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  1. Just personally a feeling...with all the so positive response to the PC version...I can't imagine for one second, that it will not be a launch title. If they don't...man...has M.S. Marketing, really dropped the ball. As for controllers...interesting query. I have read a few posts that some are saying the Xbox controller is even better than a flight stick...but, I will certainly ante up for a HOTAS designed for Xbox X game play. I can't wait...for the price of another 8 GB card (RTX3070), I get a whole independent 16 GB system, vid card performance of a 2080, (no strings tied to my computer d
  2. You can also step up for $599.00 USF and purchase a totally portable system that MS gurantees will run MSFS at full spec. The price of a RTX3070. You have that option...the same option that I am going ahead with...for my dedicated MSFS platform.
  3. It's the same version...because it is an XPA title. Whatever you see in your version, will be exactly what you will see, running on the Xbox X 'system'. Why would it need to be dumbed down, or less in features than people running the PC version on absolute minimum specs? It will be the same...but you will be able to run MSFS at full game-ultra settings, and not dog it down. I'm keeping my desktop 'status quo'..no longer interested in getting the RTX3070 (still at only 8GB of Vram) and will buy this entire system, for the price of that one card. Totally makes sense in good money, following
  4. Why do you feel your take on forum content, should filter it out for anybody else that obviously that attends this forum IS interested---> by the fact they are posting to the thread. If you're personally NOT interested in this .....move on..pass the thread by...simple, no more personal irritation....
  5. SOLD! SOLD! Thanks for the FYI! For the price of one 3070 card...you get a truly portable ENTIRE system, that will fire MSFS at full Ultra. Sold, baby! This is going to stay by the 65 inch, and out into the Travel Trailer, etc. A great price...MS is gonna kill it with that price indexing!
  6. I was surprised to find this...more color depth...nicer visuals...in running in P3D v4.5 rather than in v5.HF2 Could be DX11 and v4.5's shader renderings. So...I guess it will be seen in v4.5 for myself. This is funny! FYI, same HDR settings in both sims...so Apples to Apples in my judgement on my system. I think Orbx used v4.5 to punch out the promo shots....they look close now. v4.5 seen at 5,000 ASL. ...
  7. Not wave fleck...shallow water color maps...reefs...was there in promo's..but show me now, where...point me to any island chain, that has even a midge of reef and shallow color/coral. Take me to a place on the Great Barrier Reef in MSFS...and I will look myself. Until then, my viewpoint stands. TE Florida has great water masking, shallows...etc in P3D. Partly why I went for it. Again, please point out any coordinates where there are clear shallow and coral...seas....until then, P3D v5HF2 ROCKS for real water interaction and depiction, upon nVidia WaterWorks v2.0 oceans and other water w
  8. It's not bad at all, Doug...for being a P3D product. It looks like a P3D product. Works like a charm, the State across.
  9. I don't have issues at all with P3D v5HF2. What are these issues? T.E. Florida runs like a champ inside of it....no blurs, no stutters, no demorphing of textures. None of the prior.
  10. For myself, P3D can and will be preserved and used alongside MSFS, if for the very fact that there is little to no water masking as was promoted on the teaser releases. No water effects/water disturbance from water taxi, taking off, or landing, killing immersion. Nobody knows how long that will be before it shows up in MSFS. Stuff like that. TE. Florida has no running defects seen. Roads remain coherent and intact. No blurries low, or high...at 160 knots and greater. At 5,000 ASL, the textures across the State look tight and almost 3D. For the price right now...it's (in my personal opini
  11. Another reason, is the insistence that each shot has Orbx content in it...so, as I have mostly moved over to MSFS, there is nothing that I can post to the Screenshot forum any more. I mean..how many shots of MSFS Orbx airport fly over's and at taxi, can one see, before it is ad naseum? I understand that they want us all to be passive promoters/influencers, and advertise their products in any shot posted to their site,...but really... With Orbx Global installed in FSX and P3D, you had the whole sim to explore and take interesting location snaps, (aligning with their 'Orbx conten
  12. Runs really well...not one negative, other than I'd wish to see more representation of black/grey asphalt roads, other than the entire state made out to be paved concrete. That's my only 'negative', if I'd call it that. Performance wise? Thumb's up.
