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  1. By Orbx screenshot rules, that's truly the only shot from MSFS I can produce. Glad you all enjoyed it. A great sim...I have a whole world to explore, but in commenting,they did a great job on this port...and if you buy it...make sure you have all the scenery slides full up...as well as general HIGH or Ultra and then go and set up near the Fuel Bar Guy...and sit back and watch his antics...he acts so real, body movements and language...and what he does...well, I'm not going to spoil it for anybody, but well worth the price of admission just for what Orbx did with him!
  2. Well, Nick..I'm shocked...when I saw what the final C.C. was going to charge..me...I did a triple take...and that was 5 pounds less than you folks? Thank goodness for M.S. that we love this hobby is all I can type...! But..remember...a few BRITISH Colonists made a fuss---> a loud one, heard in Parliament in 1776........and created a new country, saying bye-bye to King George! Sometimes...you NEED to make a fuss..to get things to change! Let's start a VAT Revolution! Nick...how do you look in a Tri-Corn Hat? White wig is optional...we know they're itchy...;)
  3. "Ok...ok... the CDN for the Premium Deluxe was $159.99, raw, before the CDN bend-over..."
  4. That isn't all in, though, was it?...What was the FINAL (chosen version) +conversion+GST+Credit Card conversion up-charge? Mine all in was $180.79 for the Premium Deluxe...:(
  5. I paid $180.79 CDN for the Premium Deluxe after a three stage 'bend-me-over' up-cost fest....
  6. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/microsoft-flight-simulator-game-ready-driver/ Here the direct link: https://uk.download.nvidia.com/Windows/452.06/452.06-desktop-win10-64bit-international-whql.exe
  7. OK...lol, so 99.9 of MSFS is verboten. Thanks Ed, You answered my querry.
  8. ...what comprises, Orbx Content shown...only a fly over of the offered airports, and no other MSFS depiction? Can someone clarify?
  9. Thanks Nick..will do that now...and you should have (LOLOLOLOL!) called me; "Grasshopper..." Ok...showing my age... GOT IT! Thanks for that, Nick...didn't go that far...after the other time stamp. Clearly heard...and how they lauded you guys! Orbx certainly has earned their scenery creating rep! Now..for some motorcycling to take up Monday, and wait for THE HAMMER to drop on my modest system...(?!?!??!?!?!?) Oh boy...yep...oh boy....!
  10. I went to that time stamp...and didn't hear any companies mentioned...only '"we have a team of two, onto that"....what timestamp vocalizes the name, Orbx?
  11. Mike, go to your section where you can change the monitor resolution, in the drop down menu...and you will see a box to not auto-stretch in non-window mode. It is there...you will see it on the right side of your screen in that graphics section for set up. Uncheck the box...and that will be gone...also, if it does rear it's head...usually, you can window screen, non-window screen a couple of cycles..and that will clear it up, as well. As other have said..it is indeed a rendering bug.
  12. I also see, what the other two chaps are seeing, as well as the mountain faces are very low res surrounding the port. Just sayin', from what I see...and I agree with his Xplane assessment and comparison.
  13. On the V5 graphics page...look for the STRETCH to monitor...and uncheck that box. Done...gone...I have it too with my wide view..always on the right side. Also, and weird...if you uncheck that box...some have reported stutters gone.
  14. Not provocative in the least,...simply your take after viewing the content. Simply so! I don't think that mine, or your viewpoints on this or any current MSFS topic will truly sway or affect another's this or that. We all come to this sim from all different usage and expectation vectors... I hope your constructive critique might be looked at...and if deemed by Orbx, to be 'missed that'...they will attend to it. Looking forward to my above mandate this coming Tuesday! My vector...not necessarily yours..(large smile). Cheers,
  15. Sure, I agree..but I feel it is interesting 'conjecture'...and conjecture isn't damaging anybody...but think of all the Wiki leaks...that proved to be very true...lol! Just interesting stuff...at least to my way of mind.
  16. Seems that an enhanced 'payware' will override any A.I. generic airports and its generic data, they are supposed to supersede, with your purchase.
  17. You had a hunch...this was just leaked...in stone...Orbx is listed in the Contributor Credits for as early as the Alpha Project Build. No wonder...a State Secret. No wonder all speculation and/or 'sniffing' threads were killed off, within two posts...lol! Nick's forefinger was on the Thread Lock Button!! LOL! It's all good...just makes one smile...;)
  18. ...to those on any other than W10, besides the latest---> W10/2004, I'd suggest you take the next couple of days to update your W10 'House' and get it in order, for the arrival of the MSFS 'Stork'... ....just a suggestion, to leverage you to the best MSFS experience all in.... W2004 offered an amazing performance boost to P3D v5.x A suggestion....
  19. I just found out that the Marketplace will CONVERT all other international currencies from USF to XXX currency. Their asking price will ALWAYS be figured out in USF funds. So...we're back to square one...for Canadians...you will pay the added-on 38 percent or more USF to CDN 'jack up', ...and then your Province's sales tax on top of that. Then...your C.C.'s gonna crank it up another 3.5 %. If as Ed stated, any MSFS offerings will be as in the past, on their Direct Site (Australia) in AUS...then the C.C. will be pulled out of the locker... I'll look for that, on Launch Day
  20. "not only are we forbidden to comment, we do not know the answers." Nick, I will certainly respect that...and as I stated..in absence of any direct comment from the C.E.O. who I am sure, is reading this thread...will find out, soon enough as we all will. I appreciate TOTALLY, your candor...with respect. Orbx Flyer "Over 'n out".
  21. Or simply Nick....the answer to my yes or no question...simply does not want to be given, and/or avoided. It's now Wednesday,and I posted on Saturday. It's a simple question...from this day forward, are Orbx offerings for sale, --->going to be posted and asked for in payment, ONLY by means of USF funds.? Simple question to answer. Yes...or no. Will purchases made upon Orbx's host site, Direct still be asked for in the Company's NATIVE currency...their resident currency...$AUS. As a Canadian purchaser and supporter...I would appreciate a direct answer. As a Canadian purchaser
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