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  1. Good writeup Sniper. I was there a few years ago and have been thinking of buying Cityscape Honolulu since it was released. However, it was your post that gave me the final push I needed to buy it. It is, as you say, extremely well done. Regards, Roger
  2. This is all very exciting. A long way now from those early days of MSFS in the 1980’s. Thanks for posting, Roger
  3. Excellent and enjoyable video Benny. It has convinced me to buy Cityscape Honolulu and go watch an episode of Hawaii Five-O Regards, Roger
  4. I had no problem. Quite lengthy and somewhat comprehensive survey. One thing to note though, if you don’t complete each relevant section you may find you cannot move on to the next “page”. Hope this helps, Roger
  5. Syzygy

    US 93

    It says something nowadays that I find myself zooming in on some posted shots to see if they are ORBX products or real photos. I guess the info. top left gave it away Roger
  6. Nick, as always you are a mine of useful, relevant and helpful information. We need to clone your brain - preferably to an SSD Best wishes, Roger
  7. Congratulations Jack, you have become a well respected mainstay of this wonderful forum. Looking forward to your next milestone. Best wishes, Roger
  8. Really great Adam. I always enjoy your shots, well composed. Regards, Roger
  9. It’s the A1R Design - Yak 12A John. A lot of fun.
  10. Just amazing Jarrad. I particularly like the 360 degree view(er). I have your P3D version but have been on the fence about XP-11, I think your shots just convinced me to try it. Thanks, Roger
  11. A truly wonderful shot of a classic. You have done that Spit proud Adam. Thanks, Roger
  12. Exceptional shots Adam. Thanks, Roger
  13. A great informative read. Thanks for posting the link. Regards, Roger
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