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  1. Thanks all for your view and comments. Stillwater...I didn't realize how much of a re-work Orbx did on Australia. Finding out, with every flight, here and there! Aus2 is definitely worth the money and download!
  2. ...wow...the Beaver was pitching almost 35 degrees to left and right, as I taxied out into the bay. I then took off, for a short hop to the other side of the inlet. Then...what a trip taking the 180 turn and sweep into docking with such wave swells inland. Finally as I neared the dock, the swells diminished! What a hoot! This is way too much fun...so ***HAS TO BE*** in someway,...illegal, lol! Left Mouse click one on the pic...and then once more to bring up to full size. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hi Jack...I have never had a CTD as a result of running ASN, or ASP. Been lucky there. Yessir, V5HF2 is leaps and bounds ahead of any V-series prior. Thanks all, for your comments!
  4. ....AUS2 Rocks! So much to see at WORLD all slides full right Extremely Dense. P3D v5HF2 Water set to Ultra with all sub-boxes checked on Active Sky for P3D FFTF Dynamic running in background, AGL mode 3,500 ft.
  5. I have a few locals, I am glad to see back too. Gerard! Frankly...love ya, L.M...but your P3D v5 default airports...well...er...ah....SUCK! Yay Orbx, even if you have to grab the Orbx Freeware Airport Folder, kicking and screaming from its bed in P3D v4, and shove it into v5!!! LOL!~ Oh well....LOL! Cheers,
  6. Hi Rondon, because of my purchase and usage of FFTF Dynamic for P3D v5HF2; You are missing the textures you see here, at full WORLD 3 sliders full right Extremely Dense. Water(s) at full Ultra Setting. All sub-boxes checked on. The entire P3D graphic section that includes Tessellation at full right. All textures fully developed. All ground terrain and textures fully developed and crisp, in the foreground, in the background, as I fly over them at 108-110 knots....roads fully formed, coastlines fully formed, no blur, no cross jag. All autogen that is supposed to be in the visual
  7. Because I am running FFTF Dynamic for V5 already, I don't know if I saw a better P3D usage, with the modifications to the Registry..but certainly, nothing negative with the modified entries either. Yep..PM for what you might want to have clarified, or settings within P3D. BTW, Carlos...when you install FFTF Dynamic for either v4 or v5 P3D, IF, you get from W10 Virus Security a positive hit...yes...you might..but it is a negative. The coding of FFTF Dynamic needs to interact and more importantly...WRITE a new FFTF fraction INTO P3D on the fly. That has triggered a 'virus' hit when W10 V
  8. Carlos, any of the T.E. products for P3D(whatever) taxes the best of systems. But the good news...is that FFTF Dynamic stand alone program 3rP, BECAUSE it changes the FFTF setting literally on the fly, in real time, can mitigate a lot of the texture load stress brought on the CPU Cores, which are trying to handle the processing threads created by P3D in action. What's happening to create the blur and deteriorating-before-your-eyes, rendering of the scenery, is that your CPU is being overwhelmed by the task of updating the real-time load in of textures as you (which is controlle
  9. Hi Carlos, I just followed through this video (***AFTER CREATING A REGISTRY EXPORT BACKUP!!!!), and reset the values as per his instructions, to the end of the video. I have not yet rebooted the system. Now speaking about the 3rdP FFTF Dynamic program that one can purchase, that is a RAVE review on my end. It absolutely works just as advertised to do so, and if you set the AGL (Above Ground Level) setting top end, that default is 5,000 ft, to around 3,000 ft, if you like mostly VFR 80-250 knots over terrain, it will absolutely keep your terrain and autogen visuals top notch, and crisp
  10. You need FFTF Dynamic v5....3rd Party purchase. Set to 3,000 AGL. That will do it... Google it. Read what it does...how it does it. Your FFTF setting becomes dynamic, live-time...and changes in the second, depending upon the scenery load in demand. With a manual setting, that you have now...no MATTER what is happening in the live-time animation load in...your pre-set FFTF .cfg setting could be totally inappropriate for the demand upon the CPU/GPU...and hence...lagging, and visually deteriorated texture AND...auto-gen load in, upon the screen. Check it out...and you can buy me a virtual
  11. Yes, perhaps 300 or 500 MB's more,...I have an 8GB card...and usually run between 3.7-4.1 or .2 I also have my sim sliders full or very right side aggressive.
  12. We probably will...seriously, this area looks nice...and that pier....wow...probably some great fishing right off it!
  13. Stillwater...after you showed myself and my wife that RL tourist shot...we decided to to anchor and step out onto the island..for a breakfast/picnic.....! "Gorgeous virtual weather...and now just watching the marine life, enjoying that ocean!. She makes great egg salad sandwiches with lots of cracked black pepper!" ...and away we go again....!
  14. Here's that on-coast Marina, I was talking about out there behind the Quest,...near either a development of condos...or coastline Hotels...but they do look like condos for the folks-with-coin....:) Double left click with the mouse to see it better...
  15. "WOW...THANK YOU! To see a RL perspective...made my morning!" Thanks again, Stillwater! "Wow, wow, woooooooooooooooow!"....
  16. Thanks, Carlos...so much to fly over...lol...so little time....!
  17. Still, that is the Quest Kodiak (the installer is for P3D v4(whatever), BUT...you can either bring the installed Quest Kodiak folder over to v5HF2, or...you can 'fool' the installer to 'think' it is pointed at v4....you know..I'm sure you've already have done that for any other delectables ...lol!
  18. Just off the coast of YHBA....near and almost across thereabouts, from that fabulous Marina...
  19. I don't want those two Orcas...getting to wanna play with the Quest...better take off now...while the gettins' good...lol!
  20. ...what a surprise...wonderful! Left mouse click twice on each snap, to see them at full res....
  21. Thanks, lain! Coming into YHBA Fueled...and taking off again...more sightseeing!
  22. ....a couple more..and then settle in for an hour or so..
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