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  1. tdavart

    Orbx is just good therapy .....

    Good grief, with scenery and screen shots like that, I would be happy too! Well done, man!
  2. tdavart

    The Magic of Norway

    Yeah, and your shots aren't bad either...
  3. tdavart

    P3D has not said its last word

    Your settings are excellent, looks astonishing realistic. And nicely composed shot as well.
  4. Well, we're patiently waiting....kind of.
  5. Stunning, just stunning. Keep'em coming! I'm getting smoother performance in TE NL than I am in some of the regions. Have most sliders maxed with nary a stutter. This is great stuff.
  6. Thanks for the screen shots JV. I'm not seeing a huge difference resolution wise from P3D TE NL. Is that correct? Thinking about this I do tend to do a lot of low and slow so I might tend toward higher resolutions.
  7. tdavart

    Tacoma to Orcas

    Really nice set. I'm with you, it would be great to see the airport done up Orbx style. I seem to remember a freeware version I had, was it back in FS9?
  8. tdavart

    Central and South Am.

    Really well set up and composed
  9. I WILL be buying this on day one, and any others that follow for P3D. This TE tech will finally allow me to virtually tour England until I finally get over there. Having seasons in the UK isn't a big deal to me, changing trees is certainly adequate. So I think I would opt for the higher quality ground textures. But having a choice is certainly great. When it comes to the PNW, we get definite seasons, and lots of snow in the winter, so choosing LOD14 might be best. Thank you guys for coming up with this plan. The bottom line is we certainly don't want Orbx to go bankrupt. If you guys can offer 2 choices and be economically viable, then that's a win-win for everyone. If not, I think this tech is important enough to enjoy without seasons.
  10. For what it's worth, I totally get why only one season for England, the size would just be enormous. The trade off for absolutely real photo terrain with autogen I can certainly live with. Having said that, I wouldn't mind having the option of fall or even bare trees as an option with summer textures. If I want to fly cold and dark, I'll go to Kiruna!
  11. Yeah, there we go. Beautiful!!
  12. These are looking epic. I was just fooling around by Bozeman and was shocked at how sharp the ground textures are in 4.4 after updating the scenery module. I can just imagine what this is going to look like.
  13. tdavart

    Trio from P3DV4.4.

  14. Great to see this moving forward. Huh?
  15. tdavart

    Late Night Flight from EFRO

    Great Christmas postcard! I've always loved EFRO since FS9. I think it was one of the first to have modeled snow berms.