  13. Got your PM and responded, and this is V5HF2 depiction. I don't have it installed in my 'on-system' V4..as that host HD only has 56 GB clear. So....V5.HF2 for my usage. I have P3D v4.5 on a high speed 10,000 RPM W.D. Velociraptor (a great sever quality hard drive!) so will keep it there for quick file access while in play. I have found that in P3D v5HF2, John...that cloud cover as well as current atmospherics play heavily upon the depth and color pallet in depiction of terrain, below the wing, at any given point in flight. I also find, that Orbx T.E. series of products look thei
  14. Thanks lain...the product for and on my system, has the best running performance of them all...in fact...NOTHING to report as a take-away...clear crisp textures, no graphic and road jaggie deterioration...just clear visuals, no matter what the altitude...so, a P3D T.E. product winner in my books. I have an older system...so, for anybody that has anything within even three years...will NOT have one single depiction issue...nope. Like I stated..in flying with it all over the State...the best visual bang for the buck...is at 5,000 feet. I usually like to cruise at 3,500...but as I did my visual
  15. I'm having fun with my copy as well. Good performance, with P3D v5 'full right'.
  16. I displayed them here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/583908-a-few-first-flight-Orbx-te-florida-around-punta-gorda/ I guess the whole state only has concrete roads, huh? It seems to my eyes, that the altitude 'sweet spot' for TE-Florida is at 5,000 feet. The ground textures really get tight and more 3-dimensional.
  17. I have another suggestion to offer...for those of you, that inherited their Dad's pull up home movie screen's...you know. the one up in the attic or back bedroom (I have one...), that would be the ideal surface to project onto...as it was designed to have a projected light beam upon it. The colors will be deep, true, and not affected by the tone and light filter of house paint. If one might be serious about this...I'd even consider to order a home movie screen (that usually was used with home film Super 8 reels and projectors. I have projected my Dad's Super 8 home movies on both the normal
  18. It's already 'announced' by a game on launch day slip up...I posted that here. but can't remember which post. Basically there is a coming game that stated right on the M.S. site, that it will be avaiable to the XBox X 'on launch day. If I remember, that game is launching around November 14th or so...so mid November. The Xbox X will be in the stores...so line up...for I will be. I like what John H said about his having at least 3 items connected via BlueTooth. Never thought of that...so I will be in the market as well for what 'he said', lol . Keyboard, Headphones,etc...and will plug in m
  19. Great shots, Brad...and see that you also have those two trees growing out of one of the spans. I have them as well...so it's not a glitch on only your system, I guess that will have to be removed and addressed, by an MSFS update. Very nice shots...have fun, as I believe you are!
  20. "Shhh, but there is a replacement rumor...that the MSFS dev's deliberately dumbed down many major MSFS-native airports, so to leave room for 3rP's not to starve to death in the MSFS wilderness."....
  21. I haven't looked at LOWI yet..but I can personally vouch for the quality porting of KORS. It truly transforms the airport and inhabited part of the island. Very nice. I highly recommend that port, if KORS in P3D and XP11 matters to you running with it. KORS/MSFS is just as good.
  22. Gotta tell ya...these A/B slide comparisons...are deadly....lol, on LOWI...which I did not purchase when buying my first two MSFS properties...well, the A/B did me in...just picked it up, Yep..the Orbx hook is still tugging...post P3D and XP!
  23. .and unfortunately, I have two trees growing out of the mid deck of the twin spans...so weird...hope Orbx can cut them down...as well as fix this. I noticed it too, so not just your system.
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