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  1. On 2/17/2021 at 2:59 PM, kl791 said:

    Hi Holger,


    Thanks - I must say the anchorage looks very good and it wouldn't be possible to get the real intensity with AI ships. I have visited several times and the amount of ships there is just amazing. So I will adjust the routes a bit. And the rest of Singapore is also fantastic. Congratulations. I was long waiting for a decent Singapore scenery but this was better than expected. 

    Can't wait for this...I mean...the REAL DEAL, from you, the Dev.  Can you please post a link to your download for your official package for MSFS,  on this thread.  That would help a lot of us out to download and be amazed at your stellar work!  Thank you so much, in advance, sir!  Cheers!

  2. Just as an addendum, the Dev, is most likely trying to overcome whatever it is, that does not have his entire package produce and render all  within V2, in any parts of the world, he has created the .bgl files for.  I have taken A/B flight (A) being P3D and (B) being MSFS, and for instance, where ships would be steaming up the Detroit and Sarnia River, towards Lake St. Clair, and Lake Huron,  no matter what date I have set, I have yet to see any craft or sailings generated.  I hope that he (if that is what is delaying his official release) can overcome that.  I have seen ships (lots!) in and around Washington State (KORS, etc) out in the open Channel,  around some of the Carib, in European waters...but to date, have not had much luck seeing ship traffic on any of the Great Lakes.   So, for right now, hit and miss, I guess, and that is (or one of the reasons) what is causing the Dev to not release a literally---->un-zip and drop in Community Folder...and done.   The above in this thread WILL give you (where it displays to date) ship traffic, moving, doing its thing...but again, nothing wrong with your installation, if no wakes,  bow wave spray, etc.  There ain't any....another MSFS need-to-do...:(

  3. 11 hours ago, Ian St said:

    Is it the case that the wake and smoke effects aren't working in MSFS, or did you just happen to pick some stationary ships for the pictures?

    The ships were all moving across the strait...turning to follow the planned course for them by the developer...and the best months to see as many ships as you can, in an area you wish to fly, are during the Summer Months, for right now, in December, the Shipping Season is over, and for the most part, even as far back a few years, most of the Great Lakes, would freeze over with ice three or four feet thick!   So,  if you install, change the Month to May, June, July, August , September (and whatever day...for instance try mid month in each...make it July 15th, and start your flight....

  4. The most ships I have seen, has been around KORS and FRIDAY HARBOR.  If you decided to just play around with this, until the OFFICIAL download,  start there, and if you don't see any ships where you'd like...play around with the date and time of day.  I think that has a bearing...  Obviously, this is a work-around until an official release of the package is available.  Of course this work-around for the time being, is not to be considered, a polished and 'approved' version,  that the author would produce, knowing the in's and out's of his creation!  This is just for the time being, to get some 'life' out there, until an official and 'approved' version is offered to the community.


    But while we wait for that....if you try the above installation,  make your first flight out of KORS or FRIDAY HARBOR, and take a scenic flight out over the waters. These pics was such as that...  Have fun, until the 'real deal' hits the streets!  By the way, to have water like this, you have to create a WIND layer, and crank the wind slider fully to the right...to see swells, fleck, and whitecaps. These pictures had the Wind Slider about 90 % to full right....

  5. 25 minutes ago, Lee H said:

    Out of respect for Nielsen's marvelous hard work on this, his own project, I think I will wait for his official release.



    Be my guest....I'm enjoying now!!!!   Every thing in the P3D package is now in my MSFS.  Finally, the oceans look alive with traffic!  I got pictures to work, once more...so, here are a few to show it off.


    Screenshot (43).png

  6. 28 minutes ago, fabs79 said:

    Are you referring to the Global AI ship traffic Addon by Henrik Nielsen that he released for P3D and has been trying for a while now to get into MSFS? I know he is making good progress but last time I checked on fsdeveloper.com he said it wasn't ready for release yet, but I could be wrong. I'm also eagerly waiting for it because I love island hopping short flights all over the world and the AI ship traffic adds so much to see to otherwise sometimes boring flights over water. 

    Yep...you can do it yourself...the entire 1,800 ships...lol.   It is so freakin' easy. I just edited my post with the conversion.exe you use.  Use that to drop the layout.jason file ONTO..it does everything in 3 seconds...and you are DONE!  You don't have to do another thing, but what I suggested, to get the Folder into your Community Folder.  After that...set your SHIPs to 5 percent or greater...and fly out of KORS...head out to the channel..and be amazed at how the ocean has awakened!  It's a blast in the Icon 5.  What that .exe file does, is it automatically sniffs out every folder in the V2, and creates for you a proper layout. js that MSFS will sniff, to insert everything as if it were all placed as you do, in P3D.   Ten minutes, from the time you drop the  Folder onto your Desktop...use the above instructions,...re-zip...un-zip in the Community Folder....delete the zip...and YOU ARE DONE!  Enjoy the whole shebang~! The ONLY thing that you don't see, are any wakes, or bow waves...because MSFS HAS NO water effects active. When it does, (if ever...) then the wakes will appear as they do in FSX and P3D.  I have a ton of pics of myself in the Icon, flying over all the boats and ships...containers, fishing,  Coast Guard, etc.  My picture server is no longer compatible with the Orbx Forums...so I don't bother now.   Follow the instructions...and enjoy.


