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  1. Dadtom, you'd think, that whatever time zone and day zone you fall into...that if it is the 18th, next to your computer...you can mash down on the button...
  2. I just found out that the Marketplace will CONVERT all other international currencies from USF to XXX currency. Their asking price will ALWAYS be figured out in USF funds. So...we're back to square one...for Canadians...you will pay the added-on 38 percent or more USF to CDN 'jack up', ...and then your Province's sales tax on top of that. Then...your C.C.'s gonna crank it up another 3.5 %. If as Ed stated, any MSFS offerings will be as in the past, on their Direct Site (Australia) in AUS...then the C.C. will be pulled out of the locker... I'll look for that, on Launch Day. I certainly won't be buying through the M.S. Marketplace...well, not for me anyways. AUS to CDN, only!
  3. They're predicting thunderstorms for late Sunday night...sunny blue skies for Tuesday...so I think I'm good! If there IS a power outtage...I'll make that cowboy above, screaming out about 7FPS, sound like a muted monk chant up in the Alps... If there is a power outtage, or the MS servers melt....put some ear plugs in....as quickly as possible....!!!!!!!!! Oh...and !!!!!!!!!
  4. That FSX/MSFS airport comparison vid.... ...how far have we all traveled in the flight simming years....amazing...the only thing next to jump to...is holographic projection...and that...I can totally wait out for...lol. MSFS ...what I have always hoped to see on my monitor since 1984....lands, on Tuesday, August 18th, to a monitor near you.... Grab the popcorn,, dancing hot dogs and hamburgers, and tell the kids to keep the noise down in the back....
  5. "not only are we forbidden to comment, we do not know the answers." Nick, I will certainly respect that...and as I stated..in absence of any direct comment from the C.E.O. who I am sure, is reading this thread...will find out, soon enough as we all will. I appreciate TOTALLY, your candor...with respect. Orbx Flyer "Over 'n out".
  6. Or simply Nick....the answer to my yes or no question...simply does not want to be given, and/or avoided. It's now Wednesday,and I posted on Saturday. It's a simple question...from this day forward, are Orbx offerings for sale, --->going to be posted and asked for in payment, ONLY by means of USF funds.? Simple question to answer. Yes...or no. Will purchases made upon Orbx's host site, Direct still be asked for in the Company's NATIVE currency...their resident currency...$AUS. As a Canadian purchaser and supporter...I would appreciate a direct answer. As a Canadian purchaser...this apparent decision will affect me, very much financially, in regards to further support and purchases going forward. This is a legitimate concern. Thank you, Orbx Flyer.
  7. "So............your computer thinks MSFS is trash or junk?!?!?? What nerve!"....;)
  8. It's all good, Nick...for of course, we will all find out, with our attempt at a first purchase. That will be the Litmus Test, right? Cheers, and thanks for this post. You were looking out for me...and John and I are enjoying the conversation, in the mean-time. Mitch
  9. That is the brunt, John...but waiting for that exact confirmation. Will that be the case...will that still be a portal to pay for such as Canadians.
  10. Not only that...but did you notice that the road that car was on...was wet...glistening...JUST as it would be in a real world snow falling, Winter condition. That blew me away. If by chance, you did not pick up on that...play the vid again...and the level of detail in this sim...is beyond words...and beyond accolades. It is also an 'easy' beyond, anything we have ever seen to date, for virtual 'realism'. Again, I invite you to check out that foreground road in the Winter Wonderland portion of the vid, if you can't envision it in your mind. I also very much agree with you on the water...that shot of a lake, or bay...and that you could LOOK into that water to almost the bottom...is sheer magic. What the shader sub-routines on this beast entails...wow. All the software architects's first and last names on this project, should be able to be called up within the program, to give them their due....absolutely!
  11. As we wait...and we being Maple Syrup-blooded Cannucks....here my friend...is a great Canadian beer! You stick whatever label you want on this virtual pass to... I'm just going to hold off, for now, until we get a response, and just fly whatever comes with the gig. "Oh Canada....hum hum hum..."
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