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  1. I totally concur...so will be getting the highest CPU Ghz/Thread Count I can afford, or wish to afford, and the same now for the other two bad boys...GPU and Memory. No more overclocking now, or into the future. All these years, where I thought I was garnering (for free...WHAT A LAUGH ON ME!!!!!) greater FPS than what running the CPU at manufacturer's rated speed, and in fact...was cutting nearly HALF of what my system could have offered me. I am so kicking myself right now! I'm getting just over 60 FPS peak in P3D and XP11. In MSFS at Ultra, 45-47. No complaints there! Nope...no more
  2. Right W2DR, quite easy to make a few BIOS clicks...but if you read my latest post, I am getting just INSANE FPS and smooth animation performance at O.E.M. rated BIOS settings. So...happy to just keep it all 'stock'!!!! This afternoon, I was running my i7-975 Extreme (4 core)/EVGA FTW 1070 8 Gig powering the latest P3D v5.1 HOTFIX, and was getting that high 46 FPS (with peak spikes to 62), I was posting about. I had E.A. on...had a flight plan in P3D Active Sky....and the clouds were just as good as MSFS. In fact, I really started comparing both ground textures at the FL's..and truly, wi
  3. There are legions of flight simmers who have and do. I was one of 'em. Most do it, for the sole purpose of 'squeezing' out as many FPS they can, when running 'x' sim. The 'great laugh' I have enjoyed this week, was seeing that I was getting the best FPS across all my sims, at rated O.E.M running frequencies for both items that I had overclocked, namely, the CPU and System RAM. So...it's been pretty insane, this past week....in MSFS where I was getting 18-27 FPS with an overclocked system, I am now getting with the same settings, the same nVidia driver, 35-40 mean average. With the lat
  4. Running totally stock GHz frequencies on CPU, GPU, and System Memory, and garnered 10 more FPS within P3D v5.1 HF, so no performance hinderance has been seen or noted. This was a result of the hotfix current release.
  5. My overclocks never overheated either...but I have seen just fabulous performance with all my sims, since setting all (CPU and System Memory) to their O.E.M. default GHz speeds. Keeping now at default.
  6. I am absolutely STUNNED this afternoon, folks... I just dropped out of P3D v5.1...with no loss of FPS of any kind...but the only reported loss, is animation stutter. Too bad, I had not done this, or thought to do this, years ago! Any and all animation stutter, micro, or pretty announced,...was in fact, due to an overclocked system. I'm still in disbelief... P3D v5.1 is running so smooth....no jerk, no micro stutter....and full right, all the way! I do NOT need to replace my present CPU, or GPU. I needed to drop my system to rated, CPU and Memory speeds that ar
  7. Just ended my 'non system overclock' MSFS flight...WOW! Now, will be running every flight sim I own...to test out how they will deliver with no overclock! Yep, am I excited at this revelation! Wow....:) Now (slapping hands together...), onto P3D v4.5, 5.1, XP11 and AS2! Let's see what they reveal....non overclocked! Later....
  8. The back ground story: My CPU is a i7-975 Extreme four core model. Its native Ghz is at 3.73 GHz. For years...well, pretty much ever since I purchased and installed it, I had over-clocked this CPU to run at 4.4 Ghz. I also boosted my memory two classifications in speed, (I can't remember now...but I did...) so...both CPU and System Memory was over-clocked. Ok...operated my system like that for the sole purpose of harvesting as many FPS I could, over every flight sim I owned. For years... For about a year...I have been having some issues with after shut
  9. Right...you could always do that. For myself...I fire up MSFS for what is to date good about it...and for what is not, or lacking, I also fire up P3D and XP11. So...no baby out with the bathwater...I enjoy all three for what they can offer, as I type this...
  10. Well, the present 'word' is that I again, have MSFS running like a top, on my current i-7 975 Extreme (four core)/EVGA FTW GTX 1070 (8GB)/12 GB's System RAM/Alienware 11B BIOS/ (over-clock RAM, over-clock CPU, CPU running in (8 core HyperThread) Running MSFS at full default Ultra, but with HDR10 set to '0' (turned off) in the User.cfg and with the above suggested set-up of the nVidia driver mask, am getting a very good (on average) FPS readout of 32-35, with no FPS limiting. That's about the top end FPS performance for my mentioned system, but you only need to maintain 30 fps to k
  11. They reside under the MSFS default presets...go to WEATHER....click on where you see for instance, LIVE WEATHER, and you can scroll down them. They are great! Really amps up the immersion...especially RAIN, where you climb out between the layers of scud at around 6,000 feet..and the cloudscape is just stunning!
  12. ...and what is that? The Weather Preset Pro.... ...that's what! I just picked it up...and the WOW-Factor on the RAIN preset was worth the cost of the entire purchase. All of the pre-sets give so much added value immersion, and that you can be coming onto final, and decide..."hey...how would this be under rain, or rain 'n blow, or the white stuff....drop the menu...select...and you are there... I didn't even know, (in MSFS) that if it rains enough while on the tarmac....PUDDLES of water start forming. (Big smile, that you can't see....)!