  7. ..man oh man, does it look good!   I installed it, and then took off from Orbx's KORS, and headed out into the open channel.  There were (shipping, lol) TONS of different kinds of boats,  the same as in my P3D and wow, does it hype up the immersion. The water is now as life-like as the land.   Crank up the wind...get those crested wind driven waves with spray fleck...and have a blast in the Icon.  I sure did.   Everything works, including all ship night lighting. The only thing you DO NOT have, are any wakes. no water effects, because there aren't any in MSFS (so far) as they tell us...


    If you want to take the five minutes to do this...read the thread 'in the other place...lol'  and it will tell you what you have to do.  Also...here is my tip, to bypass a lot of frustration and install failures, that some had. 


    First,  bring your A.I. Ships v2 zip to your Desktop. Then unzip the folder to your Desktop.  Then, go and get the conversion.exe file you need (in the thread...), and then place the two JASON files from ANY Community add-on, you have...grab as set...doesn't matter from where....but you need the two...and then place them in the A.I. Ship v2 Folder, along with the conversion.exe file you will see to get.  Then follow the instructions on how to drop the layout.jason file onto the active conversion.exe file. THEN...you are almost done.   You have to now ZIP that folder you just did all the conversion in. When zipped,  place that zipped folder from your Desktop into your Community Folder.   Then...use 7-zip and use the EXTRACT HERE on the right mouse button.  When extracted,  delete the zip folder, and you are done.  The reason that you have to place a zip file into your Community folder, is the only way to really get past the fussy 'file too long' hang-up.   Also, some files simply won't load into the Community Folder, if you try to just copy or drag from your Desktop.   Always unzip, or create a zip, and place THAT into your Community Folder...and you will never have to worry again, about some kinds of files, that MSFS will not let you load into that protected folder.  You can 'zip' past all that, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!   So, there Salty Dog....have at it....and enjoy all the same fleet of world-wide boats and ships, you enjoy in FSX or P3D.....


    Here's the app that will generate a correct layout.json for any MSFS package:




    Easy to install....and ya never look back, there, Matey!


    Captain O.F.

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  8. Due to some quirk (yet figured out) in using ASP3D with TrueSky A.E.,  if you just settle down at your airport, with ASP3D activated and E.A. as enabled, you most likely won't see any cloud formations, or level strata of such.  It will seem that the METARS show cloudless sky.  What one needs to do, until there is a fix, is to start the sim at the gate, or parking, and then go to WEATHER and then pick for instance---> Cold Front building, (or any other cloud/weather theme OTHER than Active Sky P3D), with E.A. as on.   You will see clouds generated. Then...after the flashing settles down, and they are now seen and 'forming quiet'  THEN,  switch over to Active Sky weather themes and go back to your airport view.  Now,  ASP3D will be able to access the cloud sprites, and form cloud formations and groupings as seen by ASP3D.  Also, you only have to do this at the start of your session as from then there on,  ASP3D will change the weather with depiction until you shut the flight sim down.  So, a little quirk if you fly with E.A. enabled.  If you do not, then there is no need to do the little cloud theme switcharoo 'tap-dance' before you pull back from the gate or taxi from parking.  ASP3D takes care of the clouds in NON E.A. mode as you would expect, right from the get go.  So,  there you have it, and now ya know, for those I am not preaching to the choir at....

  9. If you are experiencing in P3D v5.1 HF, a DIGI_HUNG_DEVICE error, it is a DX12 error, and has been identified by many users, as caused by having Bathymetry as enabled. If you do have enabled in the sim, the easy edit is to go to your P3D.cfg file, and do a search for 'Bath' without the prentices, and it will take you down to where it will show you have a '1' as enabled.  Change that to '0', and then press SAVE.  You don't need to run the whole program, unless you wish to, then just change that in the Graphics setting for that to unbox the setting. Same thing as causing the P3D.cfg file to show that as '0'.  I don't know if this also is an issue with v4.x, but as it is a DX12 issue, and v4.x is DX11, it should not be.  It is up to L.M. to fix this, and other's have reported that you will get this unfortunately, for some, using TrueSky's E.A.  It usually happens about 1-5 minutes into your game play.  FYI.


