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  1. Great shots Adam, wonderful scenery and I enjoyed the “wait for it..” sequence to St. Martins Bay. Thanks, Roger
  2. Really great sharp ground shots. Regards, Roger
  3. Different but still very effective Iain. Regards, Roger
  4. Nice shots Jack, the Arrow is one of my go to planes as well. Regards, Roger
  5. I scrolled through your shots then scrolled through again and then again They are terrific captures Dolf. Thanks, Roger
  6. Thanks Iain. Next Steam sale I have to seriously think about X-Plane. Roger
  7. Great shot Iain, it certainly draws you in. Regards, Roger
  8. Very immersive Iain. P3Dv4 I assume? Thanks, Roger
  9. Very impressive service pack Marcus. Thanks for showing us. Regards, Roger
  10. That explains it, thanks. I had previously tried the demo and didn’t realise there would be separate downloads for different areas with the purchased version. Thanks, Roger
  11. Thanks for the fast response John. I intend to buy all my X-Plane scenery from ORBX (as I have done for P3Dv4), it was the listed free scenery on the Steam site that had me confused. Thanks, Roger
  12. I see Steam have a time restricted 34% off sale for the next 21 or so hours. I am thinking of taking advantage of the sale. I see they also have six free Global areas (eg Global Scenery: North America, Europe etc). Do these free areas interfere with ORBX scenery/airports and are these freebies necessary? Thanks for any input. Roger
  13. Really looking forward to this release. In a great location too. Maybe tomorrow Iain (no not a question, I know better than to ask) Thanks, Roger
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