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  1. I am wondering if the sound in MSFS2020 will be surround sound, or a wide-altered stereo L and R channel? Was there ever a developer talking about sounds...I don't mean engine sounds, that's one of them...but environmental, and as you move your point of view either left or right...will the central sound envelope favor the 'virtual' angle L or R, of your head? I wonder...
  2. A forum member Public Service Message By Default...it will (from the Microsoft Store) download to a protected App Folder on C: drive. So...when it become available, that means that 135 GB will be soaked up on your C: Drive. If you DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN...and you'd like control of where M.S. Flight Sim 2020 will download to, is simple: Go to W10---SETTINGS----SYSTEM----STORAGE (at the bottom of the page under More Storage Settings, choose Change Where New Content Is Saved---at the top New Apps Will Be Saved To (drop down your list of hard drives and USB drives
  3. You will need 136 GB's of room...but I would not un-install anything...rather..go out and buy another hard disk!
  4. When you see the blurries....press PAUSE...and sit...watch....and what will happen is you will see before your eyes, all elements tighten up, and come into focus...ALSO...elements that were not even rendered (autogen) in the scene as you flew over...will appear. When you see this...your system simply can't render in live time, at the simulated knots you are flying over the scenery. Now...when the scenery looks fabulous under you....press PAUSE again...and fly with a downward view. What will happen, is as you fly out of the range of the clear, crisp and fully rendered scenery, once more...be
  5. loved that first shot...very dramatic...well done!
  6. A very popular and affordable jet aircraft for General Aviation. All owners love them!
  7. Thanks Jack...I see that Stillwater is from Hannover...so decided to still check XP11.50b14 out with a jaunt from his home digs, to T.E. (Exeter) it will be fun flying over the Channel...
  8. Here, you go....XP11.50b14 out of Hannover Intl, outbound for T.E. (Exeter) Enjoy...
  9. .....please Gerold...have at it. Just figure out the Forum that they will be accepted! R.L. visuals....only lock in your mental outtake when flying it in virtual. I see you are from Hannover....so guess where the next P3Dv5HF2 is going to plop me....and you only get one guess....LOL! WAIT...wait...I remember that I did Ortho4XP covering all of Germany, when I went nuts about two years ago,and covered the West and East coast of North America, South America, and Central America...and ALL of Europe! I've changed my mind...with the great new visuals put out by XP 11.50 B14...it's off to b
  10. That is what I felt, now when flying the route...and that is exactly what I thought of Adam's shots...Laminar is really closing in on R.L.!!!!! As I 'stepped outside', lol...and did a 360 around the Kodiak Quest...the light diffusing on the PBR surfaces....was amazing to convince me, that that was sunlight. The haze is perfect, and whatever else they've done with the shaders in Vulkan....is truly magic! Yes, you take off into the 'blue' in 11:50(b14) and it is real.....or as real as a computer desk can get.
  11. Well...I'm bad...I just decided to check out Germany...and plopped myself down on an airport in mid-Germany that could take a '37. Can't remember the name, Jack. Germany to Greece is a great rout over Europe...with usually exceptional visuals coming onto Final over the Aegean Sea...
  12. Thanks all, and Adam is right...I think they tweaked, how should I state this...the haze and light scatter in the atmosphere....it looks so very real now...as you glance down towards the ground. I think Laminar is on final to a RTM 11.whatever....! Here's later on about an hour or so...heading west...
  13. Thank you for this tip...did both v4 and v5 just now! FIND and REPLACE strings did it in 30 seconds, each! Thanks again.
  14. That looks fabulous, Adam! Ok...will sip my morning coffee and give P3Dv5 a rest...lol. You got me....LOL!
  15. Lately, I've been trying to fly over countries and continents that I for the most part...don't. The 'do not' has no basis for not to...lol. So...stretching those wings. For instance, I have Aussie2 and yet have flown very little over that continent, even though I have also the Gold Coast...etc. So...have been...and been really enjoying the update. We all need to take a flight off of a different continent or country that we hail from....lol! At least once in awhile...!!!
  16. man-oh-man...P3Dv5HF2, is the ***BEST*** M.S.-based flight sim every created! The scenes and shader rendering(s) is just top notch!
  17. Thanks, all, glad you enjoyed the shots highlighting GSX-2 A GSX or GSX-2 User Tip. If you upgrade to W10 2004, and you find that when you use the FSDT Live Update Module, that you get an EXCEPTION ERROR box, where it asks you if you wish to exit, stop, or continue..but with errors, to remedy this, go to the FSDT site (where GSX lives...) and re-download and install the entire 64 bit package for P3D v4/v5. That will update the Microsoft.NET module that was/is triggering that hash-mark-file-download error. Then...after everything installs again...run the FSDT Live Update to g
  18. We, off-loaded our passengers and crew...and on-loaded both for the out-bound to KFNT (Flint, Michigan) today... Punta Cana Int, Dominican Republic P3Dv5H2 Orbx Global Orbx HD buildings Orbx Trees (both offerings) GSX2 and all the other usual characters...lol! Left click once on each picture and left click once more, to bring up to full resolution and size if interested to.... Un-boarding, boarding, push back, and climb out....
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