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  1. That explains it, thanks. I had previously tried the demo and didn’t realise there would be separate downloads for different areas with the purchased version. Thanks, Roger
  2. Thanks for the fast response John. I intend to buy all my X-Plane scenery from ORBX (as I have done for P3Dv4), it was the listed free scenery on the Steam site that had me confused. Thanks, Roger
  3. I see Steam have a time restricted 34% off sale for the next 21 or so hours. I am thinking of taking advantage of the sale. I see they also have six free Global areas (eg Global Scenery: North America, Europe etc). Do these free areas interfere with ORBX scenery/airports and are these freebies necessary? Thanks for any input. Roger
  4. Syzygy

    KSUN P3D4.4 My Final Shots.

    Really looking forward to this release. In a great location too. Maybe tomorrow Iain (no not a question, I know better than to ask) Thanks, Roger
  5. A very happy birthday John. Regards, Roger
  6. Very nicely done Ayiesha. A truly happy birthday Iain, 60 is a great “young” milestone. Best wishes, Roger
  7. I started using Simstarter NG recently and it has made a “world” of difference. Once you get your head around how the programme functions you’ll appreciate the benefits in load times, hardly any stutters (for me), greatly reduced long pauses if any (for me), and overall sim efficiency. Of course it all depends on how you use it Roger
  8. Syzygy

    A Nice View

    A good start to the day
  9. This is really excellent. No doubt there was a lot of work for you all, which is well appreciated. Thanks guys, Roger
  10. Syzygy

    FTX AU AI Traffic Update

    Very impressive Graham. This makes me think I should be getting in to ORBX Australia Regards, Roger
  11. Syzygy

    EGTR Elstree XP 11 from me.

    Wonderful shots Iain. Regards, Roger
  12. This solution works well for me. LOD 15 Summer only, initially, but I would also buy LOD14 five-seasons, if you go that route, to see how it fits in with my personal flying needs. LOD15 with seasons has great appeal though Thanks, Roger
  13. Interesting comment Tim, especially given the JV discussion going on, in a different thread, regarding TE at LOD 15 or seasons ar LOD 14. If a developer reinforces the benefits of a higher resolution then I am more than persuaded. Thanks, Roger
  14. Wonderful sentiments Iain, you are such a well valued and respected member of the ORBX team. Thank you sir for you wonderul contributions to our hobby. On that note a special thanks to all the ORBX team. For the old, the young, the pilots, the wannabes, the navigators, the engineers, we all thank you. Happy New Year (in about 90 minutes), Roger