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  1. A belated Happy Birthday John. This is an opportune time to thank you for what you have done for the flight sim world. I started flight simming in the early 80’s. I still remember with amazement those very basic flight sim graphics, wondering and dreaming where we would be thirty years later. We are now more than thirty plus years later and the fulfillment of those dreams is here because of forward thinking people like yourself. As we move into the next decades of flight simming I can only imagine where you will take us. Thanks, Roger
  2. Interesting thread but, as usual for me, I will tread slowly given some of the issues with the update. I need to read more first but thanks for the heads up. Roger https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2020/05/28/microsoft-windows-10-2004-may-2020-update-free-windows-10-update/#5069d0063596
  3. Hang in there Benny, I wish you well with a swift recovery. Roger
  4. I get the same error too. However, on the plus side the purchase and install was very easy, very fast and the result in P3Dv4.5 looks great.
  5. I enjoyed following your “series” Jack, some great shots. Regards, Roger
  6. Those two shots are truly exceptional Iain. They’d look good mounted and framed. Roger
  7. Hi Gary, I had no problem using TrackIr after installing P3Dv5, everything works well. Roger
  8. From what I have seen so far I totally agree with you. Thanks. Roger
  9. Thanks Traveller, I think you are suggesting once I load up P3Dv5 I can delete the P3Dv4 Orbx add-ons. However, I want to keep both versions as I try out and wait on updates for all my other many add-ons from other vendors. To limit the duplication of Orbx add-ons I’m going to migrate everything in P3Dv4 to the outside library. Then as I experiment with P3Dv5 I’ll simply rename the P3Dv4 library to P3Dv5, let Central recognize it, play with the P3Dv5 add-ons then change the library name back when I use P3Dv4. I think I wrote that so it makes sense That way I have just one “set” of Orbx add-ons without too much messing about. Roger
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