. I then turned on the ceiling lights, but they did not effect a lightening up of the panel (or the cabin for that matter) as if their 'light' was bathing it. I had no 'visible' light in the cabin even though the two light 'on' textures were displayed on the cabin ceiling. Any help would be appreciated, and thank you!
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