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  1. Hi xxd09, I would 'think' that because you have the boxed version...it would be a slam-dunk?!? Ever since I was forced (no hand wringing decision making involved (LOL)) to nuke the RTM and reinstall from the M.S. servers...it's been MSFS, love at first sight! You only have my word for making the claim that by their 5 patch hacking away of the RTM coding, trust me...it ***BORKED*** that install. I had lots of the same problems as everybody else. Like you...I messed around with my Community Folder 'delights'...and still had the same well...to put it quite bluntly...***CRAPPY*** run and u
  2. Bassman, my RTM install was never on my System Drive, or C: drive. It was installed to another drive, directed by my telling (adjusting) W10 to install any and new installations on my 10 TB non-system drive. That was after the Pre-Order original Start Icon was downloaded and resting until it got activated on Aug 18th. So when the HotFix patch addressed another version of that 691 MB Start Icon...it pointed to its default install on a user's system or C: drive. That is why it could not find an MSFS installation it expected on my C: drive. That forced the reinstall, as there is no way yo
  3. I'm right there with you...as I am thinking of doing exactly what you are...going back to AMD. I have a 10 year old 'long-in-the-tooth' Intel/nVidia system presently, that has done me well, owes me nothing (LOL!), and was on a few sites tracking down a motherboard that will (with profiles...) allow for 4,600 Mhz, (if I decided on that...) and can run 64 GB's of System RAM. If I am going to spend $$$'s on a new system, I want to seriously, future (spend proof) the system...so am going for the fastest 5000 series CPU, matched to the fastest AMD GPU hotrod, (to take total advantage of the CP
  4. From what I have seen pre and post install of MSFS, I'd imagine that **IF** you personally deem that you are getting degrading visuals, or performance, with at least two patches into your fresh install, then yes, I'd guess, that one could again, re-install after one to three new patches, and go from that turn in the road. At some point, there will be only feature updates, content added, etc, and that I imagine would not affect the core graphics and instrument function(s) of the sim. For myself, if I find again, degrading performance with what I have now as my 'base level of jud
  5. A few days flying with a fresh install... Well, all I can say, with sincere honesty, is that being forced to do a complete reinstall of MSFS, was in hindsight, the best gaff, of all the aftermath of the patches. My installation of MSFS is so RTM'esque...including a fabulous (thank the Guy Above...) visual of oceans and other water bodies running under a full Ultra set-up (including personal tweaks to the User.cfg file), that I'm induced to giving Absobo, a break... Watching this morning an A.I. controlled departure out of CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) bound for T
  6. In my case, I had to to it...but, am I GLAD, that I was forced to... That about sums up my post fresh install 'experience'! Yes, I am also most fortunate to have a 380 download pipeline and 40 upload. Also, with my download speed, I very rarely ever see the 'thermal melt-down' building graphics, over major cities and heavy dense suburban areas. I can fly over those areas at 200 knots and see the fully formed buildings at 1,200 ft, if I so choose to. It's the 380 download pipe, that allows for that. Grateful to have access to that ISP account performance. BTW, somebody in a thread wonder
  7. I had to do a complete reinstall, as the start icon 'could not' find my moved install. But having said that...the full install is running great...and excellent visuals. I have no further critiques...well...until I get Borked Bombed, at a later date....it's really too bad we don't have any choice or say about updates/patches.
  8. Wow...8 1/2 hours?!?!?!?! Wow! I have a 380 speeder download pipeline, and my 95 GB 'gulp' took about 60 minutes...with also, the download resting as it unzipped the files and dropped them onto my system. Then...in CONTENTS, it took 3 minutes when I tagged all the Content boxes from the top, and went and made some coffee. Came back slurpin'...and all was done. Glad to read that it worked out for you, also. I mean, how can you lose, getting a fresh total-in coding virgin install....
  9. I also suggest Renault's User.cfg tweaks and recommendations. They really add to the view...and if your monitor is not a true HD10 renderer....turning that off...as he pointed out...REALLY enhances the visuals...you get great color depth...and yet still have all the 'shine' when the sun hits the water or bare metal... I took all his recommendations ...and all the better for them!
  10. Yeah, Lee..that's my take and fear as well...but it is what it is...and you can't run the sim, if they release a forced upon you, patch...as you well know.