    The solution for me was to switch off "Enable Bathymetry". See here:


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  10. I'd consider this as well.  I have taken the time in the last couple of years, to populate XP11 with custom Ortho4XP tiles for North America, South America, Europe, and a few places of interest in Eurasia.  Being that I created the files with the highest LOD and render factor, Those Continents covered by my custom files, reside on three MyBook 8TB USB 3 drives.  So, right now, XP11.51B3 looks as good as MSFS at any altitude, for areas my tiles cover.


    I'd certainly would want the Orbx Global for XP11.(x),  as a fill in, and a back-up, go-to, if any of my MyBook drives fail.  I'm really appreciating once more (as if I just purchased and installed Global, those many years ago..) how good the current version of Orbx Global actually is, in usage of P3D v4 and v5.  


    BTW, as a side-note,  and if anybody would wonder,  if you have created Ortho4XP tiles anywhere that you have purchased an Orbx XP11.x product,  that product will have 'seniority'  and will display in place of your tiles.  You don't have to do anything, no editing.  Nothing.  If you removed any Orbx title,  for whatever reason, your Ortho4XP tiles would be brought into and loaded by the sim.  Just a user NOTAM. :)  Therefore, a Orbx Global product can play in the same sandbox, without anybody getting nasty...(LOL!)

  11. On 12/4/2020 at 4:53 PM, paulk said:

    Good Evening All


    Just to mention, (with the exception of my Orbx Scenery) I did a total delete and reinstall of P3d and all items linked to it, plus Graphics Card drivers etc. All is now working satis.


    Thanks to all who offered me advice.


    I’m also using Envshade which is great and getting FPS well above 50.


    Its a great update I love it.

    Paul, I also use once per month,  the RESYNC feature under Central's HELP menu, and re-sync all my sims.  If there is anything by use, 'wonky' in the Scenery Folder, merely doing this, will correct that and whatever.  It never does any Scenery Folder harm, but only helps.  Just another way to maintain and groom the Orbx assets installation.

    What I am not sure about, is if you use the RESYNC/HELP feature on the sim you have in the MASK,  if CENTRAL also re-sync's every Flight Sim , it has as recognized. Just in case it doesn't, my M.O. is to start at the top of the drop down, and bring each Flight Sim into the mask, and then go to the HELP and then the re-sync  click on.  That way, I know after I get the GREEN "Your simulator has been successfully sync'd" or something to that wording...then good for another month.

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  12. 9 hours ago, Bassman said:

    When it comes to experienced flight simmers (as opposed to game console users) I have noted that in my dealings with other pilots quite a few are ceasing to use MSFS2020 and are going back to their previous program. They are also very happy with the way that Orbx continues to support the various platforms. I wonder globally how many pilots are leaving MSFS 2020 until it becomes more reliable across the board?


    Kinda interesting, that you started this thread, for one main reason.  Just last night, as I came off a live-time flight between KDTW and KOAK, in a 737,  in P3D v4.x,  It dawned on me, that if anything, my using of MSFS has shown me how badly 'jaded' I had become regarding P3D both v4 and v5, as well as XP11.  The initial 'drooling' excitement for the MSFS Hype,  and then the eventual 3 month reality,  has given me a totally new and refreshed outlook and 'take' on both P3D v4 and v5,  as well as XP11.  They now are being looked at from a fresh and most appreciative 'eye'.  Everything works,  flight decks work, both commercially, as well as C.A.  I noticed again, now through non-jaundiced 'take for granted' eyes, that Orbx Global, for a synthetic product, is really quite grand....especially compared to MSFS Azure and itself at the FL's.  Doesn't look that much different regarding the 'patch work' rendering of the cities and rural farm fields.   


    In using and dealing with all the yes, for me, the disappointments of present MSFS,  P3D (both) and XP11 look totally 'new' (large smile) now seen through a much more appreciative 'eye'.   I'm now again looking at P3D Orbx assets I do not own, and will be looking to see what Orbx releases NEW, for both P3D and XP11.   If anything, MSFS has flatly shown me, that both mentioned sim platforms, are ANYTHING but D.O.A., at least on my computer system!


    Post Edit, ....also one very important reality----> I know that all my purchases are 'protected' and user-insured, with P3D and XP11.  I am   not ***FORCED*** to accept updates and/or coding take-aways,  to keep being able to use the flight sim base.   As far as I am concerned...and yes...I mention the MSFS 'elephant' sitting in the living room, is at any time...ANY TIME,  M.S. can up and dump their product, as they have done twice already,  and any 3rP assets you buy for it...including planes...will go down the drain, as they 'flush their commode'.   No such thing can happen with P3D and XP11, or your purchased planes and scenery(s) made for them.  The sim will work and function at the feature and performance level with your installed version number of both. I also appreciate that very important aspect of usage....and now, even more so!



