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  1. Wonderful shots John, Washington is on my list too but not yet
  2. Nice set Jack, good to see you back. Best wishes, Roger
  3. Nice shots Iain. The first is very realistic.
  4. Wonderful shots Adam, certainly tranquil
  5. Thanks for the link I just finished reading the survey results. As in previous years it is very informative.
  6. Your post was very timely John. I did not know A2A had a sale on. It is probably over very soon but I picked up a couple of aircraft today, thanks. Happy birthday to your wife I hope she enjoys her new Spitfire
  7. Don’t love the snow, love the plane (and the shot)
  8. Hi Carlos, No responses to you so far from other ticos but from my wife and I, who spent time in your wonderful country over Christmas 2017, we wish you also Feliz Navidad.
  9. Great shot sent it on to my grandson, thanks.
  10. “Only one”, but a really good one. Merry Christmas Iain.
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