  11. Hi Lee, When I RESET, it actually wipes everything out...so you'd have to reintroduce what was in your Community Folder. So I would just make a full copy of that folder...then un-install, do the go-get-a-coffee 95 GB reinstall, and then copy back your back-up Community Folder to the new naked one. That's all you'd have to do. For my few MSFS Orbx...I just ran Central, and re-installed my few products. Took five minutes of time. So, I'm up and running just fantastically. I just came off a Caribbean island hop, with ending up in Cuba with Robert Young's G36 Turbo, enhanced with the merge
  12. It can happen if a person bought the pre-order, and then decided to change where new apps are installed on., after they had downloaded the small Pre Order coding. After the HOTFIX, my system said that it could not find my installation. The only recourse for myself, was to re-install the whole shebang. I would think then that Orbx could not also 'see' the installation route, prior to the HOTFIX start ICON change up.
  13. Was supposed to be a picture...seems I can't get a picture to appear...only the link line...sorry.
  14. Been flying since last night with a clean install. Because of 5 patches hacking their way into your original install, I suggest to everyone, that you take the time (good investment of that time!) to un-install your 5 patch(ed) original MSFS installation, and do a complete fresh install of the program. The benefits are so apparent the first flight you take! I was forced to do this...and am now, glad their messing with the start-up portion of the sim, made me do that. I think now, I know why that happened to me. I pre-ordered and the start up MSFS Icon was installed. I then AF
  15. Tonight, due to the HOTFIX being made live...like some, I had a grayed out MSFS start icon. When I clicked on it, a blue box came up, and said that my MSFS installation could not be found. Cutting to the chase, I had to ultimately RESET on the START ICON (right button pull down) and then downloaded the entire sim anew. WOW....the result was fantastic! I am running my 4 core/GTX1070 at ULTRA, and getting a sustained lock-down by (nVidia driver suite) 30 FPS! All my threads run 'green' and again, to cut to the chase...with all these patches...which each of them, are messing aro
  16. v5.1 has the best water of then all. As for A.S...an update will be coming.
  17. I am very impressed! Even when the sim goes to 20 FPS at the bottom of my running range...it is simply silky smooth...no stops/starts...no chunk...just a joy to run. There is much more to v5.1 than a simple first glance gives up. I'm very happy to own it! When I bought T.E. Florida...and ran it in v4.5 and v5.HF2...it didn't look good. Blurry, stops and starts...and then this morning I ran from the same test airport...and WOW...crystal clear textures....smooth mile after mile....and looked beautiful below the wing. P3D v5.1, and what they did to the coding...brought Orbx T.E. Florida to l
  18. V5.1...on a 4 core CPU/GTX 1070 8GB....have the sim cracked wide open...EVERYTHING is bending right...and I can fly shudder and chunk, free...at 20-35 (my locked in) FPS. Simply stellar, the performance they have meted out with this version...and that is even with E.A. on...and that stoked right out! P3D v5.1 in so many ways...is a sheer thumb's up...winner! Most recommended.
  19. Final comments....the P3D v5.1 Devs...have NAILED flight simulation water, color...depth...hues...have nailed it...the best I have ever seen...and because of what I have now in P3D v5.1 SHAME ON MSFS...SHAME ON IT.... for how water is depicted now in that sim. P3D has nailed it...for the best simulation of water, waves, color, depth of water around land masses...the best terrain reflection now ever seen, that extends thousands of feet over the surface of the water...from the mountains at the water's edge. P3D Dev's THANK YOU...from a guy that wants the world's oceans, rivers a
  20. Deleted...my pics not showing up.... Moderator, please delete this post. Thank you...
  21. WOW....wow....WOW....v5.1 ROCKS! I have been flying with it for over an hour...started from Orbx KBHB (Bar Harbor), and there are SO MANY, updated features, and stark, and actually subtle improvements to the over all v5.x experience. For starters...I have never seen my Kodiak Amphib look so good, so (now) truly life-like in the sheen on the metal skin, PBR is fantastic now...ground shadows...and road traffic....I have never seen so much fabulous traffic, so well populated in any version prior of P3D, let alone FSX! Water and shading (I deleted my SHADER folder, and let the
  22. I've read that as well, besides your post. I guess that E.A. is still a work in progress.
  23. Deleted by O.P. I hope most enjoy the new version.
  24. The first batch of comments at the other sim site...A****, are truly NOT too encouraging. I am downloading it...but will not install it right now. One chap said that other than most of the 'beta' visual glitches in E.A. are in fact still there....he also had another 1GB of VR swallowed up. I only have 8 GB's, and simply can't afford that...I'd CTD in 20 seconds. Bummer...if true. Will be monitoring the forum as others install and run...
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