  13. Between this, my 2nd forced full install, I am having the best post RTM experience in total with my present set up. The 'wow' factor is back! If you set up your nVidia driver to exactly as this chap recommends...the FORCE will be with you, Luke....
  14. When I installed for the 2nd time...I also got the choice of my listed drives. I re(2)installed again to the drive I did the original RTM. Also...wanted to mention, that whatever that added 10.18 GB download was....has really notched up the performance--->. Ultra Setting visuals and FPS! I had three (3) downloads the one required content, then the latest 1.14 GB patch #6, and then this out-of-nowhere 10.18 GB update, on my second run of the 2nd install. Did you see that 10.18 GB 2nd patch as well? Just before you might say that that was my premium deluxe, nope...got that wit
  15. Interesting, yesterday morning.... so...I started my 2nd time 97 GB full install. It did that...and then I had to install all my Content, which was 37 GB...and THEN...I had to install the 1.14 latest patch. Then...when running it again, for the second time...and it CHECKED UPDATES...another patch...which was 10.18 GB's over 35 files...downloaded and installed. I wonder if in downloading the full install, it triggered a not-supposed-to-be-out-in-the-wild patch of that 10.18 GB!?!??! Dunno...but it downloaded off of the MS servers...
  16. Hi Jon, have always had since RTM, the entire installation on another drive other than System C: Thanks for your 'look outs'.
  17. Thanks everyone for your insights and suggestions. The plot thickens....I just fired up a full clean install, and I just got a CHECK FOR UPDATE..and a new update...coming in at 10.18 GB's...loading in right now...so something new is happening. The latest update was around 1.14 GB's if I remember...this is ten times that size...over 37 files... Later...
  18. The only good news at my end...is I started my re-install about 10 minutes or so ago, and I already have 23 GB's of the 97 installed. Then...I'll have about 5 minutes in the Content section to download all my Premium Deluxe. They need to better create a NORMAL start icon...that can find the *#((@ install! This sucks...:( x's 2!
  19. Yep...pretty downhearted right now...am re-installing in the background. Just to know...before I started my now 2nd full install, I clicked on P3D 5.1, XP11.x, AF2, FX10 Steam....and every one, fired right up. So...did today's 10 Cumulative Update, wreck the link? It was the only thing that changed in my W10 since last night. Right after it updated, and had to re-start...right after that....I tried to run MSFS...and BORK....the sound's of crickets... Is the M.S. Digital Rights, so wonky that it will consider any change to W10, as a run failure?!?!? If it happens a
  20. Well...as I'm typing this, I am once more, having to totally re-install MSFS! Last night...I clicked on the START icon...and the simulator fired up. This morning, there was a H20 Cumulative Update....and after that, I wanted to run MSFS, and got the BLUE BOX, stating that my MSFS installation can't be found. This is the second time in three weeks that this has now occurred. On the app, you can try the REPAIR, but it did absolutely nothing. The only recourse again, for the second time was to RESET the ICON, which will cause you to have to totally re-install. I really enjoy MS
  21. Hi xxd09, I would 'think' that because you have the boxed version...it would be a slam-dunk?!? Ever since I was forced (no hand wringing decision making involved (LOL)) to nuke the RTM and reinstall from the M.S. servers...it's been MSFS, love at first sight! You only have my word for making the claim that by their 5 patch hacking away of the RTM coding, trust me...it ***BORKED*** that install. I had lots of the same problems as everybody else. Like you...I messed around with my Community Folder 'delights'...and still had the same well...to put it quite bluntly...***CRAPPY*** run and u
  22. Bassman, my RTM install was never on my System Drive, or C: drive. It was installed to another drive, directed by my telling (adjusting) W10 to install any and new installations on my 10 TB non-system drive. That was after the Pre-Order original Start Icon was downloaded and resting until it got activated on Aug 18th. So when the HotFix patch addressed another version of that 691 MB Start Icon...it pointed to its default install on a user's system or C: drive. That is why it could not find an MSFS installation it expected on my C: drive. That forced the reinstall, as there is no way yo
  23. I'm right there with you...as I am thinking of doing exactly what you are...going back to AMD. I have a 10 year old 'long-in-the-tooth' Intel/nVidia system presently, that has done me well, owes me nothing (LOL!), and was on a few sites tracking down a motherboard that will (with profiles...) allow for 4,600 Mhz, (if I decided on that...) and can run 64 GB's of System RAM. If I am going to spend $$$'s on a new system, I want to seriously, future (spend proof) the system...so am going for the fastest 5000 series CPU, matched to the fastest AMD GPU hotrod, (to take total advantage of the CP
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