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  1. Orbx's involvement with XP, frankly, .....------->,makes the sim. heck, mostly the same can be said for FSX and P3D, no doubt....had John not started Oz...frankly, most of us would have by now, put most flight sims, into the right hand drawer....
  2. I'm sure that all of you know of the Oklahoma Land Rush...well... With the advent of MSFS 2020 on the near horizon...I predict there will be a ***STAMPEDE*** of present scenery houses, that support P3D, FSX, and XP11...in pretty aggressive scenery and airport sales, in the next coming 6 months...and not only them...for we are finally not at the beck and call, of hardware...namely Graphics Cards....so I predict...that such folks as nVidia and their manufacturing partners are clearly seeing the writing on the wall, with THE CLOUD...coming...and you will start to see pretty aggressive price $$$$$$$$$$$$ reductions, on all their current graphics card families.... With MSFS 2020 coming...we are no longer held hostage to whatever price ****THEY**** want to gouge us at...for (my personal opinion), we are no longer going to be 'worked' to buy the latest and greatest GPU, combined with whatever form or RAM they slap onto the card. I own a EVGA 1070 FTW card...and I am absolutely sure, that I will get all the great visuals that are coming our way...for I have already taken care of the most critical as I see the Dev's calling it out....the most critical factor, is not your present card...but your present ISP download speed. At 380 Mbps, I'm good to go... EVGA 1070 FTW/380 Mbps.....Microsoft....bring that baby to my system....ASAP! I'm ready!
  3. ...to glimpse the power, that the XP platform truly has for scenic fidelity. Who would have thought that XPlane could look so good...I wonder if even Austin had any idea...(and my P.O. is that until Orbx came on board...he, and everybody else, didn't...). Just beautiful at 1,500 to 1,800 feet along the coast near KORS....
  4. Then you are VERY good to go, sir! Two days ago, I was at an already fast, competent speed of 120 Mbps, but since then, I am now at 360 Mbps, with a real-world of 380-385 constant obtainable. I can go to 1 Gbps for about $15.00 per month, more over my present 360Mbps package,...but for what I have seen running with/at (real world) 385 Mbps (no time to even blink....) I think that I will get the full (max rendered) texture and objects-over-texture- details, and stutter free over topography flight metrics, from M.S. 2020, with no need to go past my real-world throughput of 380-5 Mbps--->using their Adaptive Internet Download selection, within the sim. My gawd, 360-385 Mbps...it's fast! What is so great news for everybody reading this...(my personal opinion in play) is that with a live-as-you-fly download of your x/y position anywhere in the world....is that we are finally, FINALLY free of the GPU (on card) graphics memory capacity (for good sustainable FPS) (forever upgrade!!!!)...if we, (and now most do...) have 6-8 GB's of on-board GPU memory...that will be way more than sufficient to render 20 or so miles around your plane. It will be render, and release, render and release (data stream) to give you the illusion of flight movement over the topography. Not like we are now with Prepar3D and XP11....you have scenery files constantly being loaded in by the CPU-demand-to-hard-disk...that in no way, on anybody's system...can match the speed of a direct off the internet 360Mbps-1Gbps direct-to-CPU/GPU, for purpose of rendering to the screen. This (in my opinion) will be the turning point...a massive turning point, in how flight data/visual data is going to be ending up rendering to our screens, presently and into the future...wow....!
  5. The greatest preparation that a prospective user of the new M.S. 2020 sim can do...is up your internet download bandwidth, to the most you can get in Mbps (like 360), or can afford in $$$. That is the one thing that will have the greatest impact, while we wait for this to RTM.... "When this comes out...my wife will have to slide my food under the Den door....oh yeah...."!
  6. ...and that's why I went over 200 times faster download put through bandwidth, yesterday----->....baby...bring that Z19, in every sq mile,...can't wait! Drooling...making a mess in my lap...and if it's a monthly subscript fee...I'm good with that...for it is the world in virtual for the first time, no-barrier-held, ground and above-ground detail (!!!!),...and will always be updated, IN LIVE TIME....with perhaps the subscriber...not even being aware of constant scenery upgrading, being done before their eyes....wow...am I excited!!!!!! You are no longer held hostage to the latest and greatest Graphics card...compelled to get as much on-board memory, at each whack of $$$$ hemorrhaging from your plastic...'I owe, I owe, so off to work I go...' card... (large smile). "OMG...did I make the right decision yesterday to up my game, in bandwidth: WOW!!!!!" Adaptive Streaming Adaptive streaming will provide the most detailed experience possible based on your bandwidth. Specifics were not talked about during the presentation, but it was made clear that the simulator will monitor requirements and only use what was available. Based on some of the menu options visible in our hands-on, there were internet options. When speaking to the developers one-on-one, they said that the level of detail will adaptively change depending on the strength of your connection and how much of the data you could download at what speeds.So for those worried that having a slow internet connection will impact your frame rate, that won’t necessarily be the case. However, microdetails such as texturing in cornfields or visible road markings may not render in as much detail if your connection is weak. Simply put, your level of detail will vary depending on your bandwidth, but the core simulation experience will remain intact. Or as Lioel put it “the better your bandwidth, the better the experience.”
  7. There is one thing you might consider, as I am...IF...all of the world, is true-to-life- digital data...and the Engine will process it...that will mean, that all of the airports, should have all structure in play...right out of the 'box'....terminals, out-buildings, taxi ways...runways...it should all be seamless. This is exciting...I think that even a 700,800,900 series graphics card, has underused computational resources, that will handle this. Also, if it is live download...and I have perceived that it is...I just upgraded yesterday to a mind-blowing download Internet speed of 380 Mbps in anticipation of live-x/y fly over download. With this approach, if you will excuse my pun..., having large G card, on-board memory is of no longer the hold-back...except for current PrePard and XPlane scenarios. I run a GTX 1070 with 8 GB's of on-board graphic memory, and that will be more than sufficient, to handle any 20 miles surrounding my x/y of my plane, in real time download, with the ***MASSIVE*** per square mile detail that we see in the trailer. What you will need, to be smooth, is your Internet Package download speed...THAT will be the 'new memory' goal to hit. Like I said, for a few dollars more, I upgraded yesterday from 120 Mbps, to 380 Mbps (over 200 times faster download put-through)...of which is still blowing me away, as lighting fast page refreshes...and nVidia Driver packages that takes not more, than 10 seconds to download,...as the download progress circle icon, whips around its pole.... In otherwords...with a GTX 1070 8 GB card...and a download speed pushing just under 400 Mbps...Microsoft 2020...this guy is ready! Bring 'er on!
  8. I guess that can happen, as you say, if that is the only motor in front of them...and some couples have money up the ying-yang...so, I'll think of your input, when next I see that Class A hanging around the airport...
  9. Great shots! I always did smile even with any version of Orbx's KORS...in that who in real life, would transport a Class A motor-home to a very small island, ....what nut job would do that? LOLOLOLOLOL Perhaps a park model trailer...but a MOTOR HOME...where are you going to motor to?!?!?!? Just makes me smile when I see it....
  10. Here is the link to the topic and the download at the bottom of the page...
  11. ....heading toward's Michigan near sunrise,...passenger having stress-induced breathing issues as I coax the 172 to climb to 8,500 ASL...I keep telling her...don't look out,...keep reading your magazine! "Breathe...in...and...out...."...... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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