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  13. Being that it is a known 'bug' coming from DX12 itself,  I think is is going to be a trying to 'dodge' it, affair.  For myself, I run both ASP3D and FFTF as my only P3D v5.1 and 4.x 'along-sides',  and have been plagued by this DX DIGI thing since having gone outside the sim to run at my 'happy to run' setting of 31 FPS.  Turned that off...went back to internal limiter, and so far, all is good, with the same two out-board programs running.


    Even Microsoft and L.M. state that the DIGI_DEVICE_HUNG      CTD, can also be the result of an over-clocked CPU.  Funny that no mention of overclocking memory as well, can cause this.  But definitely in articles around the Net, one system-set up, mentioned as causing, or path-way contributing to that DX12 fatal CTD, was having an over-clocked CPU running in the system.  I don't think, it is ONLY that, because I have not had an over-clocked 'anything' for well over two or three weeks, and I still had one the other day.  Since,  removing the nVidia mask FPS Limiter setting,  (crossing my fingers...), it has not returned.  I do know (from reading) that changing views, quite a bit, or in calling up the ATC window a few times, also (it seems according to some posters) to also trigger this DX12 fatal.


    It seems with the current crop of Flight Simulators, they are truly, a 'mine-field', and from the time you fire up the program, to hopefully, you end it by your choice...good luck, in not stepping on one....opening a window...pressing this....turning that dial....looking left, looking right....which mine, is going to blow up in your face....:(


    Clint Eastwood, talking to a current flight sim user..."Go ahead, punk....press that icon....make my day,  ask yourself, did I fire six DIGI 'bullets' at you, or only five....feel lucky, punk?   Go ahead....and make my day....tap the start icon..."....

  14. 11 hours ago, ve2dgz said:

    Very useful,

    thank you much.

    Where did you get this info?

    My own experiences and testing.  With the DX12, I did set the nVidia mask FPS limiter to 31...(but at that time did not make the connection, to cause and effect) but soon after, as I was reading in the P3D Support Forums for the DIGI_DEVICE_HUNG error and shut down for all the other people experiencing this...L.M. suggested this and that...but users came back multiple times to state that this and that, didn't work...they were still 1 minutes, five minutes 45 minutes...in the cockpit, outside the cockpit...backing out of a gate...starting to taxi...and wham BAM, the DIGI box showed up, with you needing to end the program...


    So, being that I had this as well...and got no leads from the twenty or so threads on the topic, I started thinking back, on WHEN this PITA showed up...and did I change anything of my M.O. in running v5.(anything).   The only thing, was that I set the nVidia mask FPS limiter to 31, instead of my usually 31 in-sim.   On a hunch, yesterday, I deleted that entry...ran an immediate flight, at the same airport, gate, time of day,  blah, blah, blah.   NO DIGI_DEVICE_HUNG,  even with E.A. on.   Taxied to the active...and took off in the 737....and ran the flight for about half an hour.  No DIGI showed up....until I shut down the sim, myself, wanting to exit! No DX12 CTD.

    So, through personal experimenting and sleuthing, I found what it was.  I then started a GOOGLE search just on DIGI_DEVICE_HUNG, and found that it showed up on any game, any genre,  IF...that game ran DX12.  Then I read, that Microsoft has been aware of that DX12 bug ever since the 1800 series of W10 updates.  To date, they have not fixed it, even in the latest W10 update version.  The imbedded DX12 still carries this bug, but my suggestion what not to do...will squash it, at least for running P3D v5.1 (whatever). :)

  15. If you get at anytime after starting P3D v5(anything) which runs DX12, and you get the box DIGI_DEVICE_HUNG error, and you need to shut down with the 'yes' option to the Desk Top:


    This will be triggered, due to a bug in DX12 that Microsoft is aware of...:


    If you use the nVidia FPS Limiter, to cap FPS's at any amount,  THIS will, and is causing the DX12 v5.1 (anything) error.


    Do not use the FPS Limiter function in your nVidia DRIVER settings mask, and you will no longer, or should no longer receive this error.


    If you wish to cap your FPS, I suggest, you do so INSIDE P3D v5.1 (anything) for that will not trigger the DX12 Digi_Device_Hung bug/error.


    Happy flying...

  16. I had never installed this product as I was told, or read that P3D v5.x has updated and better resolution elevation files.


    Well...that must be subjective like everything else...because:


    This afternoon for giggles,  I added the folders to my Scenery Folder, and after P3D came back to my PNW airport surrounded by mountains...well, well...what a difference. I had thought it just didn't seem 'as good' as my running around KORS within P3D 4.x, where I do have the FSGX2010 suite installed.


    Now,  P3D v5.1 looks just as good,  much more detail on the mountains...with no other in-sim settings altered.  Also no hit to FPS whatsoever.  I'm sticking with Pilot's 2010 for elevation data.  In my outlook, P3D native mesh and elevation data is inferior to the Pilot's FSGX2010 package.   Again...personal viewpoint.

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