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  1. Thanks for that. Will look into it then...
  2. As others stated before me...hard to believe this is a simulator. I do have an important question...the in-sim Icon 5's water rudder does no longer properly interact (or the water..no longer properly interacts) for the purpose of controlling the direction of the aircraft on the water. You can deflect the water rudder full Port or Starboard, and will turn about 15 degrees, but then, you stop increasing the turn...and the body of the Icon then plows forward...EVEN if you were trying that at full throttle as a test. So...my important question...with your add on...can you steer upon
  3. I agree...and a great water physical interaction can be had. One of the main pleasures is for myself to operate sea plane, in P3D v5.1...and not only do you see fabulous wake optics, and great water/rudder physics...but they added a prop wash, for when you just lift off, or are about to land...you see a water blast skimming just under your airplane's belly, and not even 'touching' the water or waves in nVidia WaterWorks Engine v2.0, so...all of that can be realized also in MSFS...and hope it does. For immersion, to land on the very lake you have a family cottage or like to R.V. camp on..
  4. Also, the last patch or the one before broke proper interaction with the 'water' and the water rudder. The Icon can start a turn, and then the plane just pushes forward...and you can not circle to the right...and complete the arc...and I think you can't as well as to the left. The water rudder interaction with the water...is borked. And..before anybody says...I can turn...either direction...yeah? Keep the rudder either way, fully extended, and see if you can complete a full 360 turn in either direction.
  5. LOVE the PNW Ferries! v4.4 will never get uninstalled on that reason alone!
  6. I'm sort of doing the same thing as you. Before MSFS came out, I all but saw (through the leaked shots and forum hype) that I most likely was not going to invest in any further P3D titles. This morning, after thinking about a few things, regarding MSFS (current state and needed usage of the Azure Cloud), I have done a 180 on that decision. I'm now open to any and all P3D titles...current, or being developed. I thought that MSFS would be my prime sim...but at current state of affairs, that place is now once more, taken up with P3D v5.x I wish MSFS good winds..and fair breezes. I'm now reall
  7. "Oh...well thank you very much, Nick...I thought that was for flagging a moderator. Thanks!" Test three dot edit...lol! Again, thanks Nick.
  8. I wonder where the EDIT button (feature) has gone...I do not have the ability any longer to correct typo's...or add/delete content. Does anybody else have the Edit (for a time period) after they post?
  9. John...as a result of the effects upon MSFS with Patch #2, I am passing for now, in ordering an Xbox X system. If MSFS comes back to the depiction level as of RTM (August 18th, 2020) I will certainly entertain that option once more. Until then...will monitor patches...before/after...and sit in the bush....
  10. I think around here...I was the most vocal Cheering Squad for MSFS. The alpha teasers had me having to change my shirt three times a day...and on RTM (August 18th) I was stunned at what I saw on the first take-off...amazing! DId I start to see obvious bugs...sure...as everybody else was...but the advancement in real-world depiction, no other sim could compete. Even LOD reduced, I feel that position is still there. Having said that though...with all the CTD's...all the in-cockpit system failures, navigation screens going out, Auto Pilots that after ten to twenty minutes of flight seem p
  11. I believe (could be quite wrong, of course) that he was using a bit of sarcasm as a vehicle to impart humor. I could be wrong...but I took it as that.
  12. Could you please publish a copy of what your P3D config was, on the system that collected these shots. That would be helpful. Thank you!
  13. I think he was injecting, reverse-humor. Nothing else...and his post made me smile.
  14. Wolfko...the ONE THING, I will not do...is rain on your parade! Enjoy...and until the first patch beyond RTM...I was GOBSMACKED. On an older system, I had my settings at 80 percent ULtra in graphic selections....and the world below the wing was astounding. Post second patch...major loss of visuals. Trees, bushes, buildings at distant. Yes...I call it at now, FSX-Plus...FSX, plus other perks. But..not RTM MSFS. Nope...not post second patch. I can only hope that they in following patches...restore RTM, or as close as they will allow it. I also feel VERY STRONGLY...hence capitol letters.
  15. It's not a mistake, Rod...it's what this patch was intended to do, amongst other things....
  16. I'm with you...with the latest patch, to 'boost' performance...(what a laugh in how they did it...sneaky...) they dumbed down LOD for Trees, ground texture, and A.I buildings. They didn't optimize the code...they removed LOD range in the sliders...WITHIN the code. I call MSFS now, FSX-Plus. I'm shelving it too, for a few months...to see what other wonderful and forced-upon-you patches does to the original RTM coding. Going back to P3D v5. With this patch, they have guaranteed the life expectancy of P3D v5. Absolutely..... The water now looks like XP11...disgusting, and makes P3D's nV
  17. You DO realize, that they dumbed down the LOD's...trees, ground texture...buildings...and turned this sim into basically FSX-Plus. That..is why you are 'getting' 'better' performance...because they just DUMBED down the LOD sliders in the code. I'm not buying another 3rdP product for MSFS, until I see what they will be doing with it, patch to patch, over the next 6 months. What was supposed to be a visual wonderland...is now FSX-Plus...and the water looks like XP11. Not purchasing an Xbox to run this latest dumbed down visual version. Going back to P3D v5 as my main sim. MSFS is now on
  18. Just personally a feeling...with all the so positive response to the PC version...I can't imagine for one second, that it will not be a launch title. If they don't...man...has M.S. Marketing, really dropped the ball. As for controllers...interesting query. I have read a few posts that some are saying the Xbox controller is even better than a flight stick...but, I will certainly ante up for a HOTAS designed for Xbox X game play. I can't wait...for the price of another 8 GB card (RTX3070), I get a whole independent 16 GB system, vid card performance of a 2080, (no strings tied to my computer d
  19. You can also step up for $599.00 USF and purchase a totally portable system that MS gurantees will run MSFS at full spec. The price of a RTX3070. You have that option...the same option that I am going ahead with...for my dedicated MSFS platform.
  20. It's the same version...because it is an XPA title. Whatever you see in your version, will be exactly what you will see, running on the Xbox X 'system'. Why would it need to be dumbed down, or less in features than people running the PC version on absolute minimum specs? It will be the same...but you will be able to run MSFS at full game-ultra settings, and not dog it down. I'm keeping my desktop 'status quo'..no longer interested in getting the RTX3070 (still at only 8GB of Vram) and will buy this entire system, for the price of that one card. Totally makes sense in good money, following
  21. Why do you feel your take on forum content, should filter it out for anybody else that obviously that attends this forum IS interested---> by the fact they are posting to the thread. If you're personally NOT interested in this .....move on..pass the thread by...simple, no more personal irritation....
  22. SOLD! SOLD! Thanks for the FYI! For the price of one 3070 card...you get a truly portable ENTIRE system, that will fire MSFS at full Ultra. Sold, baby! This is going to stay by the 65 inch, and out into the Travel Trailer, etc. A great price...MS is gonna kill it with that price indexing!
  23. I was surprised to find this...more color depth...nicer visuals...in running in P3D v4.5 rather than in v5.HF2 Could be DX11 and v4.5's shader renderings. So...I guess it will be seen in v4.5 for myself. This is funny! FYI, same HDR settings in both sims...so Apples to Apples in my judgement on my system. I think Orbx used v4.5 to punch out the promo shots....they look close now. v4.5 seen at 5,000 ASL. ...
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