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  1. There are cruise ships! For instance, they spawn out in the channel around PNW. Fly out of Orbx KORS, head west over the channels, and you will see them dispersed within cargo ships and ships under sail. Be sure to set both pleasure and ships and ferries to 6 percent on the slides. Just a reminder, for both P3D 4 and 5, you set the slide to no more than 12 percent. That will give you all the custom boats, and will not spawn 100 percent of the P3D native.
  2. Be sure to transfer over these files to also, your P3D 4 and 5. More boats...! More Routes! Backwards compatible! Add all content from MSFS zip Effects to Effects 4 and 5 MSFS zip Scenery to Scenery/World/Scenery 4 and 5 MSFS zip SimObjects to same MSFS zip Animals to same and place contents into: their P3D 4 and 5 counterparts. When asked to overwrite, agree. You now have the most current A.I. Boats and added animals, into---> P3D 4 and 5 as well!
  3. Can't wait for this...I mean...the REAL DEAL, from you, the Dev. Can you please post a link to your download for your official package for MSFS, on this thread. That would help a lot of us out to download and be amazed at your stellar work! Thank you so much, in advance, sir! Cheers!
  4. Glad to read that you are home. As Dorothy said, "There is no place, like HOME!" Relax and mend, Iain!
  5. Just as an addendum, the Dev, is most likely trying to overcome whatever it is, that does not have his entire package produce and render all within V2, in any parts of the world, he has created the .bgl files for. I have taken A/B flight (A) being P3D and (B) being MSFS, and for instance, where ships would be steaming up the Detroit and Sarnia River, towards Lake St. Clair, and Lake Huron, no matter what date I have set, I have yet to see any craft or sailings generated. I hope that he (if that is what is delaying his official release) can overcome that. I have seen ships (lots!) in and a
  6. The ships were all moving across the strait...turning to follow the planned course for them by the developer...and the best months to see as many ships as you can, in an area you wish to fly, are during the Summer Months, for right now, in December, the Shipping Season is over, and for the most part, even as far back a few years, most of the Great Lakes, would freeze over with ice three or four feet thick! So, if you install, change the Month to May, June, July, August , September (and whatever day...for instance try mid month in each...make it July 15th, and start your flight....
  7. The most ships I have seen, has been around KORS and FRIDAY HARBOR. If you decided to just play around with this, until the OFFICIAL download, start there, and if you don't see any ships where you'd like...play around with the date and time of day. I think that has a bearing... Obviously, this is a work-around until an official release of the package is available. Of course this work-around for the time being, is not to be considered, a polished and 'approved' version, that the author would produce, knowing the in's and out's of his creation! This is just for the time being, to get some
  8. and one more...same flight...tons of ships! These series of shots are just out in the channel, flown outta Orbx KORS! There be fishin' boats...schooners, sailboats...navy...coast guard....you name it...I flew over it...lol! Having a ball....:)
  9. Be my guest....I'm enjoying now!!!! Every thing in the P3D package is now in my MSFS. Finally, the oceans look alive with traffic! I got pictures to work, once more...so, here are a few to show it off.
  10. Yep...you can do it yourself...the entire 1,800 ships...lol. It is so freakin' easy. I just edited my post with the conversion.exe you use. Use that to drop the layout.jason file ONTO..it does everything in 3 seconds...and you are DONE! You don't have to do another thing, but what I suggested, to get the Folder into your Community Folder. After that...set your SHIPs to 5 percent or greater...and fly out of KORS...head out to the channel..and be amazed at how the ocean has awakened! It's a blast in the Icon 5. What that .exe file does, is it automatically sniffs out every folder in the V
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