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  1. I'm running on a system that can handle anything prior, at full bent-right...all T.E. XPlane HD properties, all Land Class, P3D FSX and at 30 FPS. I uninstalled PNW, and got my textures back, but rendered very blurry, and useless for my needs/expectatons...so you have to run one or the other. To that other gentleman...un-install your PNW...and see if that addresses some of your issues with the title.. I do have autogen showing up now, but ground textures are very blurry, and you'd never know that any of the mountains and terrain is 10m. Over all, this title does not run well enough on my system, to justify what I spent to aquire it, and does not meet its advertised mandate and published screen captures, when running on my system. So...I'm going to un-install it...re-install PNW, in which my visuals entirely were crisp and clear...and will wait upon Richard's response to my P.M to him. Forgot you asked...always have run past and present, with an HD. I appreciate your comments and interest. Thanks. This title didn't work out upon my system to enhance my visuals, over PNW's delivery, ...and so no further support is needed, and thank you to all that offered. I wish other's a better outcome upon their systems. Cheers, Orbx Flyer
  2. Hi Larry...I have verified twice..rebooted...all with using v5. I have not installed yet in v4.5. Before I installed T.E. P3D, everything ran beautifully...rich (PNW) and vibrant...clear...30 FPS, and bright. I installed T.E. Wash...ran P3D v5 with no alterations, had to wait over 15 minutes before it moved much beyond a 5 percent load. I then took off from KORS (v5) and could not even make out any details on the hills surrounding the airport, so dark...trees a blur...then headed over the island as you saw...towards the mainland..and everything was the worst blur and misformed textures I have seen in 20 years.... I'm about to uninstall PNW through Central and run v5 KORS again...but, Larry...I don't need, or wish to start dismantling my products ONLY because I decided to invest in this one product. If so....then a no-go on my system. I have requested a full refund from Richard, as I am a multi hundred into thousand dollar long term Orbx customer...and wish to pass on this title. I'll go back to a working and happy PNW background. For myself...this has not been an advantage upon my system and sim visuals. Thanks for your outtake! I will install in v4.5 but hope that it does not compromise my perfect-to-date visuals from that v. I'll PM you...with the results as I wait to hear from Richard regarding my request/needs. Thanks. For this to be a satisfactory usage...it needs to run also in v5. Post Edit....Larry...as I headed towards that blurred out island...I had two A.I. ships in the channel...that were in steam,...but had absolutely NO hull textures. The sim-object hull was jet black. I have never had that, in anything prior to installing T.E. Wash P3D. Just FYI.
  3. To Richard Lincoln....I have sent you a P.M., and will await your communication. Thank you. Orbx Flyer
  4. I just installed it...ran it...from KORS....and this is what I got...as well as all my ships have lost their textures...and are just dark hulls..WTH? My jaw is dropping...the scene is so dark...that you can't even make out the forestry on the hills....not what I was expecting on first run....and installing this...has now compromised other scenic elements that should have nothing to do with it....like my A.I. ships...that now don't display any textures at all..just black shells...
  5. So, from what you are typing...if you were let's say ( I know this is not a 'fix'...) to uninstall all your purchased PNW airports, then whatever airport CAME with T.E. Wash for P3D would, (you'd think...) be blended to the surroundings, right? I know that this is not a permanent solution to your angst....
  6. One more 'bump'...and then will let the request flow into the mist....anybody?
  7. THANK YOU, very much, Larry...that was a very detailed and concise response! MUCH appreciated by myself. Cheers! I am foremost, an amphibian flyer...so all your properties are GOLD to me...! Oh, BTW, yes, my system should handle your next release! Looking forward to it.
  8. So, I imagine then, that any made-for-color-pallet-match, for PNW Landclass properties including any of Larry's efforts would suffer the same 'in your face', surrounded by T.E. P3D Washington. Thanks, for your observations. Much appreciated.
  9. It might just be that data compression that is not rendering out, as clear as in XP to Captain Nick's needs and/or expectations. Just a thought....
  10. You would use Links to your v5 install folders within v4.5...and Nick, here at AVSIM would be able to guide you on that. I believe that he does indeed use this method.
  11. I hope you are right...and he checks that out and reports back!
  12. All the guys and gals that were dying for this...with plastic in hand.... but not one of them, on Opening Day downloaded this for v4.5, or has any of Larry's wonderful Freeware properties?!? Whatever....!?! I'm hoping they are merely too busy to post...lol. O.F.
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