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  1. Congratulations Jack, you have become a well respected mainstay of this wonderful forum. Looking forward to your next milestone. Best wishes, Roger
  2. Really great Adam. I always enjoy your shots, well composed. Regards, Roger
  3. It’s the A1R Design - Yak 12A John. A lot of fun.
  4. Just amazing Jarrad. I particularly like the 360 degree view(er). I have your P3D version but have been on the fence about XP-11, I think your shots just convinced me to try it. Thanks, Roger
  5. A truly wonderful shot of a classic. You have done that Spit proud Adam. Thanks, Roger
  6. Exceptional shots Adam. Thanks, Roger
  7. A great informative read. Thanks for posting the link. Regards, Roger
  8. Now that is a wonderful shot! Regards, Roger
  9. Really great shots of one of my favourite airports. I always enjoy your shots Adam. Thanks, Roger
  10. At 60 they might need older artifacts on display in the air museum but heck a very Happy Birthday anyway Jack Best wishes, Roger
  11. Truly excellent shots Julio. They have that “wow” factor. Regards, Roger
  12. Great shots Iain. Looks like the guys have done another really impressive airport. Thanks, Roger
  13. I purchased LEBB on the spur of the moment because it looked so impressive. Looks like I need LEAS too because it looks so impressive Great job Marcus and Misha. Regards, Roger
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