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  1. Can't wait for this...I mean...the REAL DEAL, from you, the Dev. Can you please post a link to your download for your official package for MSFS, on this thread. That would help a lot of us out to download and be amazed at your stellar work! Thank you so much, in advance, sir! Cheers!
  2. Glad to read that you are home. As Dorothy said, "There is no place, like HOME!" Relax and mend, Iain!
  3. Just as an addendum, the Dev, is most likely trying to overcome whatever it is, that does not have his entire package produce and render all within V2, in any parts of the world, he has created the .bgl files for. I have taken A/B flight (A) being P3D and (B) being MSFS, and for instance, where ships would be steaming up the Detroit and Sarnia River, towards Lake St. Clair, and Lake Huron, no matter what date I have set, I have yet to see any craft or sailings generated. I hope that he (if that is what is delaying his official release) can overcome that. I have seen ships (lots!) in and a
  4. The ships were all moving across the strait...turning to follow the planned course for them by the developer...and the best months to see as many ships as you can, in an area you wish to fly, are during the Summer Months, for right now, in December, the Shipping Season is over, and for the most part, even as far back a few years, most of the Great Lakes, would freeze over with ice three or four feet thick! So, if you install, change the Month to May, June, July, August , September (and whatever day...for instance try mid month in each...make it July 15th, and start your flight....
  5. The most ships I have seen, has been around KORS and FRIDAY HARBOR. If you decided to just play around with this, until the OFFICIAL download, start there, and if you don't see any ships where you'd like...play around with the date and time of day. I think that has a bearing... Obviously, this is a work-around until an official release of the package is available. Of course this work-around for the time being, is not to be considered, a polished and 'approved' version, that the author would produce, knowing the in's and out's of his creation! This is just for the time being, to get some
  6. and one more...same flight...tons of ships! These series of shots are just out in the channel, flown outta Orbx KORS! There be fishin' boats...schooners, sailboats...navy...coast guard....you name it...I flew over it...lol! Having a ball....:)
  7. Be my guest....I'm enjoying now!!!! Every thing in the P3D package is now in my MSFS. Finally, the oceans look alive with traffic! I got pictures to work, once more...so, here are a few to show it off.
  8. Yep...you can do it yourself...the entire 1,800 ships...lol. It is so freakin' easy. I just edited my post with the conversion.exe you use. Use that to drop the layout.jason file ONTO..it does everything in 3 seconds...and you are DONE! You don't have to do another thing, but what I suggested, to get the Folder into your Community Folder. After that...set your SHIPs to 5 percent or greater...and fly out of KORS...head out to the channel..and be amazed at how the ocean has awakened! It's a blast in the Icon 5. What that .exe file does, is it automatically sniffs out every folder in the V
  9. ..man oh man, does it look good! I installed it, and then took off from Orbx's KORS, and headed out into the open channel. There were (shipping, lol) TONS of different kinds of boats, the same as in my P3D and wow, does it hype up the immersion. The water is now as life-like as the land. Crank up the wind...get those crested wind driven waves with spray fleck...and have a blast in the Icon. I sure did. Everything works, including all ship night lighting. The only thing you DO NOT have, are any wakes. no water effects, because there aren't any in MSFS (so far) as they tell us...
  10. Hi Jon, since my Dell 730x only has the conventional SATA interface at the four drive bays...I needed to go with the SSD internal legacy SATA format. The M.02 interface, is also based on SATA III technology, so it pretty much is a comparable in either connection bus format. So, good to go...but for space, if I had a more modern MB, that had the M.02 interfaces, I surely would have gone with that, so to not had to use one of my drive bays. As it stands now...my other three drive bays each has a 4TB spinner, so I am well heeled in TB free space.
  11. B12...I am SO IN, on only using an SSD now for my System Drive, and into the future, until dust looks younger than me....such performance....and you don't 'know',..if you don't 'GO' to your local computer store, and pick one UP! LOL! Cyber Monday might be a good day to take the drive, or tap the keyboard to all the other poor souls that are running W10 on spinners.......lol. About 5 minutes after I hit the Desktop, using Samsung Magician, my 860 EVO 1TB runs at 27C. Then, after a few program starts, stuff...it settles in to 37C. I just came off an MSFS Ultra setting flight ov
  12. Yes, that could be as well. There are good things to do with cookies, as well as the not so good, I guess....
  13. If anybody has read any of my most recent posts, it has been about replacing my W.D. Velociraptor 1TB drive (fatal clusters), with a just purchased Samsung 860 EVO SSD 2.5 inch SATA III drive, as my new Systems Drive. Ok... Well, I had been doing searches OUTSIDE of YouTube for specific questions I put into the search box... Ok.... This morning, the first time I loaded in YouTube, lo and behold, about the first three rows of 'suggested' content...yep...you got it....was for, or about diagnosing HDD failures, trying to 'fix' them...and yeppers.
  14. Yeah, I just picked up five MSFS airports...always did love Concrete...flying from it...not the fixing of cracked back yard patio slabs...
  15. BTW, having now a stable start to MSFS can be taxing on your finances...lol I just picked up in the Black Friday Sale: 1S2 3W5 KBUR CYLW KSBA ....guess what I am going to be doing this Sunday morn...the start of "Merry Christmas to myself season. "Fa laaa laaa laaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, la la, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaaa"! Slip into Robert Young's A36 v3 Turbo...from 1S2, to 3W5. From KBUR to KSBA. From KSBA, slip into the Citation II, and head over to CYLW. Yep..my poor wife ain't going to see much of me, today....and I LOVE November...gras
  16. Hi B12, actually, the research that I did, and I did literally hours of it before I dropped the hammer, is that you are right...you never de-frag any form of SSD tech. Yes...that is right, but...having stated that, you do need for the maintenance of a SSD and for the ability of it still maintaining its read/write speed, is to use TRIM. TRIM collects the garbage and grooms the V-NAND CELL for sequential and linear writing and reading of data. Even though there is no read/write head and arm that is mechanically moving over spinning platters such as is found in a HDD, there still is millisecon
  17. Hi Landon, Well, this being my first, I have to tell ya...WOW...ever since installing, it's like I just got a brand new 'latest tech' computer! I mean, it really goes past the 'wow'. 17 seconds...amazing...and I am at the password screen. Then...I use to watch my 10,000 rpm load in the icons (lots of them on my system, lol) across the Desktop. Now? Lordy...it's simply a flash. Look away, for a second (NOT KIDDING...) and the operation is done. I will NEVER use anything else from here on, other than an SSD drive for my System Drive. As the Velociraptor 1TB w
  18. Velociraptor at 10,000 RPM, took 46 seconds to bring me onto the password screen of W10 Pro. I have 5 W.D. high capacity MyBook USB 3 drives that run off of a REMUS PCI USB 3 card. Stuff to bring the drivers on-line with... 46 seconds... Removed the above and installed the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB 'wafer'...lol. 17 seconds.... I should have done this earlier...but having just paid $138.00 for it yesterday (Black Friday) showed me it was the time to jump in.... Runs at 32 C and of course, not a sound as the computer comes to life...for a
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