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  1. I would guess that news about TE for P3D not far behind.
  2. It looks fab but are the gates and cargo areas coded for correct parking? Would love to get East Midlands as well but that has held me back.
  3. Seems like everyone was caught totally by surprise, kinda funny. This looks to be a vfr flyers dream. Just a few thoughts - I'm betting this might be selected detailed areas, can't imagine they've resourced the whole planet like this. Also did you see the insane amount of detail around the pyramids and stadium (cars!). I remember the early screen shots everyone was drooling over when FSX came out, then ugly reality hit trying to run the thing to look like those shots. Hope this isn't the same. This will be interesting.
  4. I know where I'm going. Well done.
  5. Thank you Nick...I wouldn't classify all of England and now PNW as simple conversions, but no worries. I'm sure Africa and Au will be more than satisfactory for those interested, just like all of Orbx products. Just thought you might like some honest perceptions of a "paying customer", or "avid collector" if that is more acceptable. Btw, not trying to diss X-Plane at all. I may get it at some point, just not right now.
  6. I'm really curious why P3D production seems to have bottled-necked, while XP stuff keeps flooding in. Now it seems TE PNW for XP is almost halfway done, all of England is complete and we are just now getting TE England South for P3D, and the rest sounds like a long way off. Yes, we have TE NL, and a long-awaited update, for which we are grateful. But as a paying customer of FSX and P3D Orbx products for years, I'm very curious what's up.
  7. So now that the whole of England is finished for XP and SP1 for south is well underway, any word on the SP for P3D Netherlands?
  8. Very nice shots, thanks for posting. I found that London wasn't bad, I had to reduce shadow quality to medium and kill tree and building shadows, but autogen stayed maxed. I stay away from certain airliners though
  9. I'm not talking about vegetation, I'm referring to all the concrete areas and roads. Take another look at my sample. In fact this doesn't look like it's just confined to the Ford Factory.
  10. Looking very nice. Probably WIP, but some of the concrete areas look kinda green.
  11. Wow Graham! Absolutely beautiful! Freeware is still the best AI hands down (exception of FSPAI).
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